Write Better in Community

The Non-Fiction Writer's Mastermind

with best-selling author and writing coach
Jennifer Louden

Write Better is an intensive group coaching experience for writers of non-fiction projects who are deeply committed to their vision and themselves. 

Our Fall 2021 cohort will have two options: 

  • Write Better in Community
  • Supercharged Support

Are you ready to take your writing project seriously?

You've been writing for a while.

Yes, you leave your writing for periods of time but you keep coming back to it.

It won't leave you alone.

It might be a blog or a book or a personal essay or a memoir or a workbook.

Whatever it is, it keeps waking you up at 3 a.m. crying, “It’s time! Write me now!” - but then you can get lost in all your material, confused how to structure your project, suddenly sure it's already been written, or unsure what you are actually doing.

Then your life conveniently gets busy and the project gets put on the shelf again.

Is it time to try something different?

To take your project seriously? 

To get the learning, support, guidance and feedback to move your important work forward? Perhaps even finish? 

There may be lots of things you don’t know about your project yet, but one thing you do know is that you must heed your call to write it now and you must share you work or you will forever regret it.

If you ready to truly devote the time and energy needed to shape and share your project - so that your readers experience the ahas or laughter or insight you want to share, so your business can grow, or your ideas can spread, or your story can heal others...

Then welcome to Write Better in Community: The Non-Fiction Mastermind, with best-selling and award winning author Jen Louden.

Crafting a project that others want to read and share is incredibly hard work and one of the most rewarding things you will do in your life.

And it’s impossible to do it alone.

What you are invited to in this mastermind is a real commitment.

It is not about talent (trust me talent means zip), it is about devotion.

Side rant before you read more: 

I am regularly aghast at who gets into teaching writing to make a buck. There is so much crap in the world about writing. Let's be clear: you cannot free write your way to a project people want to read. A month in Bali writing and doing yoga is fantastic fun but it will not give you a cohesive well-structured project at the end. Prompts are powerful and I offer some of the best in the world but if all they do is create fragments that never add up, you won't create an actual thing. If you are ready to try something more rigorous and ready to commit to this group, then read on.

I'm delighted to announce the next cohort of

Write Better in Community 

The Non-Fiction Writer’s Mastermind

August 30, 2021 - December 13, 2021

Write Better in Community IS FOR YOU

This experience is the right fit for you:

  • Want to write a personal growth / thought leader / spirtuality or other non-fiction book; start a blog or blog regularly; write non-fiction articles for major outlets; write research based creative non-fiction; create a course and all related materials.
  • Build a following for your writing or lay the foundation for one.
  • Want support to write more consistently and effectively.
  • Want to own the value of your vision, voice, and expertise.
  • Thrive with accountability & structure.
  • Are ready and willing to give your writing the attention it needs for our time together, 
  • Thrive on getting group coaching from a multi-published best-selling author (that’s me) and a smart group of fellow writers who will be as invested in your success as you are. And some days - even more!

Here are results from past Writer’s Masterminds:

  • Small press publishing deal for a book about spiritual direction.
  • An academic found her voice and met her deadline with a major publisher for her popular non-fiction book.
  • A business owner wrote, rewrote, and self-published her business book. It is the foundation for a raft of new offerings and revenue.
  • A syndicated humor columnist wrote a memoir in a new voice and a “lead magnet” to transition her readers to her new voice.
  • An executive coach published regularly to LinkedIn to thousands of views per post.
  • An article in Harvard Business Review was published to a rousing response.
  • A book about thriving with Type-2 Diabetics written after years of no progress and will be released this fall.
  • A book finished for a professional audience and published by the author’s trade association.
  • An essay written and accepted by New England Journal of Medicine.
  • A card deck on its way to the printer.
  • A textbook written and published.
  • A book of poetry and health affirmations edited and self-published.
  • Personal essays written and submitted to various venues and magazines.
  • Significant breakthroughs on writing regularly, structuring memoirs, making it through the slough of why bother, and truly understanding "Oh yes I am a writer and I can do this!" 

