Happy Birthday For You

Today I turn 50.

The best way I know to celebrate this turn on my life’s odometer is to give you gifts because that makes me happy — that + yoga + meditation, then some novel writing, reading, a nap, finished with gluten-free pizza and champagne with my family.

Woo to hoo.

I love giving stuff away.  I would be so happy if I lived in the Star Trek world where we each make what we need with Replicators and then spend our lives doing what we love. I would do what I’m doing, but also be a greeter at the ferry for tourists and also walk around downtown Winslow (my little town) complimenting people and cheering them for their various dreams and desires.

So this blog today is my Replicator. It works by commenting and naming what you want out of the following list. Please comment by December 4th. I will randomly choose winners for each item – sometimes more than one. You must include your email for a chance to win — you can do that without anyone seeing it by filling in the Disqus form.

And now to the gifts!

TeachNow Self-Guided Version

A digital experience that helps people who want to teach and teachers who are teaching but not thriving (personally or financially). Called “best ever” by a whole bunch of people who have taken it before.

The Life Organizer: A Woman’s Guide to A Mindful Year.

A beautiful gentle guide to getting more of what you desire in your daily life. I’ll be giving away one. This makes a grand gift for the teachers, babysitters, sisters, assistants, and work friends in your life.

“I just have to tell you how much your book has impacted my life. I am a huge ‘journaler’ and ‘planner’ so my Franklin Covey Planner and my journal are in my purse at all times. To put them together into a Life Organizer that includes getting in touch with my heart and what my soul really wants is like a DREAM COME TRUE for me. Thank you for creating a system that integrates all three in a way that doesn’t feel overwhelming or like another “task” to do. I just love sitting down with your beautiful book and journaling answers to the insightful questions (which always seem to be the right ones for that exact moment). It is like a breath of fresh air and I love it!” –Kristen

Shero’s Journey

A 5 module rollicking program + highlight notes on how to claim your power, trust it, and use it help your corner of the world.

The Satisfaction Finder Digital Kit

End Comparisons, Overwhelm, Procrastination and Lots of Other Persnickety Issues and Get Your Genius into the World

“There is great wisdom in the simplicity of this approach. I really have felt the delicious satisfaction of ‘enough’. I’ve already recommended it to everyone with whom I’ve had a conversation about that creeping sense of overwhelm. I will continue to sing your praises to all who will listen!” –Marianne Elliot

How to Create Your Own Mastermind Class

Need a soul posse to support your creative dreams? Your parenting journey? Building your on-line business? Planning your location independent lifestyle?  This course will get you up and running fast while giving you the depth and resources to keep deepening and growing your group. Self-guided. Gorgeous.

Virtual Retreat

A complete 3 virtual day retreat with beautiful how-to-retreat e-book. Includes sessions with Geneen Roth, Judith Orloff, Michael Neill, Laura Berman Fortgang, Barbara Sher, Susan Piver and more!

Sacred Pause Audio Retreat

A one-hour audio retreat that you can use as either a mini-retreat or expand into your framework for a longer retreat.

Comfort Secrets for Busy Women e-book

Out of my 6 books, I think this one is my favorite. Currently available only in e-book format, we will “ship” the winner a digital copy.

Again, here is how to play: name what you want in the comment section. Which goodies appeal?  Then please please please share this page with your social network or via email with friends — share the love.

Thanks for playing with me.

Jenny Be

Grab your Sanity Support Kit Here Enjoy the Life Organizer App, Motivational Emails & Journal Prompts

  • jennifermcintyreatthebluebarn

    Happy Birthday Jen!
    I hope this is a year full of hope and promise !
    What a great giveaway!
    All of your gifts are great selections – but I choose ‘ Satisfaction Finder Digi Kit’ that should help me get sorted!
    All the best-
    Jennifer McIntyre

  • Theresa

    Happy birthday Jen! May this year bring you abundance and joy! This is a fantastic giveaway, btw. I would love the Shero’s Journey.


  • cynthiamorris

    Happy birthday! I am so glad you were born. Thank you for all you give, both to yourself and to the world.

    This is a great giveaway. Thank you for your generosity. I’d love to have all of them, but for this exercise I’ll choose the TeachNow course.

    Thanks, Jen, and adorable picture!

  • playcrane

    O happy day! You do awesome work in the world and are such a blessing. I would love the Teach Now course.

  • Heather

    Happy birthday to you and to your generous heart. May you feel blessed and loved this day!

    The gifts are beautiful. The one that shimmers for me is the Mastermind Group. I feel a deep longing for companions on my journey and some help with that would be appreciated.


  • Kathryn

    Happy 50th Anniversary of Your Birthday, Jen! I wish you all kinds of joy and wonder today and in the year ahead. I love picture above.

    All of your giveaways look wonderful, but I would have to pick the The Satisfaction Finder Digital Kit. Thanks for giving!

  • http://twitter.com/KareAnderson Kare Anderson

    You are such a reverberatingly generous gift Jennifer, even before you share these treasures. Happy birthday and here is to savoring many more ~ another fan

  • Diane Esch

    Happy Birthday!!

    I love seeing a picture of a younger you – very fun and 70’s or you :)

    Comfort Secrets for Busy Women e-book – speaks to my busy self. Thanks!

  • Toni

    Happy Birthday, Jen! I would love the Teach Now self-guided course. Bless you and thanks for your generosity and for all of the light you’ve brought to my life through the years.

  • lisa renee

    Happy 50th-I turned 50 last November. Loved the photo you shared of your child self. Teach Now sounds intriguing but I’m sure I would love it all.

  • jason poole

    Aloha, Ms. Jen! I know that I fall outside of your “typical” demographic, but I’m a huge fan and supporter of all that you do. Just wanted to wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! HAUʻOLI LĀ HĀNAU!

  • http://www.facebook.com/LisaRough Lisa Rough

    You are one of the most generous people I know, dearie. Happy happy birthday– I hope your sweetness comes pouring back atcha today, ten thousand times! I love you!

    As for me, it’s the How to Create Your Own Mastermind Class… oh, how I’ve been wanting to dive into it– while I offer circles for others, I would love to create one that supports my business and my visions. :)


  • Vicki Kramer Nathan

    Have a Glorious Birthday, Jen!
    Your wisdom, generosity, and playfulness are so appreciated. I am choosing the Satisfaction Finder. Many thanks and good wishes.

  • Erin

    happy birthday, and thanks for ALL that you give away! I would LOVE to have The Satisfaction Finder.

  • KS

    Happy 50th birthday!! The LifeOrganizer jumped out at me as something I need; as someone with lots of to-do lists (daily, weekly, and monthly) and a daily if aimless journaler, this one is it!

  • Erin Callaway

    Yowza! HAPPY BIRTHDAY and thanks for all the awesome choices of goodies!! I gotta tell ya, the first one I went to was the one I thought I SHOULD ask for…the self-guided Teach Now…because I’m mindful of wanting to build my own retreat thing and I know that will help. But I also have come to realize (thanks to you and Melissa Dinwiddie’s awesome Creative Sandbox) that I FIRST need to give myself a lot more time getting to know Playful Erin…the creative, fun, excited, wide-eyed, messy kid that I have kept trapped inside me all my adult life…she’s just emerging and I am falling in love and want to keep dancing with her. So the goodies I’m going to ask for because Playful Erin WANTS to ask are: Sacred Pause and the Life Organizer. THANK YOU — AND LOTS OF BIG SPLASHY LOVE on your special day!

