Tired of never living the life you want?

Of course you are! You want to a life that shines, to fully express your gifts, to be less stressed and harried, more courageous and creative. You are so ready to stop people pleasing and hiding, stop putting off your desires until everybody else is taken care of.

And then… life gets busy. Money gets tight. Somebody gets sick. The gremlins in your head get really LOUD. And all your dreams and ways of being authentically you?  They get pushed to the edge. Or evaporate.

Finish your year with me and choose the life you want — today, tomorrow & until you forget in which case you’ll have the tools to begin again!

Brene-Brown“Jennifer Louden shows you how to live with more courage and greater intention and how to embrace the truth that you are enough right now.”
– Brené Brown, author of the #1 New York Times bestseller Daring Greatly

I’ve spent the last 22 years exploring for myself, and with the million women who have read my six books and attended my retreats & courses how to best shape and navigate our authentic lives. Our real lives, not our glossy someday when-we-get-perfect lives.

The best ideas from those 22 years of writing, speaking and teaching is what you will find, distilled and actionable, in this course. Down-to-earth, time-tested, soul-tempered tools to focus, navigate, and stay truer to your desires, your needs, and sanity.

It’s Customized Wisdom Remembrance Training for your Authentic Life.

Anna Guest-Jelley“I’m a yoga teacher, so I’d like to think I know how to choose the life I want. But the truth is that as wonderful as yoga and other mindfulness techniques are, they still often don’t give us the down-in-the-dirt, concrete techniques to truly decide: Facebook or focus? Connection with a loved one on the phone or checking out? Nourishing or numbing?

The Life Navigation course gave me just those kinds of tools, as well as the ability to come back and choose again when I forget that’s possible. I truly believe what Jen offers in this course should be required for all humans; it provides exactly the resources and support we all need to make our lives our own.”
– Anna Guest-Jelley, Founder of Curvy Yoga


jenny_ryan“The course was over and above what I imagined it would be. I appreciated the practical exercises that you gave us to balance out all the fantastic information we got, and I loved how each concept built together to form the whole of the class.

I also felt really seen and acknowledged, and I loved having the class recordings so I could go back and discover new treasures that I’d missed the first time around!”
– Jenny Ryan

The Life Navigation Course is for you if:

  • you are going through a big change & feeling lost – whether that’s a divorce, kids reaching a certain age, losing your partner, being bored with your career…
  • you wonder where desire has gone in your life.  Does everybody else but you know what they want??? (No!).
  • you know what you want but then your desires get shunted to the side – by community, church, job, partner, kids, pets coming first –  again.
  • you trust yourself to choose your truer life – until someone criticizes you or the stakes get higher – then you may waver & lose your way.
  • you know a slower saner pace is what you need to thrive and it’s so hard to maintain, not get swept into the culture’s insanity.
  • you sometimes wonder if you are staying put in a life you outgrew long ago.
  • you know what makes your body & heart feel best, but you don’t always give it to yourself (although sometimes you do!).
  • you distract yourself from “the life you really want to build” – maybe through food, overwork, drama or Candy Crush.
  • you’re prone to catching the comparison and perfectionism bugs – obsessing with details, if onlys, and envy.
  • you get overwhelmed and disheartened by the pain and problems of the world and you know you’re called to help mend the brokenness.
  • and some days your underwear matches your bra, your head is held high, and your mantra is “I can!” You know you are one brilliant facet of oneness and that being you is deeply and wonderfully enough.

Welcome to a course in successfully navigating being human!
You’re going to get everything you need to wisely, confidently rise above what stops you and daily choose your truer life

  • 11 wisdom-packed live Interactive, Loving, High Energy CLASSES recorded for easy playback (This learning will be safe and fun.)
  • Lots of interaction with Jen throughout the course (My chance to champion you!)
  • Wisdom Notes with detailed key concepts from each class for the readers among us
  • Nicely designed PDFs inviting you to apply the key concepts to your life & collect your notes in one place
  • Elegant, easy-to-use ruzuku platform & conference option where you can see Jen via video, ask questions via phone or Skype, and chat with everybody
  • A private community (on ruzuku) for regular check-ins & deeper discussions and an optional Facebook group for long term connection
  • Lifetime access


Conditions of Satisfaction e-book: Jen’s simple and profound method for naming what is ENOUGH and taking action to make it happen. $42 value.


