Welcome to Create + Climate

You’re painfully aware of the climate crisis.

You do your best to shrink your carbon footprint and make your voice heard by your political representatives.

But it feels like so little.

And yet, what else can you, one tiny person, do?

It can all feel so hopeless and overwhelming.

Yes, it can, but I’m aware of something that only you can do to support real change.

Who changes culture? Who are the real changemakers?

Artists. Writers. Healers. Thinkers. Rebels. Creators. Entrepreneurs.

If you create, if you support others who create, if you lead, if you coach, if you write, if you practice medicine, if you run a company of any size, then you have the opportunity and the ability, that many do not, to slow down this shit storm and help the policy wonks and the scientists turn the climate crisis around.

Your creative talents, your voice, your unique way of seeing the world, of thinking, and yes, your platform, are what I’m asking you to use.

We must create a new story that saving our species is possible.

Who better to help create that new story than you?

That’s where Create + Climate comes in.

Create + Climate is bite-sized resources and inspiration to inspire you to support climate action. Your way.

It’s free, it’s vetted by climate experts, and it’s all about stoking your creativity to be an informed shame-free voice for change.

Your readers, clients, listeners, fans, and customers look to you for leadership. They want you to inspire them as only you can, using your talents, interests, and expertise.

They’re also eager to support people and brands that reflect how vital it is to take immediate real action on the climate emergency. Your people want to know you are part of the solution. This will become increasingly important for your bottom line in the coming months and years.

Overcome climate anxiety and helplessness, and have creative fun doing it.

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Harlene - May 16, 2021

A friend lent me a book on past life regression several years ago, and it’s closing chapter told of people going under hypnosis and into future lives! Some were visions of a desolate planet, but in one a woman told of how we were all living in our own Garden of Eden, with the planet, us and technology thriving, and I’ve been encouraged by that vision ever since!
It became more real when I discovered the http://www.kisstheground.com website and it’s short videos on the power of regenerative agriculture to REVERSE climate change, deacidify the oceans, make food more nutritious and delicious, filter and store water, and make farming cheaper and safer! I am writing representatives asking them to support regenerative ag practices in crop insurance and farm subsidy programs. Check out the Johnson-Su bioreactor instructions on YouTube if you make compost–the high fungal content of the passively produced compost restores productivity to sterile acreages. And I am taking online courses from John Kempf’s regenerative agriculture site–healthy plants can produce well and resist diseases and all types of bests when we make sure they have what they need: required nutrients plus a healthy soil microbiome (kind of like us).
What I’m struggling with is weaning us off plastic! I am taking a Texas Master Gardener class and we were just told by a recycling expert that plastic recycling is not working–the pictures of the ocean plastic raft and the overwhelmed landfills are not pretty! I’ve switched to a structured water thermos, and am rinsing my cling wrap and plastic bags for reuse. I had been given some heavier plastic reusable bags but don’t like them as well. I am also saving glass jars and lids from pickles, spaghetti sauces, etc., and really like using those as well as Mason jars for leftovers. Then I realized how much stuff I was buying in plastic: lettuce mixes, frozen veggies, even the organic produce comes wrapped in plastic trays. Hoping to wean myself off of it as well as grow more in our garden. I was also given some lightweight nylon? drawstring bags I can use to bag my own produce, and those work well. Plan to reuse any grocery store plastic bags I take, as well as use my own.

Viv Kane - May 17, 2021

There are good ideas on here. I like the sound of the nylon drawstring bag to bag up your own produce, I have often thought that if the supermarkets in England where I like or the manufacturers stopped making so orange juice in plastic bottles bottles and lots of other drinks like cranberry juice we might have a bit less plastic. I say a bit aside know that’s not different but it’s a start, like a lot of people I do recycle bottles, plastic and glass and tins. Cardboard and paper I recycle too. Sometimes I reuse wrapping paper. I bought my sister for Christmas items that were planet friendly as she worries about the planet and hugely plays a part in recycling , etc to try and contribute to saving the planet, I walk when I can, these are little things I know and I know everyone who is watching their carbon footprint and doing and playing their part on saving the planet makes a difference. I have never heard jen of anyone before using solar panels from their house to power your electric bike, that’s absolutely amazing to do that, I dont fly I’ve honestly in my 51 years flown 3 times. I don’t actually like it to be honest with you, a lot more people are walking now , repairing clothes where they can, and not wasting food

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