Best Story of Change Ever

Jan 21, 2014

I’m often asked when interviewed about The Life Organizer book, “What’s the biggest change someone has experienced because of your book?”

I always answer, “I don’t know this woman personally, but there is a review on Amazon that blows me away every time I read it.”

Here it is:

By M. E. Sumner-Wichmann (Email me if you see this, M.E. – I’d love to meet you!)

For years, twenty-six to be exact, I have longed to return to the life of my heart’s desire, theatre. Instead, I cared for aging parents, moved to the country to raise our daughter and tried to substitute other creative endeavours for my lost love. As my daughter nears college age, this desire began looming again, creating no end of frustration and self-bashing for wanting something that was impossible.

Then I ordered The Life Organizer, being a great fan of Jennifer’s work. I took some time for myself and began reading the first chapter and when I reached the line “Desire is the flow of life we yearn to swim in, the urge to be one with Spirit, and the way to stay in touch with this flow is through knowing what we want without insisting that we get it”, my world blew apart.

It was like a huge weight falling off my shoulders. I felt free at last to let my desire flow, to stop blocking it with shoulds and impossibilities. Within days, my whole life had turned around. Now, instead of sitting here, falling into depression when my daughter leaves for university, my husband and I will be moving temporarily so that I can get my MFA in costume design. Everything fell into place, from finding the perfect place to apply, to renewing my old theatre contacts and finding more than enough recommendations to accompany my application.

Now, I will be using this delightful book week to week, to help me stay in touch with who I really am, while still carrying on as a member of this wonderful family with whom I am so fortunate to share my life.

Not everyone will have such explosive results, but I cannot recommend this book highly enough. As with all of Jennifer’s work, it is truly a creation of the heart.

People are asking about what kind of results they will get from The Life Organizer Navigation Course.

My hope?

Your own version of M.E.’s experience – a life that is freer, more fully expressed, more alive, and more true to you.

Can I guarantee that? Nope. Nobody can – change and growth are mysterious and multi-layered. I do, however, guarantee the best course possible to help you create more choice, more spaciousness, more inner peace and lots more self-compassion. To create a more focused & fulfilling life. To live truly in small moments, and to notice and discern what emerges from that (the best to find your purpose). To shift how you tell the story of your life to see new possibilities, where before they may have only been locked doors.  

And if none of that works for you by the end of the course, email me and I’ll give you a one-hour coaching session, so you get what you need, no matter what.

Okay, my loves, we close the doors to the course at 2 pm Pacific today and start tomorrow. No squeaking under the deadline.

Why not join us today?



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