Enter your details below to join the waitlist for 2022

Here's How

Write Better in Community Works


Every Sunday you'll receive an audio lesson (with transcript) that will guide you to becoming the writer you yearn to be. I will share wisely designed experiential exercises and pithy insights that build on each other. I'll remind you what to practice each week, give you new ideas to test for yourself, and replace the critical voice in your head with fierce self-compassion.

I’ll also invite you to share responses to questions I pose on our private (not Facebook) forum.

Each week you will be given suggestions for teeny tiny writing assignments to keep moving forward on your project.

These recorded sessions are a more structured approach to my writing knowledge to help you solidify your skills and keep going. These classes are going to be something you want to listen to again and again.


We'll have a special kick off call on August 29th and begin with weekly coaching calls every Monday (exact dates below) for group coaching, accountability, writing time, brainstorming, and courage building. You bring your writing, platform, and confidence issues, I coach you, offer prompts, resources, exercises, and love. I’m very good at taking what one person is struggling with and using it to help the group.

Please plan for 60-75 minutes for each Monday call. All calls are optional but highly fantastic.

In-between calls we check in as often as you like (daily!) using an easy to use platform. (Take a social media break and spend time somewhere ad and politics free!) I can coach you there as much as you need and you can support each other!


A big reason projects don’t work is the writer doesn’t know how to focus on who the project is truly for, how it serves, and what the point of the project is - why should someone care?  Another big reason projects fail is they lack structure and organization -- and the writing process is disorganized as well.

I will give you exercises and feedback to discover your point and reader, and stay true to them. I will review what you come up, along with 2 vision sheet or Table of Contents edits in our first 6 weeks together to help you start strong.

I will also read to 2 pieces of your project (5 pages each) and give you brief targeted overall feedback (no inline editing)  to help you be sure you are meeting your goals and connecting with your reader. The point of this feedback is to keep you on point


I share with you my best resources for writing all kinds of nonfiction. You will find an existing library of resources when you join on our site, ones I’ve created and ones culled from other sources, and we will add to the library as your needs and questions arise. You can download what you want to keep and ask me to create or find further resources.


Deep dive of group writing, prompts, and craft Q & A. You will get so much done!

Retreat dates are:
September 21-22
December 6-10

You do not have to attend every day or stay for the entire session but it’s amazingly wonderful if you can set aside this time for a true retreat with your writing and the group.


Some will be hosted by Jen, some by a writing coach or two, and some will be “self” hosted as in the Zoom room starts and stops as if by elf magic! Times will be determined based on the makeup of our final cohort.


This pre-recorded call will walk you through the self publishing journey. We'll also have a live Q&A call with Jane.


Using a method developed by Peter Elbow with my additions, you will swap up to 7 pages each week with a different peer. We do this in two 6 week rotations so you are able to choose one or both 6 week chunks to participate in.

We can discuss in more depth how it works on our first call and you can decide then if you are on the fence. Past members have found this an incredibly valuable extra.


When you join the mastermind (which does not involve a writing sample but does involve saying “I’m all in, I’m ready to show up consistently and bravely, and my writing deserves this!”), I’ll send you a detailed questionnaire to fill out so I and the group understands your goals.

  • Weekly coaching calls where we’ll jump on Zoom for coaching, accountability and writing. These are SO fun, as well as comforting and useful. (Value: $995)
  • wo private group writing retreats that are worth the price of the mastermind alone. Our first retreat is two days to kick of our time together and our second retreat is a full week! (Value: $1200)
  • Jane Friedman publishing class (pre-recorded) and live Q&A Call (Value: $125)
  • A custom writing library of audios, exercises, and links. (Value: $1000)
  • Weekly mini-class recordings for you to provide a structured approach to Jen's writing knowledge that will help you solidify your skills and keep going. (Value: $745)
  • Optional organized peer reading feedback. (Value: $500 per round)
  • Optional small group learning pods to facilitate extra accountability. (Value: $500)
  • 2 Vision Sheet or Table of Contents edits and feedback in the first 6 weeks of the program. (Value: $400)
  • Daily access to Jen and a wonderful supportive group of writers for questions & support. Share resources and courage. (Value: $Priceless)
  • Project focused, organizational feedback on 2 pieces of writing for brief, targeted overall feedback to help you stay on track (limited to 5 pages, must be used during the mastermind session). (Value: $400)
  • Jen’s 30 years of writing, publishing, platform and marketing experience (Value: $Priceless)
  • Unparalleled support, accountability, and energy from the group container (Value: $Fun!)

