Did another day just whoosh by…

Feb 14, 2018

Without you getting any writing done?

Another day without writing or painting or working out or finally trying out those new recipes?

Another day when everything and everybody else took precedence.

Or you started but then didn’t know what exactly to do so you got distracted.

Or you started but you weren’t sure it was right or everything felt cranky and hard.

I get it. I can get so gummed up around writing fiction or creating art that months can go by. I turn into a hot sticky knot of blankness and fear.

But I’m so darn unhappy if I’m not creating so I decided I WILL NOT WASTE ANOTHER DAY SECOND GUESSING MYSELF.

I studied, played, and tinkered with how to begin again more easily and with no drama. My brain may serve up drama but my mind has a choice whether to follow along.

I’d love to share what I’ve learned with you in the annual Get Back to Creating: 5 Days to Find your Confident Flow.

Every day for 5 days you’ll receive a short video (5 minutes or so) with my best tips and tricks to help you focus + untangle fear and confusion + a clear, short action invitation.

Here’s what we’ll cover:


Puppy Brain! Squirrel! Ball! or How to Enter the Zone and Stay There


Forget WillPower Or How to Get to it with Much Less Effort


A Menu of Delicious Ways to Slip into Creating


Transmogrify Procrastination  (love that weird word)


How to Keep Creating No Matter What


LIVE Celebration Party filled with suggestions for how to keep going & prizes!

The Challenge is absolutely free BUT THERE’S ONE CATCH: when the week is over, the content goes AWAY. Poof, gone. Why? Because it’s just too easy to let another week go by without taking action on what brings you alive.

Set aside 15-30 minutes Monday through Friday, January 28 – February 2, and get ready to have a blast while getting focused and in action.

We’ll be using a private Facebook group to deliver everything and cheer each other on. I know, Facebook has big issues as a company and we are looking for other ways to easily deliver content but for now, you need to be on Facebook to do this challenge.

Sign up here and then invite all your creative friends and family! Let’s get back to creating again.

Thanks for considering joining the Get Back to Creating Challenge.

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