Tools & Resources


Scrivener is the best writing program I have ever used for the way my brain works. I use it to write my books. And it's cheap!

Jennie Nash

Jennie Nash is my book coach and she trains book coaches. I LOVE what she teaches -- it works! - and use her methods when I coach.


I could not live without ToDoist. I put everything I need to do in it when I think of it and put a date on it - which is crucial! I also organize by projects.


Bench is the best affordable bookkeeping service I've found. Beautiful interface, an assigned bookkeeper with a back-up, and excellent responsiveness.


I've used all the big email services including MailChimp and ConvertKit is the best I've found, both for deliverability and segmentation. If you are serious about building an email-based business, use ConvertKit.


I use Gusto to automate paying my salary and my taxes which saves me a ton of money. And they send the cutest email every two weeks when I get paid.


It's hard to find a good platform for online teaching. We have been using Thinkific for a few years now and it meets our needs and provides excellent customer service.  


Freedom blocks me from the news, Facebook, and most of all, my email. Create a bubble of calm and focus.


I liked this content-creation course. Check it out by signing up for the very useful short email course.

Clean My Mac

If you have a Mac, you need this excellent software. Do yourself a favor and pay for the upgrade, you will love it. So easy to use!

George Kao

One of my favorite small business resources is George Kao - he's a model of creating stuff fast and helping people overcome their fear of sharing their ideas.
Here's some of his best videos.