The Get Your Bother On Virtual Retreat

One Powerful and Energizing and FUN Day
with Best-Selling Author, Coach, and Master Facilitator Jennifer Louden

A dance + explore + soul reset reinvigorating immersion

October 3, 2020

9.00 am CT - 5.00 pm CT

10.00 am ET - 6.00 pm ET

Come shake off the exhaustion, confusion, and doubt that has you thinking ‘why bother?’ and let’s gather the energy to dive in to discover what’s next.

The retreat includes: 

  • How to Retreat at Home e-book, filled with tips on creating the best retreat for yourself.
  • A day full of instruction, connection, journaling, dancing, laughing, and inspiration.
  • Small group exercises, experiments, and exploration designed to help you find the energy to get your bother on.
  • Space, sustenance, and spark for your inner spirit.
  • Tune into hope and get a break from the doom.

Getting your bother on is a life skill that every human needs to thrive, especially right now.

If climate change, politics, financial uncertainty, worries about loved ones, and the insanity of the pandemic has burned you to a crisp, this is the virtual retreat for you.

You bring your uncertainty, your stuck places, your questions, your fears and worries…and I’ll bring insights, prompts, and lots of love as we explore our desires, unpack the tendency to choose comfort over aliveness, and tune into the longing in our hearts that maybe we’ve been afraid to listen to.

We’ll spend the day fear dissolving, desiring, scavenger hunting, connecting, and so much more.

You can expect time together (including optional small groups), time alone (off-screen desire retreat!), moving our bodies, breathing fully, journaling, and a dynamic mix of learning, relaxation, and fun.

I do so hope you can join us to replenish yourself, enjoy a dive deep into your desire, and get your bother on!

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