Create Out Loud

with Jennifer Louden

2 | Rissi Palmer: Be Your Own Creative Gatekeeper & Save YOURSELF

Episode Description

If anyone understands "creative Rock Bottom," it's Award-winning singer-songwriter Rissi Palmer.

After a top-charting, well-received debut album, Rissi entered a vicious court battle with her label, leading her to bankruptcy. After the heartbreak of seeing her own music video playing in the record store at the mall across from the retail store where she was working, Rissi knew it was time to take matters into her own hands. Rissi committed to creating out loud on her OWN terms.

Now Rissi is one of country music's most important voices, not only with her music, but her activism in the community. Her partnership with Apple Music lifts BIPOC voices in the music community through her radio show "Color Me Country."  I hope Rissi will inspire you to choose yourself lie she did me.

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