Savoring with Christine Mason Miller

Once upon a time, I lived in Santa Barbara and so did Christine. I don’t remember how we met but I do remember visiting her office and being so wide-eyed – she had a real office! She was an artist! I also remember falling in love with her verve and her zest.

In the years since, I have often visited  her website, devouring her art, in awe of her evolution as both an artist and an activist.  Thanks for spending some time with us Christine!

What are you savoring these days?
At the moment I am savoring this sweet, potent period of time right before my forthcoming book — Desire to Inspire: Using Creative Passion to Transform the World — is released. That isn’t my sly attempt at mere book promotion, it is a sincere expression of gratitude for the incredible well of enthusiasm that is now buoying this creation. So many amazing people (I’m talking about you Jennifer Louden!) are gathering around to help launch this book in the most loving, inspiring way and I feel incredibly blessed to have this circle of support.

What helps you on the days you don’t want to savor anything?
It is difficult to let myself wallow for too long with my chocolate lab Tilda always by my side. She is just over a year old, so still has a lot of puppy energy and enthusiasm. No matter how grouchy I am feeling, she always makes me laugh.

How are you serving these days?
Last year I put together an impromptu project where I took a stack of small textured cards, added watercolor to the edges, and, with ink and a brush, wrote a series of “You are…” messages (“You are beautiful”, “You are wise”, etc.) I wrote a blog post about the cards, and offered to send one to anyone who sent me their address until I ran out. I ran out quickly, and continued to receive notes of gratitude about these cards as recently as two weeks ago! So I decided to make it an annual Thanksgiving tradition, and I just posted this year’s offer for the cards yesterday. It is a very simple project that has had an extraordinary impact — another testament to how meaningful even the smallest of gestures can be.

Is it satisfying?
Incredibly so!!

If you could serve in any way possible — no restraints, limitations, or boundaries — what would you do? What would it look like?

I would love to be able to travel in Star Trek style — to be able to zap myself all over the world and offer support to all of the amazing people I know doing humanitarian work around the world.

Christine Mason Miller is a Santa Monica-based artist, writer, and explorer. Her next book — Desire to Inspire: Using Creative Passion to Transform the World — begins shipping later this month! Follow her adventures on

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