What I’ve Been Learning or Confessions by Jen

Apr 19, 2014

I haven’t recorded a video in ages and, although I know it’s not logical, I feel like that means we aren’t seeing each other. I start to feel like I’m showing up too polished here, hidden behind neatly edited words and curated images.

So I rolled the camera – as we used to say in the old days when we shot movies with film – to share four things I’m learning, and a couple of confessions popped out in the mix. Imagine we are sitting down for a chat – first I tell you what I’ve been learning, then you tell me (in the comments). Love to hear as always.



P.S. Early bird special ends today for TeachNow and it will probably be the only time I teach it this year due to other projects. So jump on board today if it speaks to you. Questions? Email support(at)theteacherspath(dot)com and Casey will do her best to help. We have a lovely group teaching a huge variety of subjects already on board, it’s a grand community!!
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