365 Days of Savoring & Serving

In celebration of one year (okay one year and a few weeks) of exploring Savoring & Serving, I asked the people who have been a special part of this year for me — from nourishing email encounters to life-changing healings — to tell, in 50 words or less, what they savored and how they served in the last 365 days.  What a feast rolled in!

And if you would care to share how you savored & served in the last year, I will randomly choose someone to give a copy of The Life Organizer to as my thanks. Please comment by March 17. Luck of the Irish to you!


Amy Kessel

I have savored : the satisfaction of hard work; deep connections near and far; being imperfect; teaching/learning what I most need right now.

I have served by leaning into pain and sharing what I find; offering the purest love I know to my children; witnessing, witnessing, witnessing.

Andrea Scher

Savored my artist heart by painting for a week in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico and strolling through the incredible streets there. Served by daring to give myself what I needed. Learning that I can give so much more by filling the well.

Brian Johnson

Savor: Sunsets + hikes (+ sunset hikes!) + playing with our puppy, Zoey + baths and date nights w/my Goddess, Alexandra!

Serve: en*theos: PhilosophersNotes + Blissitations + Academy = Lots of wisdom + striving to create a conscious biz w/inspired team + thousands of scholarships + other goodies!

C. A. Kobu

I used to be stuck in the land-of-too-many-bright-ideas and the field-of-planning-for-excellence. And then, I was infected by the-malady-of-trying-to-reach-everyone.

But in the last 365 days, I took hard action bundled in velvety self-compassion. I sacrificed many good ideas and just focused on my greatest one. I decided done is better than perfect. I banked on my values and strengths. And I got crystal clear on exactly who I wanted to reach and influence.

Focusing on one thing, ditching excellence for brilliance, trusting in my values and strengths, and getting clear on my ideal people totally changed the way I savor and serve.

Today, I serve my kind: creative, courageous women with entrepreneurial spirits. I help them get clear, step into their power and give birth to their Life’s Great Work. And I savor every moment of it.

Charlie Gilkey

Interestingly enough, I’ve done more to savor and serve over the last year by practicing what I preach rather than simply talking about it. Teaching by doing is far more powerful — for all parties involved — than teaching by saying.

Colleen Wainwright

My service—raising a bunch of money and attention for some VERY deserving women and girls—turned out to be the thing I savored most. Surprise, right?

Dr. Diane Chung

writhing about in the sweet fragility of receiving for myself.
sipping thirstily at the time and space to express my heart’s deepest callings

confronting the shaky queasiness of fear and truth
offering my soul and laying bare my spirit

Eric Klein

I love when savoring and serving dissolve into each other:
walking the dogs
chanting with the band
offering the blessing at the Sunday service
drawing a dharma doodle
digging in the garden
talking with my Brain Trust
holding Aunt Sena’s hand as she drifts away
making fresh juice
cuddling Devi
breathing in . . . breathing out

Gail Larsen

When Jen first started talking about Savor & Serve, she called it “Serve and Savor.”  I proposed that until we savor, we don’t know where we are most fully called to serve because our love, and often our heartbreak, call us to the greatest and most meaningful service for us. So in the last year, my intention has been to simplify to allow more spaciousness, and in the process serve.  I’ve sold a second home and am now downsizing into an energy-efficient solar home in Santa Fe.  Even cleared about ½ my closet knowing someone else is benefiting from my festive fashion fabulousness!  Lot of letting go to release my time and energy for listening deeply to the call of my heart, which speaks repeatedly of savoring and serving our sacred earth and the four-leggeds I cherish.

Janet Goldstein

I savored my husband with nighttime lovemaking — not our usual mornings — making me feel young, sexy, and more excited about the years to come.

I savored and served my daughters by practicing new ways of loving and cherishing their lives and what they teach me.

I served ME with new friendships (Jen!) and small acts of keeping promises.

Kristin Noelle

I’ve been writing and sketching my heart out to nourish trust as a worldview. A carton of raspberries, all to myself and eaten in one sitting, has become my favorite ticket to Now.

Lee-Anne Ragan

I moved to Kenya. I’m taking deep, belly breaths for the first time in years while I work & play on the world stage.  I listen to fruit bats flying by, like the squeak of a rusty door, as they visit our banana tree at night, while I watch & reflect on my new life.

Max Daniels

A confession: I am powerfully repelled by the word “service.” I have it wired up with servitude and subjugation and do-gooders foisting their missions on unsuspecting victims and unpleasant hierarchy-ridden volunteer jobs — to say nothing of years of subservience to this or that narcissist. (Which I no doubt sold to myself as “savoring.”)

Instead, I use the word “offering.” These days, I make a lot of my offerings in my kitchen, while wearing an apron — for some, the very definition of subjugation, but for me, purest savoring. In fact, I’m making some amazing torchio with cavolo nero right now. You should all come over for dinner!

