Traveling to Retreats

If you get overwhelmed making travel arrangements, I’m totally with you. It is harder to get places than it used to be, so let us all collectively groan about travel… and sigh… and then remember it’s worth it to get the renewal we crave. Travel is an adventure poem!

And if you worry about being away from home and what will you eat and wear and what will the people be like, yes, me, too! But then I think about never leaving home and how that will shape my future, and I start packing my bag.

That said, more info can help fear dissolve or at least, let you pack. See if the info here helps and if it doesn’t, email us and we will help more. jen at jenniferlouden dot com

Questions I would Ask if I were Coming to Taos to the Famous Writing Retreat

Can I get there in one day or do I have to come the night before?

You can get there in one day from most locations. You need to be in Taos no later than 6 pm. 5 would be better. 3 is delicious. We offer a “getting settled” yoga class and a chair massage starting at 4.

Where do I fly into?

Albuquerque International Sunport in Albuquerque, New Mexico. It takes about 3 hours to drive to Taos. The shuttle takes a bit longer, depending on how many stops. If you do take the shuttle, buy a ticket only one way because you might be able to get a ride back to the airport with someone.

You can also post in the Facebook Group and arrange to carpool or share rides with the other attendees.

What time do we end on the last day?

We end at 11:30 am. We end on time because many people need to leave. You will be all packed up and ready to go.

Can I share a ride with someone?

As soon as you registration is complete my team will send you an invitation to join the private Facebook group. Once you have been added to the group please pop in and introduce yourself. The group is a great place to get to know your fellow retreaters and to coordinate rental car rides and shares. Renting a car or sharing one is the easiest way to get to Taos.

What do we eat?

The best food imaginable! Truly amazingly healthy, diverse, delish meals! MDL does a pretty good job with vegetarian and gluten free. You can store a small amount of food in the fridges if you have more special needs. Soy and rice milk are provided, and fruit and nuts are available all day. And the most divine baked goods. There are often boiled eggs, too.

Is everybody a hot shot writer?

Not at all! Some people are journaling, some are sketching or working in art journals, others have a very specific project to finish. Books have been published as a result of this retreat but far more souls have been replenished.

Do we get our work critiqued?

No! Taos is about space and a loving container to listen to your creative muse. I do teach everyday but it’s 90% about how to get out of your own way and only 15% craft. We do make space for you to read your work but there is no commenting. It’s a very safe space that allows great writing and feeling to flow.

Did we miss something?

If you have additional questions let us know at, we are happy to help!

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