The Taos Deep Dive & Revision Writer’s Retreat

How do you take your writing to a deeper, truer place?

How do you find the point and structure a book, an essay, a story, a memoir, a novel other people want to read? 

How do you go beyond filling notebooks and files with scenes and snippets and journal entries and craft something that is compelling to a reader?

How do you choose what your project is about and navigate your next draft?

How do you believe that what you have to say is worthwhile?

If you asking these kinds of questions, this is the right writing retreat for you.

I’ve been hosting writing retreats for eighteen years. They’ve each been magical in their own way and I’ve absolutely loved watching students come back year after year and seeing how much they’ve grown in their writing and writing confidence.

I love teaching writing retreats for all levels and sometimes you need something more targeted. You are ready to shape your writing, to write for a reader, to focus your point, to consider structure, and for lovingly structured feedback (never criticism or advice). 

You are ready for a deep productive fun retreat that helps you focus the next stage of your work!

The focus of this writing retreat is on deepening and thickening a project.

Revising which is not editing. 

Finding your point. 

Honing in on your best structure.

Getting to know your just right reader.

Instead of generating a ton of new work through prompts and short writing seminars like we do at my other retreats, you’ll be writing into, extending, and deepening an EXISTING writing project.

Each day will begin with (optional) dance, then breakfast, then meditation to quiet the inner critic and fears of being good enough. We’ll briefly get focused and started on our writing as a group. Then we’ll head off to write in silence.

After lunch and a break, we’ll read our writing out loud in a very safe small group with no critique EVER but wonderful supportive  “Jen” style reflections designed to move your project forward with greater clarity, truth, and depth.

We will have free time, optional dance or yoga (depending) or shopping time, and then after dinner, a council for Q&A and craft “bits” targeted to your specific needs.


You’ll have a 30 minute one-on-one coaching session with me so we can go deeper into your piece and what you need to keep moving forward.

Who's this Retreat for?

This retreat experience will be perfect for you if you…

  • Have any kind of project in the draft stage that you are ready to revise for greater truth, clarity, and readability
  • Are writing for someone other than yourself, whether that’s your extended family, your clients, to grow your business, or rock the world
  • Are comfortable writing for up to three hours a day and being in silence during that time
  • Are comfortable being off-line for most of the week
  • Are willing to read aloud in a small safe group and consider brainstorming and feedback suggestions offered with attention and care and do the same to the other writers
  • Love to laugh, stretch, and meet the best women on the planet
  • Can abide by my no-advice rules

This retreat is NOT for you if:

  • You want to learn about getting published or getting an agent. You can ask me all the questions you want but this is not a writer’s conference.
  • You want to be around only fiction writers or poets or published authors or literary authors. No literary snobs please.
  • If you only want to relax. While there is naptime and fun time every single day, this retreats requires you to write in the morning and read and brainstorm most afternoons.
  • You can’t stay off line. I ask you to limit or cut out entirely your internet time. Also, the internet is terrible at our venue.
  • You want a healing retreat. This is a writing retreat where healing happens. It is not a therapeutic retreat.
  • You can’t stop yourself from giving advice or talking during silent times.
  • You don’t know my work at all. Please do not come without knowing my work or my personality at least a little bit!

how does it work?

If this retreat is a good fit for you, please complete the application (see below, each room type has its own application) as thoroughly as possible. I will email you with any questions.

Your fee includes everything! All lodging and all meals, daily writing seminars, yoga classes, writing coaching, plentiful snacks, and love love love.

As this is a historic building, you will encounter a degree of “funkiness” you wouldn’t find at the Ritz, but if you love stepping back in history and feeling like you are walking in Mabel’s shoes (or Georgia O’Keeffe, Ansel Adams, or even Dennis Hopper, who once owned the place), you’ll love it. We do everything to make you feel you are Mabel’s guest and that she could walk through the door any minute. 

The rooms vary widely in size and furnishings. Rooms will be assigned in order of registration. We cannot guarantee rooms including if you come earlier and are placed in a different room by MDL. 

Note: If you will not be happy unless you are placed in a certain room or get to stay in a certain room after arriving early, please do not attend. Of course, if you must be on the ground floor for physical reasons, ask and we will do our very best to place you there.

Smoking is restricted to designated areas outdoors. Also, keep in mind that Taos is a high-elevation destination. It can take a little time to adjust, so you may wish to come to the area a day or two early if you know you are affected by altitude. (If you do come early, you must book directly with Mable Dodge, and we cannot promise you will stay in your same room.)

Mabel Dodge Luhan House

The Mabel Dodge Luhan House is a famous gathering spot for writers, painters, and geniuses. The house and Mabel’s hospitality inspired everyone from Georgia O’Keeffe to Carl Jung to Martha Graham to D.H. Lawrence. The food is sublime and plentiful with veggie and gluten-free and dairy-free options when requested (via a handy form when you register), with tea and coffee, cookies, fruit and nuts, always available. There are numerous nooks and crannies to write in and we will have fires! The village of Taos is a 15-minute flat walk away.

A note about October weather: it could be anything from sunny and 70 to snowy and cold. The inn is well-heated and anything more than a sprinkling of snow at this time of year is rare. However, it is possible but highly unlikely, that we experience snow or other inclement weather. Bring layers, sturdy shoes, and a great attitude!