Ten 7am Pacific LIVE Monday morning check-ins. Each week Jen lead you through a process that nurtures you deeply and guides you in listening and shaping your week’s direction. It’s a 20 minute soul spa & weekly planning session +  a transmission of love from your supportive community (recorded, of course).

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Stephanie_Christopherson“I am a software engineer, wife, and mom of 2 who has been searching for most of my adult life for something that I could not identify.  I love my family, have a job that by most standards is a very good job, and live comfortably.  But something was missing.  I took classes, personality and aptitude tests, and read a lot of books.  Despite all the skills and knowledge I accumulated, I still felt an emptiness that I could not explain.  I found Jen’s class through an odd sequence of lucky events and decided to enroll – even though I admitted to myself and my husband that I did not understand what I’d gain from the class.

I can tell you it’s the best time and money I’ve spent.  Skills I gained include the ability to say, “No.” with grace and confidence, a strategy for planning my day instead of reacting to what everyone else needs from me, an appreciation for the fact that I am enough, and the awareness to be truly satisfied when I meet my goals for the day.  Best of all is that the lessons from Jen’s class are all completely customizable to fit me and my life.

What I learned has given me time to work on things that are important to me.  One example is an annual scrapbooking weekend that I’ve attended for years.  In the past, I simply grabbed supplies, a stack of photos, and my laptop the morning I was headed to the event.  This year, my supplies are organized and I have photos, paper, and embellishments ready to go – 3 weeks in advance!  I’m 15 pounds lighter.  I’m emotionally lighter as well.  I laugh more and I’m better connected with my family and friends.  I’m living my truer life each and every day.  For this, I am eternally grateful to Jen.”
— Stephanie Christopherson

Welcome to the life navigation program for people who need reminders and tools for living their truer life.


Me saying hi

Why did I make this course for you?

I need to go back 14 years to answer that.


I was suffering from severe panic attacks, my daughter was amazing and a big challenge to raise (mothers of challenging kids, you know what I mean), my marriage was on the rocks (again), and my work was super-successful and super-scary – could I deliver?

I felt like I was failing. At everything, most of the time. It felt like shit.

And, no matter how hard I tried – no matter what fancy calendar system I used or how positive I tried to think – I felt overwhelmed and scattered. So afraid.

I would get a vision of a more centered, enjoyable life for myself… a life where I trusted my choices and myself, where I could stretch and fail without shame, a life based on my essential goodness, a life that was mine and then I would lose it. Poof.

Here is where I tell you my life miraculously changed when I discovered what I’m going to teach you. That all became super-sparkly, total-peace, as-seen-on-TV.


Jennifer LoudenI did not discover the secrets to creating a Zen-calm, uber-productive 7-figure life. My life changed, yes, but slowly. Because that is reality.

I did discover a whole bunch of tangible ways to make a life that worked a whole lot better a whole lot more of the time.

A life with more spaciousness and enoughness, less reaction and blaming. More true choices and less people pleasing. More creativity, less numbing. More self-compassion, way less comparison.

Here’s what I live now: This is my life. Not a life I let happen to me or the life I think I should live or a life I live for anybody else. Ever.

That’s what I want to share with you. How to do just that.

“You’re a voice of sanity and sincerity in a time when value too often gets canned in the name of ambition. You’re the real deal, Louden, a true teacher, and we seekers get a whole lot of nourishment from your well of wisdom.”

– Danielle LaPorte, author of Desire Map and The Fire Starter Sessions

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barb_churchill“It’s hard to put into words how valuable Jen’s course was for me. Bottom line: this course allowed me to see that I can trust myself, that I can take care of myself, that I know who I am.

When I’m in alignment, I know who I am and how to live the life that I want to live. When I’m not doing that, now I know how to get back to it. I know how to say to myself ‘I’m getting into my time monsters and shadow comforts, come on home.’  It makes me choke up because I can do that now!”
— Barb Churchill

FINALKendra“I loved the course! I felt it gave great value. Jen was terrific, a very present teacher and guide. I look forward to going through the course again, to go even deeper.”
— Kendra Brodin

What are you going to “get” out of this course? What will be different?

