Learning What You Are “Meant” To Do

Jul 21, 2011











Have you said it? Or heard a friend or client say it?

“This is what I’m meant to do.”


“This is not what I meant to do.”

Join me in banishing these words from our mouths, our brains, our future.

“What am I meant to do?” is not a fruitful question. It is an endless escalator to unfilled longing.

Destiny is not your business. Desire + Reality is.

Desire:: owning what you want – starting right now.

What do you want to eat for lunch?

How do you want to move your body today?

How do you want to work today – what projects, in what order?

Exercising this muscle of choice gets you in shape to trust yourself to follow your deeper desires – not what you are in the mood for, but what your hearts truly yearns for. Which is almost always connected to being of service. (I say always for a bunch of reasons best left for another post.)

By claiming this level of desire, you connect to the present moment, to self-trust, and to service. Hot diggity doggie!

Reality:: staying away from the deadly trap that “following what you want” = perfect happiness.

What it means is getting to own and be in this life, right now. Your life. That is the happiness, when you inhabit here, through imperfect bumbling sweaty choice. That is bliss.

Reality is being in action. Reality is giving up the fantasy that if you only have X or know Y you will be safe, loved, successful, etc.

Fantasy robs you of this life that is being lived here right now which is far better than any fantasy ever could be; it robs you of the ability to trust yourself and develop your natural gifts which then robs the world of you and your badly needed service.

We need desire + reality to change our world. We won’t create that change if we, the creative leaders of the world, keep waiting for what we are meant to do to arrive, preferably on a silver platter, stuffed with cash and accolades and 150% money back guarantee.

What do you think? What has been your experience about “meant to do?” I can’t wait to hear.

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