Meg Worden

Valuing space more than stuff, faith over safety, freedom over rigidity and letting love be the unconditional witness. I dare say, it has been a righteous bravery, creativity and splendor that have knocked the motherlovin’ socks right off this year. For me and my gorgeous clients Savor. Serve. Amen.

Michele Woodward

My spine is aligned to serve. In 2011, I had nearly 750 coaching client hours. Total alignment for me. And, among all of that abundance, I found that I savored deeply,too. I savored deepening friendships. I savored those who chose to be of service to me. I savored breathing, and watching, and listening. I savored living.

Mollie Marti

Mindfulness and savoring life’s goodness daily.

Serving and healing from devastating loss of lives in 2011 through Community Resiliency Project.

Savoring profound response to Walking with Justice (letters from 7 U.S. Supreme Court Justices!) and how uncommon lessons are connecting thousands to their own call to lead, mentor, and serve.


The very best thing to preserve
Is to give me the love I deserve.
This love when unfurled
Can change the whole world.
That’s how I savor and serve.

Tara Sophia Mohr

Looking back on this year it is glaringly obvious that I was most of service and most able to savor when I was most honest: when I was willing to tell the truth, to rewrite a paragraph until it reflected the truth, to talk about the I don’t knows and the messiness.

Marianne Elliott

The past 365 days has been a great adventure in the potential for savoring and serving through stories. I’ve read, written, spoken, shared and amplified stories as a way to savor the beauty of life and as a way to serve. It’s like advocacy with (he)art.

Every moment I spent with my nephew was savoured. He’s definitely teaching me to savour the smallest most tender moments. And every morning I sat down at my desk and made it business to serve my community the best way I know how — with words and pictures and stories and the truth.

Marianne, Susannah, and I will be savoring & serving up creative joy — hopefully with you! — come this June. Please join us and learn more here.

Now it’s your turn. What did you savor and how did you serve in the last year? I’ll choose a winner to receive a copy of The Life Organizer on St. Patrick’s Day!

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Pip - March 12, 2012

I savored the deepening of my healing work; I savored the turn of the seasons; I savored my relationships, online and in person.

I served through my healing work and also as a babysitter.

    jenlouden - March 12, 2012

    lovely Pip!

Melissa Dinwiddie - March 13, 2012

I savored my creative spirit by making space to make art for ME. I savored writing, and yoga, and lovely moments with a fluffy kitty purring on my lap. I savored my wonderful sweetheart — and let him know every single day how lucky I feel to have him in my life.

I served by sharing my gifts with the world — my art, my writing, my music, my passion for teaching and inspiring and coaching. And by modeling, in the way I walk my own path, that YES, living a creative life — the fully creative life of your wildest dreams — is possible!

Gail Syring - March 13, 2012

I savored the great gulps of life gifted to me by my kidney donor this year.  I served by living a ministry of radical self-care and offering permission for others to do the same.  Savoring and service joined together as I offered my time, my energy, and my story to promote organ donation awareness in my community.

Suzyn - March 13, 2012

I savored my boys.  I know that someday they’ll be gangly teenagers, but right now they still want morning cuddles with their Mama.  I try to let go of all the loud insistent thoughts that want my attention during those cuddles and just zero in on the little squirmy miracles in my lap.

I served by putting out a book I honestly believe will help people – sometimes having to shout down the voices of self-doubt that wanted to get in the way.  And along the way I learned to savor writing again: not for what I might produce/publish, but for the pleasure of putting words together.

Nicole_Boyce - March 13, 2012

I savored my love of travel and bopped around the world last year meeting up with people I love.  Fed my heart, my soul, my being!  

I served my sharing my heart with those I love, sharing my knowledge with the students I work with.  

I savored my own plans for starting my own work to serve the world.  More coming on this one in the future.  

Lindsey - March 13, 2012

Wow, I love this!  Such wisdom in these comments, such personal and yet universal messages.  Thank you, thank you.  xo

Natalia - March 13, 2012

I savoured the love of my husband, friends and animals. I savoured the moments of stillness during or after meditation. I savoured being in my new office space despite being in a new and uncertain career. I savoured feeling that I was good enough even if (or especially when) I was vulnerable and imperfect. I savoured many good moments amid a sea of depression, hopelessness, confusion and fear.

I served by opening my heart to my friends’ problems and actively  helping them in every way I could think of. I served by saying little things that make people smile and feel good about themselves. I served the people I care about by remembering to be tender, loving, open and honest.

Jamie Wallace - March 13, 2012

I’m savoring a stronger ability to BELIEVE in my potential and the opportunities that await me in the still-shiny “new” year. I’m savoring reclaiming time from the things that don’t nourish me (TV, busywork, worrying) so I can lavish it on the things I do (family, friends, writing, creating, and the art of doing nothing).

I’m serving by REVEALING more of myself so that others feel more comfortable about sharing themselves – hopes, dreams, fears, opinions, random observations. 

