The challenge I talk about in today’s video is one that comes up a lot.

It comes up when I’m talking with my friends, my colleagues, my students, and whenever anyone finds out that I’m a writer AND a long time business owner.

Here’s the question I get: How do you switch between your creative/writer brain and your business/get sh*t done brain… without one of them suffering? Or without being resentful of one or the other?

As someone who has been learning how to do this for nearly 30 years, I have a few practices that have served me well.

In this video, I share the ways I’ve learned how to get steady work done on my memoir and manage my mid-six figure business. As well as some of the key parts about focus and choosing that have changed how I work in really powerful ways.

As a quick recap, here are a few strategies you could try:

  • Create a tiny transition to your creative time
  • Recognize how you actually work and adjust your expectations accordingly
  • Create a creative island and a ferry to get you there
  • Adjust your habit chain
  • Track progress on your creative work in a fun way
  • Check in with how realistic you’re being about your business / career goals and your creative goals

It is my heart felt hope that one or more of these ideas is useful to you and makes it easier for you to create. If it is, would you share this post with another creative? Thank you!