Live Kick Off & Coaching on August 30th

We'll meet for 90 minutes to get to know each other and our group coaching program
8 am to 9:30 am MT 
(7 am to 8:30 am PT/10 am to 11:30 am CT, 10 am to 11:30 am ET)

12 Live Coaching Calls starting September 13th

Coaching calls start at 8 am MT and will be recorded.

(7 am PT, 8 am MT, 9 am CT, 10 am ET)

Please allow up to 75 minutes for coaching calls.

Calls will be: 

September 13, September 20, September 27 
October 4, October 11, October 18
November 1, November 8, November 15, November 22, November 29 
December 6, December 13

*please note: we will skip the week of October 25



Deep dive of group writing, prompts, and craft Q & A. You will get so much done!

Retreat dates are:

September 21-22
December 6-10

You do not have to attend every day or for the entire session but it’s amazingly wonderful if you can set aside this time for a true retreat with your writing and the group. 


In addition to everything I’ve just described (wow!), you‘ll receive coaching and input from me via the forum, via your project vision sheet and table of contents, and up to two pieces of writing.

I bet you're wondering how much this all costs? Probably less than you think!
Write Better in Community is only $1995.

There are no more spots available for Write Better in Community.

But What About Supercharged Success?

You’ll find all the supercharged intensive support it takes to write with intent, claim your voice, connect to your readers, create with more ease, and finish — with private coaching with Jen and even more feedback on your work.


2 one-on-one private coaching calls with Jen (55 min. each)

Weekly page shares with Jen(up to 5 pages each week)

This is the only way to get individual writing coaching with Jen

There are only no spots remaining 5 spots available for Supercharged Success.

To join the Writer’s Mastermind, fill in the application & pay

your deposit to hold your spot.

The deposit for Write in Community is $500.

The deposit for Supercharged Success is $1000.

The application doesn’t ask for a writing sample. Please don’t allow questions of talent to enter your head. This has nothing to do with talent. It’s about you being willing to step up and do what you really want. Thoughts of “I’m a fraud, what if everybody is a better writer, I won’t fit” are actually a sign you’re willing to stretch and get what you want. That’s who belongs in this group.

I will accept writers on a rolling basis until all spots are filled. Your spot is held only after you apply and your deposit has been processed. Then, you'll have the option to pay the rest in full or monthly installments. 

While I don't anticipate this happening, please know that if you are not a good fit for the mastermind, I will refund your deposit immediately. 

What Past Writer’s Mastermind Participants Say About the Experience

Liz Norell

Lynne Tolk

"I came to the Mastermind group after having spent two years trying to discover what this book was about that wanted to be written.  I had never written a book before and the size of it was overwhelming.  I hoped to clarify what I was trying to do, and get a solid start on the project.

I accomplished all this and then some!  Jen was wonderful to work with, giving me support and enthusiasm along with tools to bring focus and sense to what I was doing!  During the time I was in the group I was able to organize my book with mind maps and a table of contents.  I especially liked the concept of writing “chunks” which could later be tied together.

All this has changed how I feel about my writing, as I am finally was taking it seriously as a worthwhile activity, not just a whim.  I know now that creating this matters not only to myself, but also to my readers.

I’ve been in writing groups before, but this was a real writing community of creative women who wanted to make a difference.  They had a lot of the same insecurities I have, and it was very powerful to celebrate together every accomplishment along the way.