  • Diana

    Happy Birthday! I have been doing the Teach Now class and can’t begin to say how great it has been.

    I would love any one of your products — but if I have to choose, I think I would chose the Satisfaction Finder kit. Who couldn’t use more satisfaction in each day?

  • http://twitter.com/danachilders Dana Childers

    Happy Birthday! I love that you are giving to others on your birthday. Your Shero’s Journey is the one that calls me! Thank you and love and light to you on your special day, Dana

  • http://www.facebook.com/terrieberle Terri Eberle Katz

    Hi Jen! Happy fabulous 50! I love your women’s retreat book and pregnant women’s comfort book and of course your emails. So I am sure I would love anything I might win. The one that looks most appealing to me is the Life Organizer. I live by my Franklin Planner and I think I need to schedule in some more time for dreaming and scheming so that I am not just slogging thru to do lists all the time! :-) I am sending you many blessings for this day, year and decade to come!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/beth.sumnerwichmann Beth Sumner-Wichmann

    Happy Birthday, Jen! I remember heaving a huge sigh of relief when I turned 50. It just seemed like I could slow down for awhile and take my time. I would love your Teach Now course as I am currently writing a class in Beginning Psychic Development.

  • Melanie Riley

    Happy birthday, beautiful Jen! What a generous soul you are to be giving US gifts! I would be over-the-moon privileged to receive the Sacred Pause Audio Retreat. Thanks much for the chance to win! xoxo

  • Christine Stewart

    Happy Glorious Magnificent 50th Birthday! You’ve inspired me to offer a free gift myself to my writer clients, for the holidays. So your gift is giving further. Thanks, Jen! If my name is picked, I’m called to the Shero’s Journey.

  • http://www.facebook.com/nicola.philbin Nicola Philbin

    Wishing you many happy returns! Half a century deserves to be celebrated! As I loved your Comfort Guide to Pregnancy, and am now training as an antenatal teacher, I’d really love your TeachNow guide… I am making my way slowly from lawyer to teacher, a really interesting journey. Have fun on your special day!

  • Lana

    Happy, Happy! Love how we all still have the eyes of our ten-year-old self. If only we retained the childlike vision to see our limitless possibilities… I believe that getting back there is at heart of this work.
    Would love the Satisfaction Finder to help in my journey. Eat cake and sip bubbly stuff!

  • Jennifer Kelley

    Many happy returns of the day! May your next 50 years be as spectacular as your first 50! (And I would love the Satisfaction Finder!)

  • Kristin

    Happy Birthday Jenn! Hope 50 is absolutely your golden year! Thank you for this gift giving and opportunity on YOUR birthday. So sweet. I am very much looking forward to the live Teach Now class this spring, but i would love to get a jump start on it with the self study version! You are a gem, and so motivating to me. Thank you very much. Enjoy your pizza and champagne with your family. Celebrate!@

  • Jasmine Bachrach

    Happy birthday, Jen! To me, the Virtual Retreat sounds SO enticing. Hope your day is wonderful and filled with love and more than you can dream. <3

  • Nancy Obermueller

    Happy Birthday! I’m living through many transitions myself as well as related to transitions of others. Feeling just the slightest bit overwhelmed and stuck. I’m OK, I keep telling myself, but . . . . I’d like to take a Shero’s Journey. Thank you.

  • http://twitter.com/MagnoliasWest Sue Kearney

    Happy birthday Jen! I love the picture at the top of the post. I can feel that girl in my heart! Hmmm, I’ll take the Virtual Retreat please.


  • Anita

    Thank you for sharing your exuberant celebration with us! the Life Organizer sounds exceptional.

  • Melissa

    Happy birthday Jenn. Feliz Cumpleanos Jennifer !!! Hugs and kisses, Abrazos y besos !!!
    I have your life organizer book and I recently bought another of your books , so I know they are great , and your things make me very happy… I will love to see other of your books ( teach now self guide) …( plus is a an ebook) so environmentally friendly. yeahhh.. Yes I am teaching I will like to know what advice you have for people starting and making a living out of this.. Also I find myself really busy all the time.. so Comfort secrets for busy women sound great too..
    well have a great time with the champagne and pizza. you know how to have fun !!
    bye for now.. from panama.

  • http://www.facebook.com/stepmomcoach Claudette Chenevert

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jen! I love being 50! I feel that I’m starting to let go of some past self-sabotaging belief (I did say starting!) I love your books (I have 4 of them) and your Teach Now program. Your generous and loving nature warms me every time. THANK YOU!!
    As I look through our gifts, I’m attracted to the Virtual Retreat as this is my lifelong dream to create this for stepmoms, so they can jump into this role with an understanding that they need to take care of themselves first in order to care and love their (step)kids and spouse.
    I’ve yet to go personally to one of your retreats (hopefully in 2013) but I’d be so honored to receive your Virtual Retreat How To.
    You are an amazing mentor to me and this would be a great way to finish the year.
    Again, wishing you a blessed and amazing 50th along with plenty of health, joy and happiness
    Claudette Chenevert
    The Stepmom Coach

  • Brandi

    Happy Birthday to you, vibrant and young as ever!! I have been coveting the Teach Now class AND the Mastermind class since I first read about them months and months ago. But then when I signed up for your Ruzuku class and failed to log in for a single class when they came out…well, I tried on the tablet but with the post Jelly Bean loss of flash, I keep running into problems with video on that thing. After the two classes I am in now over there, the plan is to go back to it… (yeah, I know that phrase is almost cliche at this point, how many classes do we get planning to “go back to it later,”? lol, but this one’s in my calendar at least). It seems to me that if I’m not showing up for a free class, I have no business asking for a gift of another one.
    But- then again the voice I hear that thought in has this slight southern twang to it that only comes with Miss Marple, who does not always have my most nourished interests in mind. I wish I could show you the drawing of this gremlin, lol, she’s a hoot.
    So, beautiful birthday girl, I leave it up to you whether you count this as an entry :) I’m going to go poking around behind the curtain at my surprise baby, GuerrillaSelfCare dot com where come January y’all should be able to sign up for my very first program and learn all about stalking yourself :) and do my final day of November Writing

  • Melissa

    Ohhh and also !! Happy Teachers day Jenn! I dont know if in the US but here in my country we are celebrating that too!
    So double ” cheers” for you today

  • Peej

    Happy Birthday! May it be filled with joy, laughter, delightful surprises, love neverending, and of course cake!

    The Life Organizer is speaking to me – and I’m not going to make it stop!

  • Beth

    Happy 50th Jenn! I would love to be able to take the Teach Now course. Thanks so much for sharing. Have an awesome day!

  • stacey

    Happy Birthday to you! happy Birthday to you! Happy Biiiiiirrrrrthday deal Jenny Be :)!!! Happy Birthday to you! I would love the Satisfaction Finder Kit…it’s just time to stop the comparisons….Thank you so much for the opportunity!

