Comparisons, Overwhelm,
Procrastination and
Lots of Other Persnickety Issues

Otherwise Known As “HELP! I Hate My Life!!”

Choose one (or all):

  • I wrote for 30 minutes but I should have written for two hours and what I wrote is crap so what’s the point?
  • I think I’ll burst if I don’t do something creative but when I go to start, I don’t have any idea what to do.
  • I said I would never eat sugar again ever but then there was that carrot cake in the break room…
  • I should have spent more time on the design for my new client. Why did I think it was done? I could have done more. If only I had done more.

No matter which one of the above statements most resonated with you (or if all of them did!) I know, I have them, too. Those thoughts are so painful! They suck your energy and well-being and confidence dry. They are the baying of the Hounds of more, more, more.

The Hounds are the part of you that is never satisfied, or at least, not for very long. They always want you to accomplish more, do it faster, to it better, do more, learn this, no learn that, why aren’t you as good as so-and-so.

The Hounds keep you from the really juicy and important stuff you want to do.

  • Stuff like getting healthier.
  • Stuff like writing your screenplay, doodling in your art journal, dancing, loving – yourself and others.
  • Stuff like putting your work into the world or raising your rates for the work you do (because how can you raise your rates if what you are doing isn’t enough?).
  • Things like enjoying this life, wherever you are, right now.

You’re Born with a Pack of Hounds

Everybody is born with a hungry pack of Hounds of more, more, more. They have a permanent home in your brain. Yes, if you get an MRI, you will actually see a ratty little doghouse with a whole bunch of gnawed bones around it. But you wouldn’t see the Hounds. They move too fast, they are too restless, always on the look out for more, more, more.

So no guilt here because it’s totally and completely human to always want to do or have or be more, and since you are, in fact, human, it’s normal to not know enough if it bit you in the butt.

Not knowing how to declare what satisfies you is at the core of many of your so-called issues.

And you thought it was because something was the matter with you- ha! There isn’t anything wrong with you. Learning how to be satisfied–how to declare what “enough” is–will show you that you are okay. Really. Right now.

I’ve watched novelists zoom past writer’s blocks, moms enjoy their children more, corporate employees launch their own businesses, bloggers actually blog, artists actually paint.

“I read the phrase ‘Satisfaction Finder’ and I’ve never read anything which resonatedmore! I’ve been using it to help me stop myself from overdoing, and to work on making smarter choices when I am feeling like I’m not getting anywhere.

love it! It’s so simple, and it’s definitely true that this is where its grace lies – little by little, small step by small step. Thank you Jen, for reminding us that we are ‘enough’!” –Claire Chapman,

Not declaring satisfaction or “enoughness” is underneath all the shoulds and have tos and draining comparisons that are exhausting you.

  • It’s why you get into bed reciting all you didn’t get done.
  • It’s why self-doubt has such an easy time twining its slimy fingers around your desires and dreams, and convincing you “no way, not possible, go eat some Cheetos instead.”
  • It’s why you can waste years fantasizing about your great life but not actually –whoops–taking any action on it.
  • It’s why you may keep trying to follow someone else’s directions on what your parenting or health or business should look like.
  • It’s why you think working harder, working longer, doing more is the solution to what ails you.
  • It’s why you can’t get started on what you care about. And why you can’t be sure you did enough.
  • And it’s what makes the hole in your heart where peace used to be.
  • But not for long. Not if I have my way!

Introducing The Satisfaction Finder

Let’s give your heart a way to know what “enough” is.

It really is possible.

Are the Hounds baying yet, saying something like: “Oh here you go again, spending money on something you will never use and thinking it’s going to fix things. There is no fixing us. We are going to Hound you until you do exactly what we say every minute of every day.”

The Satisfaction Finder is different than everything else you’ve ever bought because it directly addresses the “But I bought it and I don’t have a perfect life yet.”

The Satisfaction Finder is your exit from the constant revolving door of self and business and all kinds of improvement.

It will help you actually use all those other products that sit on your hard drive and haunt you now.

“THANK YOU for creating exactly the product I need, exactly when I was needing it. It has taken such a weight off my shoulders, and helped me to actually start working on the things I enjoy, AND to be present and slow down while I’m working on each step so that I can actually enjoy them.” –Jenny Ryan

What You Get

A 43 page e-book/videos/guidebook/digital kit of enoughness and deep comfort.

