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I love writing prompts, writing meditations, creating immersive online retreats, and using all kinds of techniques to get my writing student’s creativity flowing.

And I’ve also seen how writers who only use prompts, poems, and other fun techniques without any attention to what they want to create can lead to a kind of paralysis.

You need mystery + form. Magic + purpose.

I’ve worked with hundreds of writers who were discouraged about never finishing anything.

They learned to write with intention.

The intention can be anything: to craft a short story, to publish a blog post every week for a year to build your business, to write a children’s book for your grandchildren, to write a personal essay for a particular publication and submit it.

The intention has to matter to you.

Then you have something to use the prompts and techniques for – you can turn any prompt or exercise into a way to move forward with your project.

Open to mystery, make room for magic, play as wildly and freely as wish, and be gently guided by intention.

Have a purpose.

You’ll grow so much more as a writer, you will finish things, and you will be more motivated to keep writing.

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