  • Lisa King

    Happy Birthday Dear One. What a bright light you are. How blessed we all are to brush up against you.

    I have been circling the idea of teaching but haven’t yet found my way in. I would love love love to embark on the self guided TeachNow course.

    Blessings on you and yours today.

  • Rebecca

    Happy Birthday!! Definitely Shero’s journey. It resonates with me. I am the stage where I feel so much emptiness in me and the urge to make a difference.

  • Elizabeth

    Happy birthday! The Teach Now course speaks to me. I’m always interested in becoming a more effective teacher and in having my bank account better reflect the worth of what I do.

  • Alyson

    Happy Day to you! I hope the day is full of love and joy and so is all of next year. The Life Organizer sounds up my alley.

  • Beth

    Happy Fiftieth Jen!
    You have certainly earned every one of those years as I see how you continue to grow and heal and share from your heart and gut of your experiences, the good, the bad and the ugly – allowing us blessed readers to feel validated and no longer alone or weird, over and over.
    I especially benefit from your blogs, each and every week – count on them in fact, to give me that lift, that reminder of what I already know and it’s like having a cheerleader just for me!
    I feel most drawn to benefitting from the Satisfaction Finder Kit as I resonated deeply with just about everything in its description and would love the opportunity to have your work energized by your personal experiences, to gently yet firmly guide me along the journey to Enoughness, and finding what that precisely is, for ME.
    thank you for all you are and do.

  • Jen Riley

    Happy Birthday Jen! May you have a day filled with creative joy!

  • Holly Bullard

    Happy happy birthday, beautiful friend!!! :) I hope today is simply perfect…whatever perfect would be in your mind. :)
    I would love a virtual retreat. Your retreats speak to me in a way nothing else does…you’ve heard my epiphanies from the last 2 Taos visits! :) You are amazing and my heart needs what you offer.
    Have an amazing day! Holly

  • http://www.facebook.com/bookfetish Mary Troester Taylor

    Happy Birthday, Jen, and thank you for being a voice for women’s creativity and freedom. Thank you for giving all of us the gift of yourself! May your day be blessed.

  • sserson

    Happy Birthday! Welcome to your 50’s. I would love to receive The Satisfaction Finder.

  • allison

    Happy, Happy Birthday! Your words have resonated with me these past 2 months that I am ‘getting to know’ you and your work. Love.
    SO hard to pick…I would love to try the VIsual Retreat and the Shero’s Journey sounds delicious, too :-). Thank you.

  • laurie@lauriecircle.com

    Jennifer, I have been following your work since at least 1989. We have even started a group called the Comfort Group, that started as a group of 6-9 women working on living their lives and taking care of themselves. Now however we have kids in college, parents who have died, bodies that have need hysterectomies… we have grown into our 50s with you. And we truly couldn’t have done it as gracefully with you and without each other! The Comfort Group would love to get a The Life Organizer: A Woman’s Guide to A Mindful Year.! Thank you! Laurie Moser

  • http://www.facebook.com/karen.duffy.353 Karen Duffy

    Hello there…yes, welcome to the nifty 50s….I’ve been reading your books since my late 20s, and following your blog for the past few years now. I’d love to try the Virtual Retreat, The How to Create Your Own Mastermind Class, or the Comfort Secrets for Busy Women e-book. And thanks for your generosity on this landmark birthday!

  • Brigitte

    Happy Birthday, Jennifer!!! A week from today I will turn 50, too… there – I wrote it… ;-) it feels kind of awkward, but following how you have approached your birthday was so inspiring and encouraging – thanks so much for that. After all, maybe it’s not too late for all the good things in life… ?! ;-)

  • Loes van Mierlo

    Happy, happy birthday, Jen! May your day be filled with family and friends, sparkles and a delicious birthday cake, and may your year ahead be filled with love, laughter and happiness! May this coming year be your best so far!

    I missed your last “How to Create Your Own Mastermind Class”, but I would love nothing more than to be part of a group of likeminded souls to support and be supported by, both in business and life. I’ve tried to set up a mastermind group twice in the past year, but both times it didn’t work out. People didn’t have compatible expectations and/or commitment, and both times within a a few months the groups had completely fallen apart. I would love to hear how you do it with your group, what pitfalls to look out for (I’ve discovered a few already, but I’m sure there are more things I haven’t even thought about yet) and how to give my next mastermind group the best chance of success!

  • Anne Corey

    Happy Birthday, Jen. Wish I could give you an in-person hug, but please take this virtual one! I wrote a long post about an hour ago and it disappeared in cyberspace, so the only goodie I would like is for this to actually post!

  • karen@karenfritz.com

    Thank you so much for sharing all of who you are! When I turned 50 last year, I learned to ride a motorcycle and got myself a red crotch rocket. Whatever it is that delights you and fires you up, my wish is that you give it to yourself, and yourself to it, fully!

    I’d love to find out about creating a mastermind circle that gels.

  • Laura Hodge

    Happy 50th lap around the sun! you have been a constant in my life since my sister introduced me to you by gifting me one of your books years ago. turning 50 last year was nothing compared to the beauty of turning 51 this year! every year is more radiant and love-filled than the last – enjoy all that you are about to receive from the universe lovey!

  • KayV62

    Hi Jenny Be,

    Happy wonderful milestone 50th birthday! Me, too. Actually, mine was three months ago. I love being 50 and you will, too. I could finally let go of the *anticipation* of turning 50–I’d only been anticipating this milestone for five years. Silly. I feel like I am finally ready to achieve what I’m capable of–why I procrastinated is beyond me, but there it is. Now that I’m 50, the old expression, “No time like the present” seems appropriate. I, too, like the others have followed your work for years. I’m trying to remember how long it’s been by remembering where I lived at the time. I have two of your books and would love to have the Life Organizer though the Satisfaction Finder would probably work equally well. I’ve had a life-long struggle with organizing (the home, my schedule, me) and feel this would be a huge help. Thanks for being you and for sharing your gift(s) with the world. Happy celebration! Arms up in the air! Whoo-hoo! LisaK

  • meowerfamily@aol.com

    happy birthday jen!!!!! you will simply love your fifties!!!!! today is just the beginning. Now me – Help, I want to change my life… that is why I would love to have, in honor of your birthday, the Satisfaction Finder Digital Kit, so I can find some satisfaction in my life. -

  • Sara Addington

    I really enjoy your products. I think my pick, though, would be the Comfort Secrets for Busy Women. Seems right up my alley. Happy Birthday!

  • http://twitter.com/thoughtsofjoy joy a

    hi Jen! happiest of birthdays to you, my dear friend! always appreciate your generosity and encouraging words. i’ll put my hat in the ring: i would love the virtual retreat!

  • Donna Newbold

    Happy Birthday! I would like the Satisfaction Finder Kit, please. Have a great day!

  • Marcia C

    Happy Birthday! I am thoroughly enjoying my 50th year celebration. The Life Organizer: A Woman’s Guide to a Mindful Year is calling to me.