I highly recommend this to anyone wanting to move into the non-fiction world, whether by creating a book, memoir, blog posts or podcasts!  Jen is a talented writer and leader, able to lead and walk with us through our difficulties and our triumphs with warmth and humor!"

Dr. Kellie Kirksey

Creative Wellness Solutions LLC

"What I love about Jennifer Louden is her ability to show who she really is.  There is no facade with this woman!  She shares her challenges, her successes, her struggles, her sad moments and her triumphs.  I love her honest way of saying some days will feel shitty and you are still gifted and awesome!

Everything she knows as a professional working writer living from her creative genius she shares with the Mastermind. If she does not know something that you as a woman in the circle desires to know she will research it for you.

I have found friends and serious motivation in the mastermind. I was invited in after a traumatic event in my life and when I say I discovered a circle of compassionate, creative, brilliant, badass women….that is what i found and I treasure this mastermind so much! It has been a place where I am validated as a creative person, as  a poet and as a human. I have brought my grief, my frustration, my anger over racial injustice, my sadness, my everything  and the mastermind has a safe container to hold it.

I love Jennifer Louden and I am overjoyed that people like her exist.  Bold, funny, creative and supportive...that is who she is.  She also cares about the environment, and diversity and puts her money and energy where her beliefs are.  She is the type of person you want on your success team.  On my writing table I keep a postcard she sent me. “Your words, your ideas, your stories, matter.  I see your talent and  spirit and love supporting you and I believe in you!!!”  These are the words from a woman who has a heart to support you towards your life dreams and beyond."

Tracy Beckerman  

Syndicated Columnist, Author & Speaker | LostInSuburbia.com

"Jen Louden is a magician, or maybe a witch, I’m not sure. But if she is, she’s a very good witch. After attending one of her Vermont retreats, I decided to plunge into the Mastermind to help me hold myself accountable for finishing my third book which had been languishing for several months. All of the elements of the Mastermind were exactly what I needed to develop my narrative and write a story I was proud of in the time frame I had set for myself. Between the group reviews, and the one-on-ones with Jen (who by the way, is the most fascinating, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic writing coach I have ever had the pleasure to know), I faced down my fears about failing and learned places I didn’t even know needed more dialogue, less dialogue, story structure, and so much more. I definitely feel like I got a Master’s degree in book writing from the Mastermind and would certainly recommend it to anyone who is in the throes of writing, at any point in your project, who needs a group of knowledgeable cheerleaders and a team captain who is just profoundly good at what she does.

Kenyatta Sinkler

Muriel  Rukeyser wrote: “What would happen if one woman told the truth about her life? The world would split open.”

Participating in Jennifer Louden’s Writer’s Master Mind split open my writing life to a deeper honesty, courage and trust in my process. One of Jen’s most precious skills is to teach and model the power of being a steady companion to your creativity, so that through ebbs and flows you learn to stay with your  project.  I also learned to give feedback to other writers that was supportive and encouraging - based in curiosity not criticism- and then found myself being able to do the same thing for myself as well.  Jen is gifted at creating a container for writers to write the most true versions of our work and to know that our stories matter to our world. There is a quickening that I witnessed not only in my project, but in the projects of the others in the mastermind.  I came out of the mastermind more clear about and committed to the completion of my memoir. Jen’s intentional way of creating layers of support through the group calls, virtual gatherings and written feedback adds up to an exceptional experience. I highly recommend working with Jen.

Sibel Golden

Psychotherapist & Expressive Arts Therapist

"Jen has given me the gift of being able to call myself a writer. Participating in Writer’s Mastermind, I have expanded my concept of what is possible in my writing/as a writer. Beyond finding my writing voice, I am finding what works uniquely for me in my writing practice: the best way to get the work done, and keep going, with reasonable and compassionate goals. The group format is amazing! It is a safe and sound place to share and be heard, as well as find inspiration. That doesn’t happen magically. Jen creates this space with her caring heart, unparalleled wisdom, expert coaching, and infectious humor. It is an incredible honor to learn from her."

