A Bright Pick Up For Your Heart And Mood

Dec 17, 2020

Let’s start with a hug, because I miss them. Try this: next time you pretend to air hug someone from afar, hug yourself and have them do the same if they wish. It feels good.

It’s grim in our world right now. So I figured the best thing I could offer this week is a plethora of inspiring ideas, playlists, and a few other fun surprises! Take what you love and share as you wish!


My neighbor Kathleen and I cooked this up; share with your neighbors, friends, family, co-workers. Here are the instructions we sent out via Next Door and our local email list:

Hi Neighbors,

To keep our pandemic weary hearts bright this season and our neighborhood thriving, we’ve got a delightful project for kids and adults of all ages to give the gift of kindness this holiday season.

It’s super easy:

Open the attached document.

Print your favorite Bingo card (we gave you four to choose from) and the participation sign, tape the sign to your front door or window where everybody can see it, and then have a blast filling out your Kindness Bingo card!

And if you are on a “kindness roll” feel free to keep going, filling out your entire card! Our neighborhood, our community and our weary heart will all benefit.

Once you get 5 items across, open your window and shout Random Acts of Kindness Bingo! and then email XXX and we will keep a running tally of bingo winners and share those with you on January 1st.

We can’t wait to see our neighborhood flourishing with even more kindness — and we already have so much!We are very lucky especially this year.

Here is a snapshot of two of our bingo cards!


We are all searching for music and podcasts to uplift our moods. Here are a few I enjoy!

My running playlist (this playlist changes often, so copy the songs you like!) Imagine me stopping every now and then to dance under the big Colorado sky.

A 5 rhythms playlist. Let your body guide you.

Holiday gloom dispeller.

Kelly McGonigal’s list of classic dance tunes.


Feel more wonder. Oologieswith Alie Ward.

Against the Rules by Michael Lewis – if part of what has you down is the lack of fairness in our world, this might help.

Being Well with Rick Hanson and Forrest Hanson.

The Happiness Lab.

Therapy for Black Girls.

Levar Burton Reads – story time!

Call Your Girlfriend.

Getting Curious with Jonathan Ness.


You Are Not Your Mood

Together, Let Us Thwart the Despair Mindset

Feeling Like You Could Snap Everyone’s Head Off?

Dear Wonderful Person Who Has Been Laid Off


Follow this link for meditations and videos from the Oasis, my uplifting support membership community.


Good News. Because there is good news and it can be easy to forget.

Jill the Squirrel. Who doesn’t need a rescued squirrel?

National Geographic Travel – since we can’t.

Amy Sedaris because I love a sick sense of humor.

How Mental. Especially good for depression and anxiety help.

Bless the Messy. Normalizing our mess.

Black Fairy Godmother. Give when you can.

Oh Happy Dani – in pursuit of the ultimate good.


I do so wish I could hug you, if you were cool with that. I wish we could hang out at a retreat or on a mountain top or by a river (all my favorite places) chatting about life. I truly wish the next time you feel down,worried, or overwhelmed, you could see me throwing my hands up in the air and exclaiming, “You are awesome!” and that you would believe me.

Thank you for being in my world.

See you in January.

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