  • http://www.facebook.com/tracy.verdugo Tracy Verdugo

    Happy birthday Jen!!! What a wonderful light you shine in this world. I already have your Teach Now course and it has been invaluable on my continuing journey. I would be ecstatic to win any of your gifts but I would REALLY love to get stuck into your mastermind class. Thank you for the opportunity. HOpe you’re celebrating BIG this week! much love Tracy

  • Alison van Buuren

    Jen, I love how you are spreading the Love on your birthday. I especially love the picture of yourself as a child and to see the light in your eyes. I would love the Comfort Secrets for Busy Women – I’d like to pay it forward – and give it to someone whom I know would really enjoy it right now. Wishing you showers of kisses and love for your birthday!

  • Amy M

    A gorgeously Happy 50th Jen! I recently was re-introduced to you through the fab Marianne Elliott, after having been so enriched by your Women’s Comfort Book many years ago. The sparkle in your eye, your infectious joy, your expansive creativity, and your warmth and authenticity are a continuous source of uplift and inspiration! Thank you for sharing yourself….and for your birthday gifts. At this point in my life, I not only want but need a Shero’s Journey. When you said ‘if reading this makes you tremble, this is the course for you,’ well – enough said. It ‘s time to let my light shine!

  • Lora

    There are, I believe, few people who excel at seeing other people as stars. Not as in Robert Redford (now I’M showing my age), but as in the shimmering matter that illuminates. No one ever says “there are too many stars in the sky,” and you believe in a night sky that is so sparkling that bears and trees and oceans dance in the gleam. In becoming your gorgeous self, and sharing that with us, you show us all that our dazzle and gleam is infinite, not created by will or grim determination, but by becoming who we are over and over and over. Thank you for being born, for choosing to come in. Truly, we love you.

  • Chris Lubinski

    Happy Birthday Jen! It’s mine, too! This past year—and more so this next year—has been quite a disruptive year for me! I have been ‘leaning’ on you and your blog all this year to help keep me focused and calm! I am going to be continuing watching for every new entry to help me hold on! I’m thinking your Life Organizer would help me with my journaling. Thank you for being a rock to lean on!!!

  • Lora

    PS — I would love the Satisfaction Finder, to do Teach Now again AND Shero’s Journey again, and your Comfort book. I forgot to mention what I wanted! :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/isaac.bohannon Isaac Bohannon

    Dearest Jennifer,

    Happy Birthday darlin’! It’s so fantastic how you show up in life and through this way cool electronic interwebs you send out into the world. I am so fortunate to know you, and when I read through the comments I see so many writers you have touched. I wrote this while home with my family:
    The color of rust
    Hills as sun sets behind hay bails
    Marking the pasture like tombstones
    In the clearing a doe grazes with ears set to perk for signs of danger
    The clearing space should be an unplug, an absence of rush
    A defined good life
    A good enough life
    Clear that our needs are satisfied but facets of wanting lay open
    Achingly open, groping to fill a void
    Fathomless, bottomless
    But for an instant warmed by the last sun rays
    Breathe in, rustle the leaves

    I’d love to learn how to create my own mastermind.

    Breathe it in Jenny Be, have a beautiful day.
    Love Isaac

  • Jacqueline King Walton

    Happy Birthday Jennifer. I hope your day is filled with love, joy and happiness. I am a big fan of yours and I would like to win the Shero’s Journey, Virual Retreat, Life Organizer and the Comfort Secrets for Busy Women e-book. Thank you

  • Sam

    Happy 50th Birthday and thanks for your love and generosity :) the How to Create Your Own Mastermind Course is exactly what I need Right now in my life, the timing is perfect!!! Thanks

  • http://www.facebook.com/lori.lecount Lori LeCount

    Happy Birthday!

  • http://www.facebook.com/narelle.carterquinlan Narelle Carter-Quinlan

    Happy 50th Birthday Jen -Welcome!! Teach Now sings to me – yippee!! Love xox

  • http://twitter.com/beyoutifully Amy McRae

    Happy birthday, Jen!! What a lovely bunch of gifts! The ones calling to me are TeachNow Self-Guided, Shero’s Journey, and The Satisfaction Finder. amy{at}beyoutifully{dot}com I love seeing your blog posts pop up in Google Reader. I hope happy surprises are popping up in your world today too!

  • Connie

    Happy Birthday, Jen! I would love to give you the gift of accepting and cherishing one of your wonderful creative products. What speaks to me most right now: Shero’s Journey, The Satisfaction Finder Digital Kit, Virtual Retreat, and Comfort Secrets for Busy Women e-book

  • http://www.facebook.com/eileen2000 Eileen McGarvey

    Happy decade birthday, Jen! I love your idea of offering gifts for your birthday. All of the gifts are intriguing but I think the one that is appealing to me the most right now is the Shero’s Journey. I enjoy your writing so much and your openness about your process is very healing and helpful. Thanks for sharing your gifts.

  • Debbie

    Satisfaction Finder and Comfort Secrets. Happy birthday, and thanks for the fun drawing!

  • Caren Baginski

    The Satisfaction Finder is calling my name! Happy 50th Birthday, Jen! Awesome photo.

  • Stefanie F

    Wishing you the Happiest of Birthdays. It has been a treat indeed to share the joy with you. Thank you for all the inspiration you send us year round. The e book is the most appealing – but I would be thrilled with anything.

  • http://www.facebook.com/gail.overstreet Gail Overstreet

    Yay, you!
    In the words of the great Katy Perry (lol): “Baby, you’re a FIREWORK!” :-)
    I’d love to receive the ‘How to Create Your Own Mastermind’ class.

  • Dawn Schell

    Sending many happy returns of the day to you! Blessing on you and sending much gratitude your way. Your blog has been a blessing to me. I have learned, laughed, and been challenged to deepen on so many levels.
    I think the Teach Now or the Life Organizer would be my wishes.

  • http://simplytrece.wordpress.com Trece

    The Life Organizer has my name on it! I just turned 61 and am hoping to make a huge life change over the next 12 months.

  • http://twitter.com/melissaerivera melissa rivera

    happy happy birthday. may it be nectar-soaked. thank you for exquisitely offering your heart and wisdom…always inspired and grateful. for this delicious gift-giving, your life organizer is beckoning. love to you.

  • http://www.facebook.com/elizabethbarbour Elizabeth Trezise Barbour

    You are the best, Jen! Always giving. Always celebrating. Always helping. I soooo appreciate you, who you are and your work in the world. It has made a big difference in my life and I’m so glad you were born and that we’re on the planet at the same time. I was just thinking the other day that even though I’m on sabattical from my coaching & speaking business, my life is still just as busy and full as it was before – just with different priorities now (my daughter being the 1st, of course!). I’d love to enjoy your Life Organizer to see if it can help me stay on top of things. Thank you for the gift of YOU!

  • Horti Davis

    As always it is with such a full heart that I write you. From the first daily readings of The Women’s Comfort Book, throughout my life’s ensuing heiroglyphics, I have learned, from you, an ever “gentling” way of listening, hearing, receiving, acting, responding, to not only the world, but to myself. I thank you, the world thanks you. Happy Happy Birthday Jen, I’m so glad you were born. Tell your mom thanks, too.
    If I were to pick a gift of yours to know now, it would be the Satisfaction Finder. As I enter retirement after 30+ years in Hospice nursing, I do wonder what satisfaction may “look” like, and I’m loving the new journey of discovery. Hugs and blessings.

