The Writer’s Retreat Contest Winner

May 27, 2011

Please read this post before you scan to see if you won – please.

Being of service means choosing – choosing where you can give your limited time and energy, where you can share your limited resources.

At first, I did not want to choose a winner for this contest.

I did not want to read your entries. Why?

Because to face your needs and desires and yearnings to write, to rest, to experience beauty and pleasure just for you is to acknowledge I can give only one of you what you desire.

I can only do what I can do.

But you know what? Once I faced into my fear of not doing enough, and my own longings, I had the BEST time reading and thinking and commenting.


I let your love and yearning enter my heart and change me.

Huge huge thank yous to everyone of you.

Look, I KNOW that my retreats are life-giving AND you don’t need Taos to do what you so deeply want to do.

Yes, a retreat can help – sometimes hugely – but it’s the day-to-day choice to be on your own side and choose your creative voice that matters.

If you entered, read your entry. Read the longing there. Let that longing carry you forward to what you need.

You can write and soar and give voice to your dreams.

Stop waiting. Please.

Now the choice.

Imperfectly, I choose: Cassandra Noel.

Cassandra, please comment on this post by June 3rd agreeing to take the spot. Then we will email you the details.

For the other 150+ gals who entered, I wish you the courage to never give up on yourself, to dedicate your work to bringing life to the world, and if you can, join us in Taos. This may be the last year I lead the retreat. I’m experiencing another big shift in my work and not sure if retreats will continue to be part of my work. I am committed to truth and listening to what is next.

I love YOU all, I believe in you and be sure and read the comments I left for each of you.

P.S. You could bring yourself to Taos, you really could.

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