A "Help Me, I've Fallen into a Stifling Pit of Perfectionism and I Can't Get Out" Super Powered Bungee Cord so when the Hounds are screaming, and you can't possibly do anything but cover your ears, you can pull out this handy dandy bungee cord (also known as a one page cheat sheet) and suddenly – easily – you've got a way to spring yourself out of the pit and into some peace. Whew!

Seven (inspired by the seven dwarfs) randomly sent (as in you won't know when they are coming which is the point) Satisfaction is My Middle Name love-mails that help you tame the Hounds of More and actually use the Satisfaction Finder to experience enoughness--and not in some far distant time but right then. Right now!

Preparing for Satisfaction - 4 minute audio love to help you calm your body, remember you are never alone, and move into using the 4 elements of COE's. Because, like all good things, sometimes you need a little help in the moment to get out resistance, grasping, envy hell and into a place where you can actually choose to use the elements. You can listen to this audio anywhere and you may find it one of your favorite parts of finding satisfaction.

A beautifully edited (mostly um free) extraordinarily helpful call with very smart people asking very smart questions about how to get started with COE's, setting COE's on multi projects, do COE's help with a divorce, and more. You'll learn, giggle and feel less alone.

Interview with Master Coach Molly Gordon on how she uses COE's to make more money and be healthy and happy as a self-employed gal.

A fantastic neatly edited call on How to Create More Satisfaction and Health During the Holidays. Exploring enoughness for the holidays with lots of examples and ideas to use during any stressful time. You'll love the energy and the coaching demos.

“I can’t tell you the relief, satisfaction, and sheer happiness I felt as I was reading this. The relief was just IMMENSE. You changed my morning. So in effect, you’ve changed my life.” –Ishita Gupta,

The Cost?


But what’s the real cost?

What is perfectionism, overwhelm, pushing yourself relentless, comparing yourself, and generally missing out on the goodness of your life costing you now? Energy? Hours of extra (unnecessary) work for clients? Taking yet another class or training because you aren’t sure you know enough yet? Nagging your beloved or your kids to do more? Exhausting yourself before an event, speaking engagement or party because you have to prepare just a little bit more?

Ask: honestly, what is my lack of satisfaction costing me?

“I recently finished The Satisfaction Finder and wanted to tell you that I love it – absolutely love it!! It has already helped me tremendously and I have no doubt it will continue to do so in the weeks and months ahead.” –Bob Wilson

I am on a mission to spread the word: you do enough. You are enough. But without a way to know that for yourself, you may keep believing the hounds of more, more, more. That is not acceptable! NO!

“There is great wisdom in the simplicity of this approach. I really have felt the delicious satisfaction of ‘enough’. I’ve already recommended it to everyone with whom I’ve had a conversation about that creeping sense of overwhelm. I will continue to sing your praises to all who will listen!” –Marianne Elliot,

The Satisfaction Finder


This includes:

  • A 43 page e-book/video/guidebook/digital kit of enoughness and deep comfort.
  • Handy dandy Bungee Cord (cheat sheet) out of the Pit of Perfectionism–up you go!
  • Emails – Seven Satisfaction is My Middle Name emails.
  • 4 minute audio love – Preparing for Satisfaction.
  • Edited 45 minute call where Jen answers your most common questions about setting COE’s.
  • Interview with Master Coach Molly Gordon on how she uses COE’s to make more money and be healthy and happy as a self-employed gal.
  • A fantastic neatly edited call on How to Create More Satisfaction and Health During the Holidays. Exploring enoughness for the holidays with lots of examples and ideas to use during any stressful time. You’ll love the energy and the coaching demos.

“Learning about COE helped me to slow down, focus on what is important and take care of myself. Breaking tasks down into their smallest, most maneagable parts, was life-changing for me. I now start my day by writing down COEs for home and work, and I feel much more relaxed and simultaneously productive. I feel like my whole life is freed up for what matters.” –Sarah B., New York

What if I Am Not Satisfied with The Satisfaction Finder?

Writing that makes me giggle–the Satisfaction Finder is satisfaction guaranteed, in more ways than one!

Because here’s the ironic thing: the Satisfaction Finder will help you know if you are or aren’t satisfied with it!

You don’t like it? I give your money back. All I ask is that you pass on your Satisfaction Finder to someone who you think might get more out of it. Because I’m on a mission, baby, a mission! How can we serve and savor if we don’t know what enough is?

P.S. I hate cutesie P.S’s that are supposed to make you buy. But I love P.S. because they get your attention and I can say–you are so damn enough. Claim it baby, claim it!