  • Caroline Gallup

    I would love a chance to pick up The Life Organizer. It has been on my Amazon wish list for quite awhile, yet no one has gifted it to me! (I know, I know… time to gift it to myself!) Anyway, thank you for the opportunity and thanks for another fantastic giveaway for YOUR special day! Happy Birthday to Fabulous YOU!

  • Teri

    ‘Teach Now – Self Guided Version’ is what I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to have (if I can’t have you in person to lead me that is :-))
    I believe I have all of your other “birthday gifts” (thanks to the teacher for sharing on her own birthday! xoxoxoxoxoxo) so since I am coming to a convergence on my teaching path… not sure where it’s leading me…. I believe this gift will be the one that will speak to my heart.
    HUGS, HUGS and more HUGS to you, sweet Jen!
    Love, Teri

  • petra hoentgesberg

    happiest birthday to you! last year around this time, you and your little bits of wisdom helped me through a VERY rocky stretch in my life – thank you! i would LOVE to go on the virtual retreat, as your island is too far away for me. all the best and keep doing what you do :-)

  • http://www.facebook.com/dianne.sims.12 Dianne Thompson

    Happy, happy birthday. Firstly I would like to win the Teach Now for my sister Judy but if that position has already been taken then I would love the Life Organizer for myself (my 60th in Dec)

  • http://twitter.com/judespacks Jude Spacks

    Happy birthday, Dear Jen!
    I wish you joy of your give-aways and many happy returns.
    I’m so glad you were born!

  • Roxanne Collins

    Happy Birthday Jen! I love getting your emails :D

    I would be SUPER EXCITED to win

    The Satisfaction Finder Digital Kit

    My email is 77rcollins@gmail.com


  • Gail McConnon

    Happy Birthday Jen! Aren’t birthdays just the greatest things in the whole world . . . the whole universe, even?! May this be the best one ever. And in honor of your big day, I would be absolutely honored to win your “How to Create Your Own Mastermind Class”. That could totally come in handy this next year. Thank you for all that you are, and all you’ve yet to become. Much love – gail

  • Marie-Françoise

    Happy Bday Jen!!! I hope you are enjoying a day of loud and quiet delights…

    As I am embarking on an adventure to write my memoir in 6 months, an online course I just joined after only a smidgeon of procrastination (mainly due to participating in your AMAZING Shero’s Journey course which has given me the courage to do it), I feel the Life Organizer calling my name — Marie-Françoise, Marie-Françoise — don’t you hear it too?

    Thank you!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/becca.pronchick Becca Pronchick

    Happy, happy 50 & Fabulous birthday Jen! Thank you so much for your sparkle, your verve, your inspiration and your generosity. I would love the Comfort Secrets e-book. Becca (bp@beccapronchick.com)

  • Katy

    Happiest of happy birthdays Jen!! I love the way you celebrate. And I must say, it’s hard to pick just one of your fabulous birthday gifts. But if I must, I’d love The Life Organizer.

  • Kerry Pile

    May you have a WONDERFUL Birthday, Jenny Be! Did you hear that 55 is the new middle age? As I celebrated my 50th four years ago I was quite pumped to hear that. I would love to win your ‘How To Create A Mastermind Group’. This has been on my heart for a while. Best wishes and many blessings – Kerry

  • http://www.facebook.com/joanpaulettedudley Joan Robinson

    Happy Birthday, Jen! I feel like I have grown up with you and your books! I have given the Women’s Comfort book to a couple of my friends. I have been using the retreat book for years. I just got married, so of course I had to get the Couples’ book! Pretty soon you will have your own shelf in my library. :)

    As an English instructor and a yoga teacher, I could get a lot out of the TeachNow course.

    As a DIY retreat junkie I would love either the Virtual Retreat, which ever one you choose I would be delighted with either one!

    • jenlouden

      can you please share your email address? thanks!

  • Dana

    Happ happy birthday beautiful amazing inspiring you! Giving gifts on your birthday is such a YOU THING to do… An echo of your generous heart! So many great things its hard to pick just one! They are ALL MAGNIFICENT (even your book that I already have)!
    The virtual retreat sounds amazing!
    Creating your own master class and the satisfaction finder would be hugely relevant to my life, right now!
    And I’m certain your new book is fabulous too!
    Again, happy birthday:) I hope you’ve had an awesome day!

  • disqus_tQrLNtHx2e

    Happy Birthday … the years do get better and better. I have passed along your website and postings and given books many times …. Comfort Secrets for Busy Women ebook would be my choice.


  • Sérene N

    Happy Birthday! Yay!

    I would love to win the Satisfaction Finder Digital Kit. I’m definitely better at the perfectionism thing, but it seems to be a bit choosy as to when it appears and disappears. I definitely recognized myself in some of the copy for the course info.

    Thanks for all the gifts so far! :)

  • http://twitter.com/MaryEPritchard Mary Pritchard, PhD

    I am a busy woman in need of comfort, so comfort secrets for busy women is my pick!

  • Jillian Ayer

    Happy Happy Birthday Jen !!….I to celebrate my birthday by giving to others because it make me happy. I would love you to choose what present that you would like to give me….cheers!! – Jillian xo

  • Susan Niemann

    Having just turned 40 this year, I really grok the celebration of a milestone birthday. Happy birthday, and thank you for everything you share with us! My personal desire is the Mastermind Class book – this, more than anything, is what I’ve come to believe is the next step for me and my business. I could really use a “tribe” of trusted friends for feedback.

  • amybookgirl

    Happy Birthday! I hope that you have had a wonderful day celebrating with family and friends!
    This has been a year of awakenings for me, and of resdiscovering what I really want to do with my life. Translating these realizations and epiphanies into actions has been a challenge. I have not yet figured out how to organize my life around my joy consistently. I think the wisdom that you share in The Life Organizer could help me find practical ways to prioritize my life around my passions.

  • Jen

    Thank you Birthday Girl!! :) Would love The Life Organizer (but wow…tough decision!!).

  • Shelley

    Happy Birthday, Jen. I would love to win the “Satisfaction Finder” digital kit. Thanks for your generous Birthday giveaway & chances to win!

  • http://www.louiseflory.com Louise Flory

    Oh, I have been dreaming after Shero’s Journey as I fight some resurfacing health issues and set the stage for a 2013 that breaks all the rules. Thank you for sharing with us on your special day. The world is truly a better place because of you.

  • Gail Lieurance

    HAPPY Fabulous 50!!! You will love being 50! have learned so much about myself during my 50’s and am always looking for ideas to feel recharged, focused on goals, and nurtured. “Comfort Secrets for Busy Women” is perfect for me. You are so generous in sharing your gifts with us. Hugs to you ♥

  • deb cooperman

    Happy Birthday, Jen. I’m so glad you were born.

    I’m happy to know you even a teeny little bit; I *so* appreciate what you’re bringing to the world; delighted and grateful that I get to play/benefit/grow.