You are invited
to a deep dive writing retreat

October 24 - 30, 2021

The Mabel Dodge Luhan House

Taos, New Mexico

“Joining a writing retreat with Jennifer Louden was a gift: a nourishment to my creative self, to the words and the mystery on the page that was beckoning me, and to the story that I know needed to be told. One of the best parts of the experience was finally carving out enough generous space to do the writing I know I need to do in this world.

She is smart, wise, and truly an expert in not only storytelling, but in leading and guiding you through your own writer’s journey. She held the space and created a container for us to be open and honest and brave. I’m so grateful for her wisdom and skill at leading groups of people—she makes it seem easy (it’s so not!) and lets you step away from whatever life is beckoning you with to finally, for a moment, for a day, for a week: get to tell the stories that only you can tell.”

— Sarah K. Peck | Writer, Entrepreneur & Yoga Teacher |

Registration Requirements

This writer’s retreat is open to women writers of all levels, from beginner to professional, who have a project with enough focus that diving deep, revising, thinking about your reader, and what is the best structure makes sense. 

More on the Money Stuff

To select your spot, choose a room type below. You’ll be taken to PayPal to place your deposit and then automatically redirected to a brief application.

Double rooms:

$2390 or 4 payments of $625

Double Room - 1 Payment

Sold Out

Double Room - 4 Payments

Sold Out

Regular Single Rooms:

$2640 or 4 payments of $685

Regular Single Room - 1 Payment

Sold Out!

Regular Single Room - 4 Payments

Sold Out!

Premium Single Rooms:

$2790 or 4 payments of $725

Single Room - 1 Payment

Sold Out

Single Room - 4 Payments

Sold Out


Need to cancel after paying in full? If you cancel more than 90 days before the retreat begins, we will return your payment minus the non-refundable deposit. The non-refundable deposit is equivalent to the first payment of the 4-pay option for the retreat spot you selected.  If you cancel within 90 days of the retreat, we will not refund any monies, but you are welcome to sell or give away your spot, contingent upon the writer filling out the questionnaire and/or having a short conversation with Jen first.

What about the coronavirus?
We will follow the CDC’s guidelines for coronavirus so for example, if you need to cancel because of your age or underlying health conditions, or if domestic instructions from the CDC change to restrict travel, we will waive our refund policy.

I know you will cherish your week with us – it truly is magical. The insights you will gather and the work you will do will help you take your project to the next level, whether that is a second draft or submitting it to a magazine, website, or publishing house. 

I look forward to helping you thrive as a writer and recharge as a person!

With love,

Attendees of the Deep Dive & Revision Retreat had this to say about their experience...

“Jen I am always grateful for your teaching and writing and what a HUGE difference it has made in my life.

— Jean 

“The retreat was honestly life-changing for me because it helped me understand what it is to be a writer.

— Writer

“Creating an advice-free, support-heavy environment isn't soft. It isn't unrealistic. It's not being precious about my art. Rather it is the fastest, deepest way to grow love, trust, and the right kind of creative soil so I can believe in myself and my voice.

— Sherri Cannon 

“The retreat transformed my relationship to my writing.

— Lauren Taylor

“My writing was transformed through the wonderful exercises Jen shared each morning along with her teachings. Jen created a safe container to explore my writing openly and honestly. Magic happened in our circle.

— Karen Mivaldi 

“What a wonderful retreat you made for us! I really liked the focus and guidance to deeper and deeper into one project, and wrestle out the why write it, what is the purpose, what does the project want, and so much more. In earlier retreats, I was not ready or developed enough in myself, writing, or my project to do that yet. Now it was needed, welcome, timely. What a great blend of people came together with good energy and big hearts. You certainly draw the best people to you, Jen. I loved morning dance. What a unique experience that cannot be recreated by oneself at home. The synergism of the dancers coming into the day side by side has a magic that nourishes on many levels. The readings in the small group, what I had concerns about beforehand, were so valuable, fostered so much learning, and was the best ever. IT WAS GREAT!

— Laurie Sanders-Cannon, Taos July 2019

“My take-away was how important time away from my daily 'grind' is for my creativity. Focused discipline was another aha -- I can accomplish so much by just staying in my seat, phone off, and writing non-stop. Many, many thanks for such a wonderful retreat, Jen. I loved my time with you and all of the wonderful women who attended.

— Gina Bender

“I love these retreats! I feel so deeply nourished and nurtured. I feel so supported in coming back to myself and feeling more fully alive. Plus, I have a nearly completed memoir that I'm proud of that would never exist without the inspiration, learning, and support of these retreats.

— Isabel Partlett, Taos October 2019

“You continue to amaze me - you beautiful shining spirit, full of wisdom, openness and non-judgment and so freakin fun! Thank you for all of it. I loved it all. Lots of information to take home and go over. Loved the dancing and the yoga immensely. Loved the small groups. How about a few more days?!!

— Paulette Rees-Denis

“I attended the fall retreat last October, and I absolutely loved it! Jen is such a talented, inspiring teacher, and the retreat was exactly what I needed to kick-start the revision of my book.  The retreat was transformational and Jen is masterful at creating a nurturing, productive, empowering environment. Seriously. She's magical.

— Ellen Boomer