The Best Travel Advice Ever

Oct 24, 2013

I could tell you how to pack light, how to hit up Sephora for their little plastic doo-hickeys that you can use to carry your make-up and potions, that bringing toe-shoes instead of sneakers saves a ton of space, to be sure and pee every time you’re near a bathroom and to carry a refillable water bottle… All grand advice but all you really need to know is…

Pay attention.

Put down the phone, let go of your desire to get the most out of the trip, set aside your worries about getting lost, and open up your glorious attention.

Reality is a marvel. It’s a terror too, to be sure, but the terror part, for most of us, is so slim a margin compared to the wonder but boy, it sure is easy to miss the wonder.

Travel – even just to the town next door – with the intention of paying attention can’t help but lift up your creative heart when you open your attention.

Right here I so want to wow you with snapshots of the last week and a half traveling but I can’t pick what to share! There is so much wonder it staggers me mute. Just the hairstyles alone boggle me into astonishment.

This is why I go off social media when I travel and fall behind on my emails. I want to be here. Purely for the sake of being here.

And, yes, I always plan to do this when I get home as well… Because it’s the same incredible world there, too.  It’s just a tad easier (wow, huge understatement) to do it on the road.

Here’s to the wonder of reality fully apprehended.



P.S. Why pay attention to life in this way at all? I find it helps me tremendously with the despair I feel over the state of the world and moves to me to compassionate action. It fuels me to love others in tangible ways. Baring that, it’s heck of a lot of fun and it’s a superb way to fill your creative well.

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