    And, wheee … thank you for offering the prezzies! You’re just awesome. (sigh)

    It all looks so delish … and what jumped out at me was: The Sheros Journey, the Life Organizer, and The Satisfaction Finder – I would love to dive into any one/all of them … for so many of the reasons in your descriptions. :)

    If you choose to gift me any of these, well, yahoo. If not, methinks I’ve found a prezzie or two for my bday, coming in a few weeks.

    Smooches, virtual confetti, and namaste, birthday girl.
    <3 deb

  • http://twitter.com/talk_birth Molly Remer

    The last three appeal to me! Virtual retreat the most, followed by virtual pause recording, and the comfort secrets book. I love your books! I’m also finding myself in this nearly constant position of needing retreat and that *pause*…

    • http://twitter.com/talk_birth Molly Remer

      And, HAPPY Birthday! I just posted to your FB and neglected to repost my wishes here!

      • http://twitter.com/talk_birth Molly Remer

        PPS–your Life Organizer book is one of my all-time faves. I have two copies. Might be time to get it out again…

  • Amy

    Hello and Happy Birthday. I would like the self-guided Teach Now series. I am a high school teacher in Michigan having the worst year in my career. The political climate in Michigan has been negative regarding teachers for over two years now. I have seen my income and benefits reduced while the classes sizes are getting larger. I used to love coming to my class each day, but I am struggling this year in the face of all of the negativity around me. Today was a bad day. I had a student threaten me today if I didn’t let her redo the project that she failed. I am reading your email as a sign that I sure could use Teach Now—now. I want to be again the person who was energized and not drained by my work. Thank you.

  • http://www.facebook.com/daphnecohn Daphne Cohn

    happy, happy birthday Jen. I am most drawn to Shero’s Journey. Whether I win anything or not, thank you for you.

  • http://www.facebook.com/kmcphersonhope Kate Mcpherson-Hope

    Happy Birthday!! Hope it was a beautiful day and will be a great year ahead.
    I already took the Shero’s Journey which was wonderful and purchased The Life Organizer in digital format – also wonderful!
    I am drawn to the Comfort Secrets for Busy Women e-book, as I’ve been struggling with workplace overwhelm and now that I recently turned 40 I am taking self-care more seriously. I welcome any suggestions to help me bring comfort into my life without the guilt I so often attach to it!
    I must admit the Virtual Retreat also sounds fabulous – I am a huge fan of Judith Orloff and Susan Piver! :)
    Regardless if I win or not – happy birthday!

  • Allison

    Oh Jen, happy of happiest birthdays to you! I would be utterly delighted with the How to create your own mastermind class <3

  • http://www.facebook.com/haidee.sullivan Haidee McHale Sullivan

    Happy Birthday, Jen! I hope all your Birthday wishes come true and you have a year filled with, love, laughter
    and good health.
    I am attracted to “The Life Organizer: A Woman’s Guide to A Mindful Year” and “Comfort Secrets for Busy Women.e-book”. Both sound interesting along with the rest of your list. I am part of Sue Ann Gleason’s “Well Nourished Woman” group and I was inspired by your talk we listened to. It brought out a love of writing for me! Thank You!
    Happy Birthday!

  • Barbara

    Happy Birthday gorgeous lady!!!!!! I hope you´ll have a wonderful day!
    I feel very drawn to the Satisfaction finder and the Shero´s journey. Best wishes, hugs&love, Barbara

  • Tara

    Happy Birthday to you Jen! I’ve been a ‘silent’ follower/reader for a while now and really enjoy your approach to the world. I would so love to own the Life Organiser. I just completed the self-guided Teach Now course and really loved the self care focus and the concept of supporting yourself as a teacher in various ways in order to give more. Warm wishes, Tara

  • Katharina Engelhardt

    Happy Birthday to you Jenny! I send you my love for you and your dreams, just as I know that you send out your love to the dreams of the world! I would really love to win the satisfaction finder kit as I tend to forget what I already know about the value selfcare and get stuck in everyday chores instead of taking care of my dreams. Thank you so much anyway for reminding me regularly by your mails and posts! Katharina

  • henna raita

    awesome jen!!! happy birthday! you are such an amazing woman, real inspirer. i can´t wait to see what you´re gonna do the next 50 years of your life…
    i had tough time choosing from your remarkable list but right now i felt drawn to the life organizer.

  • Ann Fisher

    Happiest of 50th B-Day to you!! You may recall me as one of your virtual writer’s group, in a great group with Marnie, Melissa, Terry, and Dianne. I gave us the name of Women of Wisdom, WOW, and we stayed together for 5 years. Marnie, at least, has published, and Melis is working on a book. Me, not so much — yet. It will happen, though! I know it, my daughter knows it, my friends know it… so it needs to happen.
    What jumped out most to me is your Mastermind Group teaching. I just love your juicy, collaborative approach to everything (I also took Teach Now early on), and I imagine it would be wonderful when put to service toward creating a collaborative supportive group. And you are a poster child for one of the best groups around. I am a coach and personally know members of your group. Woo hoo. What fun they must be in a room together. So, here’s my take. I’ve been doing executive coaching now for over 10 years, overseas in China, and now back here. And I am being pulled by work I started to create about 9 years ago, that I call A Gathering of Wisdom. It’s much more woo woo, it pulls on all my training, including somatic coaching and Presence-Based Coaching, as well as work with women and “people of a certain age” (read me and my peers at 62). I am really at a tipping point right now, ready to bring some of this into the world, and I am scared and hiding in the closet still at moments. I have created or been a part of circles everywhere I go (including China), and I know the value of a group. I seriously need this so I can go out and do the work I am meant to do. That’s all. And if you don’t give it to me, I will hide in my closet, cry, and never get on your website again. Seriously, I love your generosity and energy around your birthday. 50 is nothing, sister! Thanks for the opportunity to post (something I never do) and to just connect. Omedito gozaimasu (Happy b-day in Japanese). Cheers, Ann Fisher

  • http://twitter.com/DocSabia Vicky B., MSW

    Happy Birthday!! I have your Life Organizer! Now, I would love to be gifted the Mastermind Class! “How to Create Your Own Mastermind Class”

    VickyB_MSW [at] Live [dot] com

  • erica wheeler

    Happy Birthday Jen. I turned 50 last year and looked forward to it by
    planning the best ever trip to Quebec City. (Wanted Paris, but couldn’t
    afford that, and I could drive to Quebec. It was pure, pure delight)
    Best guide for me for turning 50 has been Angles Arrien’s “Second Half
    of Life.” Her book helped me embrace who I am now becoming . Best, that
    is, after your books and classes, which I have almost ALL of but
    one”THE SHERO’S JOURNEY” I would be thrilled to have that. I so love
    your ideas and soothing, nurturing, inspiring, honest, juicy way!

  • Lisa Albinger


    Thank you for this opportunity and your generosity. I’ve enjoyed the journey of your work over the years. Kristin’s comment above turned me on to The Life Organizer as I too am a devoted journaler and planner. Our capacity to exude so much life force through the use of a pen is astonishing, isn’t it? Many cheers to you on your birthday!