Ideas and methods developed over 22+ years, tested & improved upon by something like a million women (and a few men) who used this course material to:

  • Open to MORE – joy, creativity, connection, presence, effectiveness, focus, and fulfillment
  • Move out of inertia, overwhelm, and scatteredness into simple, satisfying action
  • Reawaken your relationship to your truer heart’s desires 
  • Know and name what is satisfying to you daily
  • Live with more compassion for yourself and practice more helpful self-talk
  • Move out of resistance and procrastination with less drama
  • Remain calm and focused more often during difficult moments (as in every day)
  • Shift from giving 150 percent everyday and taking the leftovers for yourself (hint: there aren’t any)
  • Rewrite limiting stories of “I can’t,” “It’s too late” and “It’s too hard” and especially “I don’t have what it takes”
  • Transform the sneaky draining habits that steal your time, money, and energy
  • Stop your mind from its constant whirring and know home anywhere anytime
  • Experience a lasting shift in your perceptions of what you can build and have in your life

pixie-campbell“The work you do is so valuable, so fine, so life changing for so many women. I personally know dozens of women who have you to thank for landmark changes they have made.”

– Pixie Campbell, artist, shaman, teacher


Registration for The Life Navigation Course is currently closed.

Sign up below to be the first to hear when enrollment opens (plus, get in on all the early bird specials).

This is a magic carpet bag of everything I have learned in the last 22+ years about living your own true life, staying true to yourself, focusing on your needs, navigating by your desires.It’s my greatest hits!
Complete with personal support from me. What you want, the life you want, the relationships, the flow, the love, is really and truly possible! I believe that.

kendalle_cobb“I was originally hesitant to commit to the course, not trusting that I would make time for myself, but there is so much rich information and so much to explore.

The course is an opportunity to remember the wisdom you have forgotten to help you to live life fully, while remembering that you are enough.”
— Kendalle Cobb


Starting September 17th – The Navigation Course Primer – free sample + Q & A

And you’ll get useful bonuses on how to get started choosing the life you want.

Early sign-up list gets:

  • Live call with me on September 17th, 4pm PACIFIC to answer your questions about life navigation and dip into the ideas in the course.
    Missed the live call? Listen in to an excerpt below.
  • Samples of the 15-minute Monday Morning Meditation sessions to “start your day” or “reset your day.” I’ll guide you to your center in a variety of delicious ways. Then I’ll stay on to answer any questions you have. Cost? Free.
  • Bonus of “Getting Big Stuff Done” 23-minute audio, transcript, and handout about how I put together my last “big thing” (which was the Shero’s School for Revolutionaries) and ideas on how to do your next big thing (how big is up to you!). Lots of insights into balancing your own well-being with your calling to make a difference in the world.
  • Plus a chance to win a one-on-one Savor & Serve coaching session with me after the program is over if you enroll.


October 1st, 4pm PACIFIC – “Knowing Home”

To build more of the life you want you must know how to return to choice, to find your way home to YOURSELF anytime, anywhere.

We'll Cover: (click to read more)

  • Knowing Home is a way to turn away from shame, blame, and scatteredness and, instead, come back to your heart
  • How to bypass your busy, anxious mind using your heart brain and begin to focus more mindfully
  • Why mindful questions matter and how they work to liberate better choices and self-talk
  • Creating your own simple “Knowing Home” practices – we will “try on” 4
  • Using the power of the body to create new habits
  • Turning resistance into a powerful wake-up call for more


October 8th, 4pm PACIFIC – “Inner Navigation Strategies”

Choosing our truer lives is a skill – one that most of our parents didn’t model for us because they couldn’t. But choosing makes us anxious by its very nature. Then life dishes up its usual messy, speeded-up, fraught-with-stress day and you get swamped… but not anymore!

We'll Cover: (click to read more)

  • Naming how you do and don’t navigate life now – seeing what works and doesn’t
  • Creating the foundation of life navigation for yourself so you can start today to navigate life mindfully and kindly
  • A tiny bit of science to back up these ideas
  • How and why to increase self-trust and debunking the myths about it
  • Identifying the triggers that take you away from yourself and into patterns of over-providing, putting other people’s dreams first, shadow comforts, and time monsters


October 15th, 4pm PACIFIC – “Desire”

How to get past “I don’t know what I want” and “I’m too _____” to claim more juice, more clarity & the power of your truer desires.

We'll Cover: (click to read more)

  • Starting to dissolve the fear of wanting what you want – just starting because this is huge
  • Greeting past desire disappointments and beginning to see those stories in empowering ways – a namaste to the past
  • The cultural shadows of desire and how those can waylay you or hoodwink you
  • Desire experiments to try on – pint-sized ways to weave desire back into your life without freaking yourself out


October 22nd, 4pm PACIFIC – “Shadow Comforts and Time Monsters”

I was quoted by Brené Brown in her best-selling book Daring Greatly because Brené loves my work on Shadow Comforts & Time Monsters.