Christine Gross

“I came to the Non-Fiction Mastermind looking for creative input, challenge, feedback and support in my writing.  What I found in Jen is an approachable, personable, genuine, supportive and caring teacher, coach and guide, who is also a lot of fun to work with.
During my time in the Mastermind I’ve learned to take myself more seriously, to be better able to care for myself, how to show up for myself and in my writing, and how to bounce back and resurface after going through a rough patch.  I feel my writing is more grounded and goes deeper now, and isn’t so much about “perfection” and writing “perfectly”, but is about showing up, trying, and keeping at it.
A wonderful learning for me, that came through my time with Jen and this Mastermind, is that my writing, in particular my blog, is its’ own living, breathing entity, and I need to honour this, and let it and my writing come to life through me!”

Julie Fleming

Legal Business Development Consultant and Nonprofit Founder

“I joined Jen’s Nonfiction Mastermind because I’d been wanting to explore creative nonfiction writing, as distinguished from the business writing I’d done for many years. I had some threads of a project I wanted to flesh out, but nothing fixed yet.

In the last six months, Jen taught me to own my writer’s voice, to be kind to myself as I write, and to trust myself and my stories. I've defined the scope of my project in a way that propels me forward. I developed a writing practice and habits that serve me even when the writing gets challenging, and I've expanded my skills by experimenting with a variety of writing exercises and getting feedback from Jen. Most importantly for me, Jen established a structure that let me feel comfortable sharing my work with peers and then more broadly. I went from feeling fear and dread in the pit of my stomach at the mere thought of allowing someone to read my work to sharing it on a regular basis on social media with the audience I intend to reach.

Jen pours her knowledge and enthusiasm into the Mastermind, and she's an accessible mentor who cares about her students. I looked forward to our meetings every single week and left each one feeling supported, encouraged, and ready to rock the week.

Joining the Mastermind is absolutely the best thing I’ve done for myself this year. I can’t wait to see what comes from the next round!”

Lynn Jennings

There is no question in my mind that I would not have written a single word of my book without Jen Louden’s Mastermind. I came to the group with a vague idea for a memoir that had been rattling around in my head for years but with absolutely no idea of how to move forward. I was terrified at first.

Through Jen’s kind and enthusiastic coaching, along with encouragement from a diverse group of women writers who always had my back, I have now almost completed a first draft. And it’s not just that I’m getting words down on the page, my writing has noticeably improved, too.

It’s been a pleasure and a privilege to read and offer comments on projects as diverse as blog posts, podcasts, memoirs, and how-tos on topics like “selling with love” or living a juicy life with Type 1 diabetes. The program is multi-faceted, with frequent 2-day writing retreats, accountability and silent writing sessions, group coaching sessions, and optional feedback from peers. If you asked me what I did when I started the Mastermind I would have said “I’m a chef.” Now I say, “I’m a writer.”

Dusti Arab

Founder + CEO

"The mastermind was everything I needed to make huge progress on my book in a truly supportive container. More than anything, now I know I can actually commit to a project longer than six months without getting bored."

Jill Dozier

nurse midwife and women's healthcare advocate

"I have LOVED being in this mastermind group for so many reasons.  I love the camaraderie of all of these loving, real, vulnerable, brilliant women.  It has given me a circle of women to look forward to seeing whom I can relate to and who share their hearts and their struggles and their accomplishments and the reality of their lives.  I can show up hurt in my bathrobe and be comfortable and seen and heard and understood.  I’ve appreciated this more than I can say. Having prompts to chew on and hearing the perspective of others has allowed me to write from angles that I had never thought of before. Peer review, both getting and receiving was gratifying and helpful. I loved being here.  I loved the group.  I love every Monday morning when I show up, no matter what.  I love your dance playlist.  I love Jen's energy and the energy of the group."  