I’m both savoring and serving in SOVEREIGNTY – creating my own world, owning my own power, and acting responsibly in service to others and the Universe.

Clarice - March 13, 2012

What a fabulous post with so many great people! I love that you shared the links to their websites so we can explore more opportunities to learn and grow.

I have savored this year by learning to meditate, I took a course in Positive Psychology and began to implement those practices. Living in the moment is another essential one, especially acceptance of the here and now. Just live, don’t ruminate. Ruminating…bad, bad, bad. And I used to live and breathe that stuff.

Serving….as I’ve walked out of this path of depression (still walking it) I have shared all that I have learned with my friends. It’s been hard to actually get out there and serve physically when one’s energy is so low due to depression, but I hope I’ve made a change in someone’s life through the messages I’ve passed along as I have learned and continued to grow.

Fruit Maven - March 13, 2012

I savored bite after juicy bite of fruit.
I served by writing and photographing it. Then creating the inklings of a community built to inspire others to hopefully stop and really see, smell, and taste the fruit they eat as a starting point for savoring in their own life.

Audrey Watson - March 13, 2012

I have savored northwest beaches, fabulous food, heartfelt connection with friends, time with family and more other things than I can count.  I have served in my work at YES! magazine, in my community sharing my skills with organizing and with budgets, and with my family.

Mzstauff - March 13, 2012

Savoring means humbling and awareness of the infinite power of our creator.  I experienced losing my job of 11 years and needing to embrace all the blessings life offers us. Encouragement, prayers, nudging and just being for a time. Jen you are among those with all your blogs of love and life. Thankyou.

Serving for me was guiding, mentoring, teaching many, many students that came from backgrounds that lacked in encouragment, nudgings, smiles and just being there in times of sadness and sorrows. I shall miss that path but know one is ahead. Looking ahead to delving into spring, the plants and earthly support, encouragment and love is now my path.

Kristi Zod - March 13, 2012

I savored the wisdom of every coach who crossed my path. I then served by using this knowledge to help two friends see their situations in a new light. Happily, both are thriving now.

christinecastigliano - March 13, 2012

Savoring the Right Now, the Right Here.

Serving by hanging out there as much as possible, and by sharing the experience in the deepest, truest ways I can: singing it, writing it, learning it, teaching it.

Savorserve = all time same same.

Alana Burton Sheeren - March 13, 2012

An absolute feast of heart expanding words.

I’ve savored deeper connections, exponential growth, more joy, more healing, more love. I’ve served by writing, speaking and living my truth.

De - March 14, 2012

Savoring my humanness has allowed me to Be. First and formost I feel, then  I do in service to what I believe. This past year has seen a 2 year project come alive, a Timebank, allowed me to travel almost 8000 miles across the US and back, and learn how to do live radio. Had I not been present, in the moment, I would have missed a good number of the opportunities that presented themselves. I am okay right here right now, doing the best I can in the moment. 

CreativeARTitude - March 14, 2012

I savor my adult children, who have been supporting me since my illness and complete loss of income.   I savor my grandson, who lights up my every day.  I savor my discovery of creating art and blogging.  And I savor the ways that my soul – and my joy – are expanding.
I’ve served by inspiring others, especially those who are facing deep challenges and/or living with chronic illness and by bringing as much light as possible into the world.

Sandra / Always Well Within - March 16, 2012

What an amazingly beautiful sharing!  I’m savoring the feel of the wind across my cheek, the sweetness at the center of suffering, the possibility in the heart of change.  I’m serving through my writing and by helping people to calm their minds and open their heart through meditation.

Katherine Carey - March 16, 2012

I have Savored the feeling that is Living My Dream.  I took a Ginormous Leap of Blind Faith last March 31st, leaving the island of Maui that I had resided on pleasantly for decades, and went into the Unknown of My Heart.

I followed My Passion of Millinery, hat making, all the way to NYC!  I Savored the feeling of never wondering how I’d feel if I hadn’t taken this step…for now I know. 

I stepped off of the edge and soared right into My Destiny!

I found Service in an area that surprised me.  By reaching for My Dreams and chronicling the journey through posts on my blog and on social networks,  I realized I had become an Inspiration for many to step out and reach for Their Dreams.

And here I thought I wanted to dive into my hat making…I am a hat maker but now I am also an Inspiration Maker!!!  This service is a savory one!  By Inspiring others I find myself Inspired!

To Our Dreams!!!

Lisa DeYoung - March 17, 2012

I have savored the community I have found in my backyard and the community I have found online – both of whom are helping me to embrace my one wild & precious (creative life).
I have served by learning to love myself more to embrace my one wild & precious (creative life).
Thank you for sharing and being part of this for me!
And congrats on your engagement – I don’t think I commented on your post, but I did read it. I can so relate to your thoughts on being afraid to be loved. Even though I have let myself be loved by my sweetheart I still sometimes ask him why I deserve this!

    jenlouden - March 26, 2012

    thank you for taking the time to share this with us Lisa!

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