*Creative burnout is

“the feeling that you’ve drained all of your creativity, and that there is nothing left. If you’re dreading to start work, feel tired and stressed all the time, and suspect you’ll never be able to create something good ever again, you might be experiencing a creative burnout” according to Moo’s design blog.

Creative burnout is a terribly painful state because the thing you love has become the thing you dread.

It can be hard to admit you are experiencing creative burnout but it’s vital to name it or nothing can change.

Do you…

  • Procrastinate more around your creative work?
  • Feel like you don’t have anything more or new to express or offer?
  • Feel bored with your content or style/voice?
  • Rarely market or offer your work?
  • Indulge in more shadow comforts than usual (things you think should restore you but only drain you like too much TV, sugar, or shopping).
  • Find yourself more envious of others’ success?
  • Complain about your career or your industry more?
  • Avoid returning emails that might lead to more work or opportunities?

If you answered yes to any of the above, take a moment right now to remind yourself you are not your work.

Repeat after me, “I am not my creative output.”

Also know, from my heart to yours, nothing about this is permanent. You can find your creative joy again. I know that to be a fact!

Recently I realized I hold a belief that if I’m not productive, I’m not safe. I equate being able to relax or change directions in my creative focus or work less with being physically safe.

I know lots of other creatives feel this too.

Here’s an Oasis audio snippet that helped me and our members to soften and feel safe.

This week, if you find yourself experiencing the fraying of creative burnout, find a way to remember that you are basically okay.

Even if you don’t feel creatively burned-out, touch into your basic okayness – it’s a powerful practice.

Next week we’ll explore how the role of the pandemic in burnout and why setting up conditions for flow can help.

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