Everything is Conspiring on Your Behalf – Everything

Mar 18, 2011

Everything in my life is conspiring to teach me to savor & serve. I wonder if that is true for you, too?

From the messages on the Yogi tea tags to every book I pick up to the interviews I did yesterday for Teach Now with Michael Jones, Brian Andreas and Lee-Ann Regan.

It feels like a hundred thousand angels, Devas and lovers of wholeness are surrounding me and cheering me on. I keep seeing myself running the last steps of a ultra-marathon while the crowd urges me forward.

But my crowd isn’t yelling at me – it’s more a feeling of intense loving attention, absolute acceptance that is, frankly, a bit overwhelming – but as I write this, I see it is overwhelming only because I keep resisting it.

All the Devas and angels and messages keep saying to us:

* Stop fighting.

*Relax. Relax some more.

* Follow the thread of what is here (this came up in both interviews with Michael and Brian yesterday, so wildly obvious, wish you could have seen my face, jaw hitting the desk).

* It could not be simpler: it’s the direct apprehension of reality. There is nothing to do but taste the tea, feel the keyboard under your finger, sweat your prayers, serve the way that is here to serve now.

* Forget abstractions. Truth is here now. What it tells you is about now – not one minute from now, not five years from now. Don’t concretize it into a plan. Don’t drag it into the abstract future.

* It’s your lived embodied experience that matters. The call to stillness is the call to be in that experience.

All of this makes such deep sense to me and yet, this week, I resisted the hell out of it.

I did not meditate after going to a meditation intensive all weekend. I have not done my own yoga practice. I have spent hours in front of my computer, more than needed for the launch of Teach Now.

I am not apologizing for doing this. My mind would like me to be all worm-like about my choices or not share this with you or put a bow on it and turn this week’s arid resistance into a tidy lesson. That is resistance continuing! Ha! Got you, tricky mind o’ mine.

If I try to make a plan about stopping resistance, that is resistance, too.

Here is what else I see as I write this: savoring and serving continue even when we resist! Only we don’t get to enjoy the fruits. We aren’t there for the party.

I long to be there for this party and to be there with you.

Hiro told me this week that “changing the world through Savor and Serve will begin with transforming your own heart and mind, even as you help those in your immediate ecology transform theirs.”  Yes, I see that.

Everything is conspiring to gently unravel me into the now. There is only my belly to the now, nothing else to do.

Join me there.

You know the way. I know you do.

Look for the threads – even just the invitations from today. Give way to them. Let them support you like a magic carpet.

Everything is conspiring for you.

If you wish, tell me what your Devas and angels are saying. I am honored to hear.

P.S. I have been so lucky to be interviewed about Teach Now and S&S this week:

A convo with Lateral Action ‘s uber smart Mark McGuiness about “You’ve never really understood something until you’ve explained it to somebody else.”

Susannah’s astonishing juicy questions – read who I would have dinner with (starts with Jesus and ends with Cleopatra)

Hysterical video conversation with the astonishingly wise Susan Piver about writing, making a living, hair-dos and meditation

Playing on our edge interview with bright star Elese Coit

And a lovely talk about teaching with Nicole at Whole Self – her questions are wonderful (people are so smart and kind, wow!)

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