Desire + enoughness = truly satisfying progress!

An important idea in my new book (coming next spring!) is if you don’t declare what is enough for you when it comes to what you desire, you’ll never be satisfied.

We’ve been exploring this at the weekly Oasis where we practice showing up for our lives with intention, gratitude, and focus. It’s also where I share my creative ups and downs and the best tools for writing and for life.

I’m delighted to lead you through exactly how to feel like enough and to feel desire. It’s very simple and it’s not like any goal setting you’ve ever done before.


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Celia Beaumont - June 5, 2019

Jen, the cost of the Oasis is beyond me, but your earlier (no-cost) Course this year, and this second surprise (no-cost) Course – are more valuable to me than my words could ever say. I have really needed the guidance & the support and you have provided them in a way that absolutely works for me. Thank you Thank you Thank you, heart and soul … x

    jlouden - June 5, 2019

    I am so glad you found value!!! Thank you for telling me that means the world to me.

Christine - June 6, 2019

This is so generous, helpful and wonderful. What a “shot in the arm” of motivation! Thanks so much, Jen.

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