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The Writer’s Oasis

You know how the call to write can be deep, profound … and terrifying and paralyzing all at once? And how, sometimes, writing can feel like one of the loneliest and most pointless pursuits in the world?

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a place where you could get the encouragement, love, insight and learning you need to become the writer you dream of becoming. That’s The Writer’s Oasis.

Members of The Writer’s Oasis write more, publish more and get their scary sh*t done while living human-scaled, happy and healthy lives. It’s where YOU can write your best story and live your best life.

Get Scary Sh*t Done, a DIY Course Designed to Help You Get Your BIG, Scary Thing Done

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned from 26 years of getting my own scary sh*t done – over and over again – and brought it together in a comprehensive, A-Z course that not only walks you through exactly what goes on in our minds and bodies when we’ve got something scary we want to do, and why it’s so good at stopping us from doing it, but the exact steps you need to take to overcome all of that and go from idea to finished project.

Not just this time, but every next time as well.

Find Your Voice & Tell Your Stories

Find Your Voice & Tell Your Stories is for people who want to unlock the unique power of their writing by finishing a short project, with more joy and in less time.

With 24 writing prompts, 16 video sessions, and one of the most useful lessons I teach on using structure to tell better stories, you’ll walk away from this self-guided course knowing more about who you are, what drives you, and how to use that information to share your unmistakable voice with the world.

Satisfaction Finder

End Comparisons, Overwhelm, Procrastination and Lots of Other Persnickety Issues and Get Your Genius into the World

I’ve watched novelists zoom past writer’s blocks, moms enjoy their children more, corporate employees launch their own businesses, bloggers actually blog, artists actually paint.

You can too!

Creating Your Own Mastermind Group

If you have been looking for a way to organize and nurture a smart-hearted, fearlessly creative peer support group that is infused with honesty, devotion and brilliance, this self-paced, affordable course is it! Maximum flexibility and a super quick road map to getting a group up and running.


Would you love to live with no holding back… but feel like you can’t because your life just keeps on overflowing or getting high-jacked by others? Or maybe you just have no idea how?

The books I’ve written meet you where you’re at, and then to help you find the time to give back to yourself, even in the most hectic of life schedules. These are not books that preach – instead, you’ll find stories, suggestions and mindful questions – with beautiful images and great design – to help you stay awake to what you want to experience and give.

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Each week I help thousands of women plumb the question: How do you get your creative & scary sh*t done?

No pat answers, just imperfection you can use.

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