Casey Erin Wood

Writer, Coach + Founder of the Ruby Slipper School of Magic

"When I signed up for Jen’s mastermind I’d been reading her newsletters for years and had even taken a few classes, but what I wanted was her eyes (and red pen) on my writing. And she did not disappoint! Jen is both kind and incisive, she was able to see right into the heart of my work and helped me translate those deeper themes and details onto the page, so my (eventual) readers will experience them as well. But what I wasn't expecting was the incalculable benefit I got from the group itself!

The coaching calls soon became my favourite part of the mastermind—ridiculously smart women asking courageous, insightful questions (ones I didn’t even realize I had myself!), being coached by a thoughtful, caring, incredibly experienced coach—well that shiz will change your life! I’m leaving the mastermind with a solid 2nd draft, more confidence in my writing (and tons of tools to move forward when that confidence inevitably waivers) and deep connections with a circle of writers I admire and am excited to see succeed."

Mindy Meiering

"I came to the Mastermind with a very specific project I was working on and knew that having the support of Jen and the group would support me in staying with it. It would be an understatement to say that it was one of the very best decisions I made in 2020!!

I love Jen's super straightforward, very practical style of coaching and the depth and breadth of knowledge she brought to all of us as our fearless leader. She also brings her huge heart and this genuine desire to support all the writers in the group in accomplishing their goals. I benefited greatly from our weekly check-ins, coaching from Jen when I needed help with speciifc areas I felt stuck in, the twice monthly group coaching calls, and the ability to check in for extra support if I needed it in between these.

Writing can feel like a very solo endeavor and to have these added layers of support really helped me stay focused and reminded me that when I get stuck or feel blocked I'm not alone. As a result of participating in the group my writing has improved, I've developed a stronger focus that I look forward to carrying into 2021, and the relationships I've developed with other writers in the group has been priceless.. One of the best investments in my writing I have ever made!!"

Alison Streit Baron

"I joined the Non-Fiction Mastermind after reading Jen's book, Why Bother? which seemed like it was speaking directly to me. I wanted the mastermind to keep me focused on and attentive to my writing. It gave me so much more: a community of encouraging readers, lots of resources for my writing practice, and of course, access to Jen's energy and expertise. It also led to something I didn't expect, which was writing and submitting an essay for publication. Even without publication, though, writing it and sharing it with this group was pure joy. I put myself to paper (well, to a screen) and I love how I turned out!"

Helen Morales

Classics Professor USCB and Author

"I am an academic who is writing a book for a broad non-academic readership - the Mastermind Group was hugely helpful to me. It gave me regular feedback on my writing from a diverse group of committed readers, as well as from the brilliant and wise Jen. It also held me accountable and gave me support which meant that I was able to prioritize my writing even during a busy teaching term. I will finish my book by my publisher’s deadline, and it will be a much better book (less stiffly academic, better written, more of my voice, and more fun) for my time spent in the Mastermind course"

Sarah Flick, M.D.

Author of Desire, Mystery, and Belonging

"Dear Jen, thank you, thank you, thank you. I can’t begin to tell you what my experience has been like from the very first time we shared pages in the Mastermind group until now. As we finish this wonderful year together, I am filled with gratitude and amazement. The whole experience has been transformational, honestly. Please please know that I am so grateful. My biggest struggle as a writer has often been my doubt, thinking "Is this real?” and “Can I be seen?" Working with you in the Mastermind group has taught me yes! I am a happy writer. There is no way to tell you how much difference you and this group have made in my writing and in my life. You are a true sign of hope in these times. I count myself so lucky to be in your tribe and I will always be thankful for this experience."

Dr. Lara C.C. Pence, MBA, PsyD, CDWF, CEDS-S

"A few years back I stepped into the Jen Louden world holding just a seed of an idea. Barely even that. One visit to the Taos Writer’s Retreat left me with a planted seed. Then came Jen’s MasterMind program and my seed grew into a full fledged story with flesh and substance. The MasterMind group not only gave me structure in my writing schedule but it gave me support. Two S’s I learned that my writing couldn’t live without. Not only were Jen’s prompts and inquiries incredibly helpful in fleshing out my story, but the support from the other women was invaluable to my sense of self - writing and otherwise. I will be forever grateful for the group, including Jen, in seeing me through to the near-end of my novel, but more in debt to the process which changed the fiber of my being as a writer."

