A Love Letter to Teachers (that includes you)

Ever think about how incredibly dependent humans are on being taught? You can’t survive without near constant instruction for a long, long time. We big headed mammals even have to be taught how to breast feed.

You would have died without teachers. A bit humbling, isn’t it?

And after the literal aspects of staying alive are taken care of, where would your business be, your relationships, your art, your family, without all the teachers who offer you diamond insights, sizzling info, healing stories, energy uplift transmissions?

Dad:: “Never step on someone else to get where you want to go.”

Pema:: “Place your attention gently on the out breath.”

Lilly:: “Yes, mom, you can to and stop saying you can’t.”

For the space of one inhale and exhale, think about all the people who have taught you something, offered you some tidbit of knowing… even just this week.

Ready for the kicker? All those teachers who taught you? They did it out love.

Love for you, love for the right way to boil pasta, love for the act of teaching: doesn’t matter.

It was given to you. Not because you earned it or deserved it.

The world is really that generous.

Wait, there’s more:

If you find yourself god-smacked to your knees with gratitude for all the knowledge streaming to you, do so in front of a mirror.

Because you are one of those teachers that someone, reading this, would thank.

Breathe that in.

Stand in the truth that you are a teacher and a student. If it makes your legs tremble, if you shake your head in wonderment, that is just fine.

P.S. Why not send a quick thank you (email will do) to someone who taught you something useful this week? Or 20 years ago. Doesn’t matter. Share the gratitude.

P.P.S. If reading this, you felt a burning to take a bigger role as a teacher – whatever the subject – you might enjoy the TeachNow loveletter. It’s a very short actionable email that arrives twice a month with ideas and resources for the teacher in you – whatever you teach or want to teach. Clickhere to get it.

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  • Jamie Ridler

    You know, I just sent Patti Digh and email thanking her for something she taught me this week. I must have heard your transmission before I arrived.

    This went straight to my heart, Jen. Thank you for all you have taught me.


    • Anonymous

      Thanks Jamie dear!!

  • http://twitter.com/ourladybeth Beth Taggard

    Teachers are our life force.

    Reading this I was reminded of a blog post I wrote two years ago for my favorite teacher of all time. You can find it here: http://livingaquotablelife.blogspot.com/2009/10/adieu-beloved-teacher.html. I wish I had shared more with her in person about how she helped mold the me I am today.

    • Anonymous

      Beth lovely!

  • evrgrnjaye

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! Thank you so much, teacher :)

    • Anonymous

      you are so welcome!

  • http://twitter.com/Bahiehk Bahieh

    Love it. Am left speechless.

    And TeachNow sounds incredible, hope to take it one day!! Not now, but one day.

    Love ya awesome teacher!!


  • http://twitter.com/sacredflow Marjory Mejia

    Thank you. This is a beautiful post streaming with love, like the art of teaching itself. Ah, to sharing from the heart!

    • Anonymous

      Thank you Marjory!

  • Christina Soffia

    Oooh! This was just like a warm shower! I’m an elementary school teacher in a socially challenging part of Leverkusen/Germany. I LOVE my job but on weekends I sometimes struggle to recharge my batteries. Thank you so much for this message! And, by the way, the life organizer is a fixed ritual on sundays!