How to Be Astonished before 10 am

Jul 2, 2011








Although it is not yet 10 am, I have:

enjoyed clean running water eight times and indoor plumbing twice

sipped tea from the Qimen County in Anhwei province in China

nibbled strawberries from the foothills of the Cascades

drank blue-green algae from Lake Tahoe

meditated thanks to the wisdom of an unbroken lineage more than 2500 years old

kissed my beloved five times

played with four dogs

gazed at black-green cedars against a blue-gray sky

inhaled the perfume of those cedars and their friends, the firs

read Nick Kristof on the miracle of change in Africa and John O’Donohue on poetry

talked to seventeen people on three continents about prayer, TED talks, and the oil spill

hung out with three teenagers, three grandparents and four dogs

plus about 10,000 other miracles I have already forgotten.

I walk around astonished most of the time for good reason, don’t you think?

What would be on your list?

What bounty have you savored this day?

What extravaganza of love is being laid out for you in this very moment?

Astonishing, isn’t it?





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