Seeing Through the “I’m Almost Ready” Illusion


I hear a lot of stories from clients and students that include some refrain on getting ready.

As my friend Curt said, “You know how a dog will sometimes turn around and around in circles before finally lying down? That’s how I often feel when I have work to do. I need the perfect beverage. I need a snack. I need to find just the right source of inspiration. By the time I finally stop circling, I’ve wasted half my day.”

How much time are you spending waiting? How many years?

To be ready, to be chosen, to be the expert? To be inspired, to be talented, to be smart enough? To find the time, the energy, the will power?

My friend Tanya Geisler and I sat down and chatted about this “getting ready” story, and Tanya believes it has everything to do with the impostor complex.

Here’s how Tanya explains the imposter syndrome:

2-160x6001. It’s the inability to internalize your success – attributing any proof as fluke, chance, luck, or timing. Anything unrelated to skill, talent, effort…and worthiness.

2. It speaks in competence extremities: you either know EVERYTHING or you know NOTHING. You are either a WILD SUCCESS or a DEVASTATING FAILURE.

3. The more hats you wear, the more places the impostor syndrome is likely to show up.

4. The good news? If you have it, then you also have high values of excellence, mastery and integrity.

5. It can be beaten back. Time and time again. Because it will continue to show up as you scale new heights and reach new stages. You just need the tools.

One of the tools Tanya offers is her Step Into Your Starring Role program. I have not taken the program, but I have been coached by Tanya and she is truly gifted. Her combo of heart and intuition is amazing. I turn to her often for a reset.

Want to know more? Listen in on our 11-minute chat about the impostor syndrome and check out her program here.

And please, know that you are ready right this very minute. No more waiting, okay?!



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Thank you, so very much, for this rich conversation. I love you. I love your wisdom. I love your care. I love your generosity. I love your inquisitiveness. I love your light. I love the creative joy you bring to us. And your questions. xo

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