Get a Resilient Mind Free + a Wild Rumpus

Hey chic peas that I love, guess what?

I am turning 50 on November 30th.

Fifty-years-old. Wow-za.

Big things are moving inside me.

And I want to tell you about them in the coming days, and what turning 50 means to me, and stuff like that but today I only want to say

“Let the wild rumpus of Jenny’s Be 50th Birthday begin!”

What the heck does that mean?

Presents for you, but of course. That’s what you do after a certain age – give things away. My friend Anna Bunting taught me that. I wear the pearl necklace she gave me from her jewelry box almost every day.

I can’t give each of you a pearl necklace but I can give you other goods of value. So between now and my birthday, there will be things. For you.

Some will be published here on the blog and some will be sent only via email so be sure you are on my “list” – sign up top of this page.

Without further ado, let’s get giving.

Gift Number One::

5 Days to a Resilient Mind – it’s a pithy exuberant course I created with help from my friends at Ruzuku. It’s a quick bit of learning each day aimed to help you dissolve how you get in the way of your own learning and growth. It’s good, if I do say so myself. Get started here.

Gift Number Two::

Today Sue Ann Gleason is hosting me to talk about creative  joy and self-care. This is part of a wonderful paid program on Conscious Eating that Sue Ann offers but this part – me – is freeeeeee. I promise at least one snort of laughter and one good take-away… and probably lots more. (Yes there is a recording.) Sign up here.

More gifts coming your way including… conversations and journals and more!

Love love love,

Jenny Be turning 50 woo-wee!

Grab your Sanity Support Kit Here Enjoy the Life Organizer App, Motivational Emails & Journal Prompts

  • Laura Berman Fortgang

    Cool. And Happy-Almost Birthday, girlfriend! I’m two months after you! BIG 5-0!

  • Christine Weddle

    You are in great company! There are so many of us awesome women who are right around this age. I’ll be 52 in February, and I welcome you to your upcoming decade of the 50’s! May it be filled with joy and blessings of all kinds!

  • Karen Duffy

    Such a thoughtful idea….I just turned 50 last month, and yes, isn’t it all about “giving back” at this stage of life? At least that’s how I’m feeling these days. A big thank you for the offer of the Resilient Mind course. I’ve signed up and taken the first part. And happy birthday to you!!

  • Rachel Gurevich

    Happy birthday!!!

  • sueanngleason

    I celebrated the double nickel birthday this past year. It’s people like YOU that keep ME young. So grateful for your generosity and the enormous gift of your presence. Loved having you on my Inner Circle call last night.

  • Melissa Dinwiddie

    Yay for November babies! Happy birthday, and thank you for such lovely and powerful gifts! I’m enjoying both of them. :)