Self-Care, Mindfulness, and Social Media Chat

Social media fosters creativity, connection and juicy – even historic – goodness every day in astonishing ways – and it can also drain our sense of well-being and gobble away our productivity in soul depleting ways.

Four bloggers started discussing this subject independently and the conversation quickly became so rich and nourishing, we decided to take it public so you can benefit – and add – to create a framework for:

or how to stop feeling bad after spending time on the Web

Join us March 7th, 2011

12pm Pacific time (3pm eastern, 2pm central, 1pm mountain)

Jennifer Louden Tara Sophia Mohr Marianne Elliott Bridget Pilloud Tara Gentile


A content rich, truth-telling, soulful discussion with:

  • best-selling author and champion of soulful service Jennifer Louden
  • coach and Huffington Post columnist Tara Sophia Mohr
  • human rights advocate, yogini and writer Marianne Elliott
  • intuitive, writer and life-shifter, Bridget Pilloud

Facilitated by writer and lifestyle design expert Tara Gentile, aka Scoutie Girl.

We’ll cover:

  • Why social media affects your mind body and spirit differently than other media
  • How to set energetic boundaries and practice discernment with social media
  • How to take a digital sabbatical without feeling like you’ll die
  • Staying centered in the midst of the “cool kids” scene that happens with social media
  • How you aren’t the only one whose gotten suckered – let’s call out the snake oil salespeople from under their rocks
  • and more.

Join us for a rollicking rich conversation – with time for your comments and questions – where you will gain valuable new tools and perspectives to use social media in ways that serve your well-being and your work. You will feel less alone, more empowered, and better equipped to find your own way to have fun and get things done at the social media party.

YES! we will record the call and send you a link afterwards and will take questions live!

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Join us March 7th, 2011

12pm Pacific time (3pm eastern, 2pm central, 1pm mountain)


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