  • http://twitter.com/mrsexsmith Sinclair Sexsmith

    happy birthday Jen! and thank you for the generous gifts, both of these things and of your ongoing writings. I need a soul posse to help get me through the grief of my dad dying this year. I have been eyeing the mastermind class. I would utilize it well and I think it would give me lots of data for how to move forward, now that my life feels completely on hold.

  • Kate Robertson

    Happy Birthday Jen, 50 is a great year. Thanks for your generosity. I would choose the Teach Now Program as I hear its fantastic. Have a wonderful Birthday Week, month, Year. Let’s Celebrate as long as we can.

  • Michelle

    the happiest of birthdays jen! 50 times around the sun is a huge milestone indeed. thanks for this generous offering. I think your Teach Now class would be most what I need, although everything you offer looks amazing. wishing you a great birthday year and many more!

  • Karen

    Happy Birthday, Jen! May all your birthday wishes come true! The 50’s are the best! You’re going to love being 50, but not as much as 51, 52, 52, … Regarding your generous gift: It hard to pick, but I will go with The Satisfaction Finder Digital Kit.

  • Maddy

    Best wishes for this 50th year, Jen. This year can be a wonderful balance of wisdom and energy that creates the way for your future decades.

    I would love the TeachNow program, as this is my passion, yet I need the Comfort Secrets for Busy Women to deal with my inner overwhelm. I’m in the next decade up and dealing with too many generations of change and need in my family to find my own voice.
    Thank you for sharing your gifts, now and always.

  • Nancy

    Happy 50th Birthday! What a big year for you. Very nice! I’d appreciate The Life Organizer: A Woman’s Guide to a Mindful Year…as I’m always speeding along, ditching my creations as I go. I’d like to slow down. Yes, that’s my goal…to slow down. Thank you for sharing with the world.

  • http://www.facebook.com/joanna.hunter.524 Joanna Hunter

    I wish you the happiest and most blessed birthday, Jen!! You are so amazing. I appreciate the strong light and love you bring into this world…and you inspire me to clear the blocks to letting my own light shine. Thank you.

    This is also the year of my 60th birthday and I’m delighting in this chance to pause and look at what is really important to me at this time….so I would highly value being able to do the VIRTUAL RETREAT. Thanks for sharing this and all your gifts.

  • Guest

    Happy birthday! I’d love the TeachNow Self-Guided Version. I’m just starting to teach writing classes, and I fear I don’t really know what I’m doing. :)

  • Amanda

    HAPPY Birthday Jen! I aspire to have a life as wonderful as yours. I’m only 21 but would love to see myself close around your path at 50!! You’ve done all I want to accomplish by that age. AMAZING. You’re the reality that I know the life I want is possible. Here you are. I would LOVE the Satisfaction Finder Digital kit! WOOHOO!

  • http://www.facebook.com/char.c.brooks Char Canvasser Brooks

    Happy Healthy Birthday Jen – WOW!

    You have helped me change my life in countless priceless ways. Thank you so much for sharing your many gifts in so many ways with the world.

    What I would love are the Shero’s Journey, Comfort Secrets for Busy Women and the Mastermind course.

    I have everything else and it is all phenomenal.

    Thanks again for making my life so much better and being such a precious soul gracing our world with love.

  • http://www.facebook.com/loran.hills Loran Hills

    You have the same beautiful eyes!

  • Jennie

    Happy Birthday, Jen! I know it will be a wonderful day! I’d love to win the Satisfaction Finder digital kit. Thanks for the chance!

  • http://twitter.com/bethcline Beth Cline

    Happy 50th Jen!! May this be your most magical year yet! I would love, love, LOVE to receive the self-guided Teach Now course, or the Mastermind Class. Your generosity is appreciated, and I hope you have a fabulous day!! To 50!

  • Christine Ratimorszky

    Thanks for sharing your birthday, your creations and that fabulous school photo! Happy 50th…you rock!

  • Susan Sanford

    Happiest of birthdays, dear Jen!

    Thank you for showing up in the world as the gift you are with such transparency! Would love the Shero’s Journey course.

  • http://jszflanagan.wordpress.com/ Jennifer Szescula Flanagan

    Oh beautiful retreat book – how I constantly tell myself I’m going to give myself a retreat and then don’t!

    I love love love the Life Organizer and Satisfaction Finder. They have been so helpful and integral to my life most recently. Thank you for these.

  • roramich

    Life organizer would be so helpful! And Happy Birthday Jennifer!

  • Selene Seltzer

    Happy Birthday, dear Jen! May this year bring your all your dreams!
    How about the Sacred Pause Audio ( on a 24/7 playback loop! ;-))

  • lee

    happy jubilee year, jen!! i am another decade older and dwelling in becoming a wise woman. my next step is on the horizon and i would love to hunker down and work on my shero’s journey so that i can offer my legacy with glee and power! happy new journey!! what an inspiration you are!

  • http://twitter.com/BobbyBooRadley Bobby Boo

    Happy Birthday!

    I’ve heard so much about the Satisfaction Finder and so it would be wonderful to win a copy. Thank you for such a fantastic opportunity to celebrate your birthday!

  • Deborah

    Happy Birthday, Jen! The 50s are a powerful time. Would love to begin my own Mastermind group.

  • Aubrey R

    I would love the virtual retreat if you’re in it, too; otherwise, I’d love the Shero’s Journey. Thanks so much for the gifts!! Happy Birthday!

  • http://www.facebook.com/julia.mckay1 Julia McKay

    Happy Birthday… thanks for your generosity. I am looking forward to meeting you and working with you. A trip to Seattle (Bainbridge) would be amazing1

  • http://www.facebook.com/darlene.fogal Darlene Peterschick Fogal

    You look the same as your younger photo. I think it is wonderful to give. And to receive a gift is also wonderful. I will be 62 in May so I will be pondering on what to give. Love your email. Thankyou!

  • http://www.facebook.com/emily.stewart.397501 Emily Stewart

    Happy Birthday! Love this inspiring birthday generosity, thank you :-) I would love the Comfort Secrets for Busy Women, fingers crossed! Thank you thank you xxx

  • Amalia Cochran

    Happy, happy day, and year…and I would love the self-guided Teach Now!

  • CrowsFoxes

    Jen I love your picture. I’d love to have the TeachNow self guided version. Hope it was a wonderful day.

  • mj

    Happy Birthday wishes to you. Fifty is magical, I’m doing my own countup :)
    There are so many yummy choices on your gift list that I can’t decide and thought I’d just click away from here rather than choose. But the words “Sacred Pause” caused me to pause, yes, that would be my choice, oh to practice the gift of a sacred pause….
    Thank you for the gift of the words, and the possibility to receive it in honor of your magical 50.

  • Sally Felt

    Ooh, your 50th! I celebrated mine in January, vowing to try 50 new things this year. I’ve lost track of my official count, but I’m pretty sure I passed number 50 somewhere between “dog washing” and “growing my own salad goodies.” Of the generous offerings in your list, I would choose the Teach Now Self-Guided Version. Thank you for sharing your celebration with us!

  • bonni

    I loved turning 50! And to be perfectly honest– which is much easier in my 50’s than ever before — I would like any and all of the marvelous gems you are gifting. And at 50 I know it’s wonderful to want it all and ask for it. Happy Birthday!!