Sonya Joy

writer and women’s circle leader | sonyaJoy.com

“Perhaps the reason I’ve always resisted writing a memoir, even though I wanted to, is that I knew deep down how much writing one would change me. Change can be hard. But this is where Jen’s gift is—guiding writers through the tumultuous territory of bravely becoming themselves through true soul writing. The writing resonates because it’s real. It matters because it’s real. It changes you because it’s honestly who you are. Jen saw it before I did, and gently and patiently guided me through my own discovery of this realization in her Mastermind class.

I don’t know how Jen came to realize that taking care of yourself while writing was a thing, but I’m sure glad she figured it out for us. She helped me transform my loose first draft into something with a real heartbeat and lots of potential. We’ve talked story, and structure, and how to back the hell off when I needed room to breath so I wouldn’t become lost in it. I’ve kept myself to a schedule, consistently shown up for both myself and others, and discovered that I really do believe I’m writing a memoir that matters.”

Natalie Serber

author of Community Chest and Shout Her Lovely Name | NatalieSerber.com

"Working with Jen and the wonderful women who formed our MasterMind cohort was just the creative, supportive, call to action that I needed.  Weekly check-ins, video calls, an ongoing honest and open (yet private!) conversation via a FaceBook group, plus the weekly exchange of pages kept me going and made me feel less alone in this lonely business of writing! Man, it's hard to expose yourself on the page! Jen and the MasterMinders gave me courage and inspiration.  I can’t wait to go to one of Jen's writing retreats but this extended format of working with Jen and peers was a huge gift. We all have a story to tell. Jen’s MasterMind inspired me."

How to Join

To join the Writer’s Mastermind, fill in the application & pay

your deposit to hold your spot.

The deposit for Write in Community is $500.

The deposit for Supercharged Success is $1000.

The application doesn’t ask for a writing sample. Please don’t allow questions of talent to enter your head. This has nothing to do with talent. It’s about you being willing to step up and do what you really want. Thoughts of “I’m a fraud, what if everybody is a better writer, I won’t fit” are actually a sign you’re willing to stretch and get what you want. That’s who belongs in this group.

I will accept writers on a rolling basis until all spots are filled. Your spot is held only after you apply and your first payment has been processed. Then, you'll have the option to pay the rest in full or monthly installments. 

While I don't anticipate this happening, please know that if you are not a good fit for the mastermind, I will refund your deposit immediately.

Enter your details below to join the waitlist for 2022


How much time should I allow per week?

Whom else will be in the group?

What if I’m not good enough?

I’m going on vacation and already know I will miss several lives calls.

Do you guarantee me a publishing deal?

Do you guarantee I will finish my project?

What if I decide to quit after we start?

My Wish For You

I want to support you to make your biggest, juiciest, most important writing and creating goals a reality.


I want to offer you my highest level of knowledge, commitment, and energy.


I want to nurture you, push you, and cheer you to go farther, make more progress, and to see your voice beautifully, truthfully expressed more than ever before.


I want to help you take all that is inside of you and share it with your corner of the world.


Over my 30 years of being a professional writer, I have cobbled together so many resources and so much knowledge to support myself and other writers in thriving and succeeding. I cannot wait to draw on all that I have paid to learn - in money, confusion, and time - to help you flourish faster, farther, and more than you can possibly imagine now.


That is what happens when you work with me and this group. You will look back and be amazed, proud, and glowing with accomplishment.


I so wish someone had offered me a group like this when I was writing my first book or my last one. I cannot wait to see the genius that this group will create together, for one and for all.


Decide with care, but don’t delay. Spots will fill quickly and then, we are off!


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