A Custom Made Shero For You

Feb 8, 2012

Archetypes lend energy. Split open limitations. Download ancient truths. Pop you out of ordinary into lush wild what ifs.

They can act as personal courage power strips – plug yourself in. 

Archetypes give you backbone.

And… archetypes can feel removed, remote, fusty. I don’t see myself as Athena or WonderWoman or Rosa Park because they don’t feel attainable (well maybe WonderWoman’s bra…). I know archetypes are not supposed to be attainable but still, I need a bridge between that lofty greatness and day-to-day action.

Enter the custom made Shero.

A chance to outline for yourself the qualities and medium powers (vs. super powers) you desire and need to create a life of wholeness and shimmering sharing goodness.

It’s simple. Ask yourself “To me, a shero is…”  Write a story, a list, a manifesto. Create a Pinterst board, a collage, a sequence of asanas. Throw a Make-Your -Own-Shero party. Ask people in line at the grocery,”What’s a shero?”

All the while, notice: what galvanizes, inspirits, tantalizes you as you explore? Distill that essence to a few words. Live with those.

Do tell what you learn.

Here’s what the Sheros in my class are saying:

  • A Shero is a woman who listens to and acts on her inner calling. She is constantly questioning & learning & seeking new ways of seeing things. She believes that love has the power.  Andrea

She has learned from both the losses and the victories. When she stumbles and falls she rises stronger than before. She embraces her role as both a teacher and a learner.  Shirley

  • A Shero is utterly devoted to the truth. Jasmine

A *S H E R O* moves in the spaces between the warp and weft of her formerly defining stories, weaving in bright new threads of rich experience and possibility.  Susie

  • A woman who lets her dreams pull her forward in the face of fear. Susan

A Shero is a woman who has her shit together, and writes AND lives her own story, not someone else’s.  Maribeth

  • I wonder how that looks when she’s tired? Yes, I am tired. Do I have the energy to be a Shero? The energy comes from the connection. In the connection there is no need to push. No need to drive anything. Everything that flowers from here is part of a Shero’s journey.   Sandy

She remains full of hope.  Roberta

There are so many more… but now it is your turn. A Shero is…

Look forward to hearing please post in the comments so everybody can enjoy.


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