  • jjfoote

    How can one pick only one? All of your products/gifts resonate with me…any of them would be valuable to me. Happy Birthday from a fellow “JEN”. :)

  • Kristi Zod

    Happy Birthday, my fellow Sagittarian! I love everything about you, and I have yet to take your “How to Create Your Own Mastermind Class” or “Virtual Retreat”.

  • Lisa Garza

    Happy Birthday! I wish you all of your dreams, comforts and treats! I think your “”How to Create Your Own Mastermind Class” would be the best for me right now. I am on my path and need to make some decisions and get on with my life! All of your products look wonderful!

  • Trisha ☼


  • http://twitter.com/sherrygaley Sherry Galey

    Just writing to wish you the happiest of birthdays and thank you for all the gifts you give to the world!

  • Gail

    Happy, happy birthday dear Jen! Love that photo – actually, both of them. I’d like the mastermind program – it’s time for me to create what I’m calling a “heart trust,” similar to your brain trust.

  • Ivy

    Wow, Jen, I’ve been reading your books for decades now, and I love everything you put out into this dear world. Your voice is a joyful clarion call to find and claim my own voice, and I’m grateful for you! I am in a critical moment of creating my own new business (well, a year into it) and the Shero’s Journey is calling my name today….

    Thank you for all you have shared, being YOU and shining that bright unique light of yours in my life. You’re a gift!

    Peace and birthday blessings (and chocolates!) to you….


  • Bren

    Happy Birthday Jen! And seriously – you’re making us just choose ONE?? ;-) Okay – I can play along … At this point in my journey, I would choose Comfort Secrets for Busy Women (mostly because you said it’s your favorite.) Thanks for the generous giveaway!

  • Julie

    Happy Birthday! :) Thank you for sharing your celebrations with us! I would love to go on Virtual Retreat with you! :)

  • Amanda

    Best Birthday Wishes, Jen. I have loved and been inspired by your work since I did one of your virtual retreats a few years back, and it would be a real treat to win the mastermind course. Here’s to another 50 years!

  • Lisa

    Happy birthday, Jen, and best wishes for a fabulous year ahead! A friend recommended your Women’s Comfort Book several years ago, and I’ve since shared copies with many friends. Right now I’m most intrigued by the Teach Now self-guided version.

  • Robyn

    Happy birthday and many happy returns! The Virtual Retreat sounds amazing.

    Enjoy your day!

  • http://kickstartyourchange.com/ Kickstart Your Change

    Happy birthday Jen! And thanks for helping us launch Kickstart Your Change!

  • http://www.facebook.com/HappyTurtleDeco Irene Farmer

    Jennifer, wow!
    What 50 nyears it’s been! You’ve put your life into such good use. You must feel grateful today. I am grateful for you.
    Wishing you another 50 years of filling your soul and encouraging ours to do the same in our own ways.
    Happy Birthday, dear Jennifer.
    I love you,

    P.S. I belive I need the Sacred Pause Audio Retreat, please.

  • http://megan-everett.com/ Megan Everett

    Happy Birthday, Jen! What a wonderful way to celebrate! I will gladly share your wonderful birthday gifts with my circles! I know they’ll do a great deal of good! — If I am fortunate enough to be picked, I would love to have the Shero’s Journey!! Thank you so very much <3

  • Deb Nicholson

    I love that you feel blessed that you have lived 50 years, when so many women feel this milestone as the end of something, or a time to fear. Happy days for evermore to you, and I would love the Shero’s Journey if I am one of the lucky ones. And I am 50 too – this has been an awesome year so far!

  • http://www.facebook.com/impaminca Pam Davis

    Hi and Happy Birthday! Satisfaction Finder sounds like it should live with me.

    Thank you, Pam

  • Rozlyn Warren

    Happy Birthday! Happy Year!

    Thank you for all the fun you are sharing!

    I would LOVE
    Virtual Retreat
    The Life Organizer
    The Satisfaction Finder

    They all sound wonderful!

    May the coming year be even more wonderful than you have imagined!

    Much love,

  • Laura H

    Happy Birthday! I’d be most interested in the Life Organizer. I journaled through a couple sample questions I’d seen you post somewhere and was amazing at what came out. I’d love to follow that further!
    If we get a second and third choice (you said “Which goodies appeal?” that’s plural? :P) I’d love the Comfort Secrets and Shero’s Journey.
    I love all your writing, your gift with words and sensitivity of invinting us to slow down, pay attention to whats importnat, yet not have it be another chore or task. Such a gift!

  • jda127

    Stepping back into the classroom in January after a hiatus, so could use TeachNow!

  • Milene

    Happy birthday! May the upcoming year be the best one yet! If I’m one of the lucky ones, I’d love Shero’s journey or Comfort Secrets for Busy Women. Thank you so much! :)

  • Sandra Dreesen

    Happy Birthday Jen! What a great way to celebrate by helping others celebrate their own journey. If I am one of the fortunate ones I would like to have “The Life Organizer”.

  • Marianna

    Amazing Jenny Be! What a generous and playful heart you’ve got! I love to be inspired by you and reminded that all is well… May you glow as a sunflower and continue shining your wondrous light to brighten our lives. May you savor every day of the next year. I would love to have your The Life Organizer.

  • http://waffle-wednesday.com/ Liesl Garner

    You are such a delight! What effervescence you emanate! Sorry – that just happened. I’m kinda happy with how that came out.

    I would love to be a part of the Virtual Retreat or the How to Create your own Mastermind class. I think the blogging world of fellow writers and dreamers and poets and mindful, beautiful people is a good start to finding my tribe – but a class on building one here locally would be a treat. To actually find people who could Literally sit at my Kitchen Table and share coffee would be so fun.

    You have a GRAND and charming day!

  • Kristin Esser

    Happy Birthday Jennifer! Hope you had a fabulous birthday. Thank you for sharing so many gifts!

  • Ruba Homaidi

    Happy Birthday Jen, I am looking forward to the gift, the teach now program will be a Blessing, thank you!!!

  • Maria

    Happy Birthday. Hope you had a wonderful day, and wishing you a wonderful year! It has been a challenging year for me, so I am looking for some new places/ways of garnering support. The Virtual Retreat or How to Create Your Own Mastermind Course seem to resonate with that desire. Thanks for your generous offer.

  • Susan Suzuki

    Happy, Happy Birthday!

    Just like every thing in nature, I am a closet teacher. I have experiences to share and am able to express the highs and lows of my chosen career with others who are on the same path. I give them space to find their true passion for their goals, and they magically find the best way to achieve them. So people call me their “mentor” and have been doing so for a couple of years. I stumbled upon your impressive website and would like to know how TeachNow can enhance the way I communicate with my clients. I would love to try out the TeachNow Self-Study Course. Thank you for your ideas and energy! Aloha, Susan

  • miss p

    birthday blessings and ballyhoo galore!!!

  • saraholeary

    I may be too late as it’s only two hours till December 5th, but I want to comment anyway to wish you the happiest of birthdays Jen! This is a huge passage.I hope you’re planning on celebrating all month!