We'll Cover: (click to read more)

  • Why you created these habits in the first place – you are so adorable and smart!
  • Naming your shadow comforts and time monsters: getting to know what’s blocking you, draining you, lulling you to sleep – seeing is so freeing and you aren’t alone!
  • Draining shame and blame away so you can choose more lovingly what you really want
  • The role desire and pleasure play to help you get free
  • A creative way to begin to transform these choices into life-giving ones that help you remain awake when you numb out, turn away from self-kindness, get lost in procrastination, or put other people’s dreams before your own


October 29th, 4pm PACIFIC – “Integration Week #1”

Coaching Loving you UP Call with Jen

Let’s be together for 90 minutes to move deeper into the ideas we’ve explored so far, ask questions, learn from each other, and maybe even gently be coached out of any stuck spots. You can email questions ahead of time or type them into the chat feature if you feel shy and more articulate writing vs. speaking.


November 5th, 4pm PACIFIC – “Creating a Life of Satisfied Enoughness”

Learning how to be satisfied–how to declare what “enough” is–can change your life.

We'll Cover: (click to read more)

  • How desire and enoughness work together to create a human-scaled map for your life with you at the center
  • Teasing out glittery perfectionism and comparison from your truer desires
  • Applying Conditions of Enoughness to get into action on what you want
  • How to make clear requests to fulfill your desires (super, super powerful!)


November 12th, 4pm PACIFIC – “What’s Your Story?”

Owning and crafting your story is an act of resurrection of the unfettered, authentic you. Learning to live in narrative consciously is a lifetime skill that gives you so much more choice, power, and freedom.

We'll Cover: (click to read more)

  • Your brain on story: we’ll examine the narrative construct you live in & how it can reclaim what you’ve lost
  • If everything is a story, what story do you choose?
  • Being the shero of your own tale (which is not about being big or bold but reclaiming the creative gift that has been lost)
  • The difference between choosing your story and being your story
  • Story experiments to see your stories in safe ways


November 19th, 4pm PACIFIC – “What’s Your Story + Desire + Enoughness”

Knitting the strands together of what we’ve learned so far to bring your truer life into reality.

We'll Cover: (click to read more)

  • Now that you see your helpful and not-so-helpful stories in daily action and a glimpse (or more) of what you desire, we’ll dive into how these two work together to support – and block – you in taking action on what you want
  • Then gently noticing where your stories of perfectionism, “but I have to do this first” distractions, thinking you are super human, or over-providing might trip you up
  • We will also peek back at Shadow Comforts and Time Monsters to see how they interact with story, desire, and enoughness
  • Using Conditions of Enoughness to ground you in moving into sustained, simple action on a desire
  • The vital importance of simple steps and celebrating tiny wins


November 26th, 4pm PACIFIC – “The Art of Daily Ritual”

Here’s where we drop into your “habit chain” and start to create the tiny new habits to support your new story and your desires.

We'll Cover: (click to read more)

  • Identifying your current habit chains
  • Where can you easily insert a new action (just one) that will support one truer desire?
  • Scouting out what’s likely to trip you up and naming how you will begin again
  • Circling back to using Conditions of Enoughness for support and touching back on story again


December 3rd, 4pm PACIFIC – “Integration Week #2”

Coaching Loving you UP Call with Jen

Let’s come together for 90 minutes to help each other digest our journey so far. From covering questions to sharing your sweet wins – it’s time to take it all in & integrate.


December 10th, 4pm PACIFIC – “How Will I Remember This???!!!”

We’ve adventured together to build and shape your truer life. This adventure doesn’t end until the day you draw your last breath. But how to stay awake?

We'll Cover: (click to read more)

  • Connecting to what you are devoted to
  • Considering your Shero’s lineage
  • Designing your “begin again” strategies
  • A brief journey into your future to gain insights for your next moves
  • How to use Conditions of Enoughness to take action in the next three months
  • Celebrating wins!!

This course is a map home to your truer life. A map that never gets wrinkled or out-of-date. A map you can use forever.Let’s navigate this gorgeous, messy, heart-opening life together. I’ll do my very best to guide you home and teach you how to guide yourself back when you get lost. Because getting lost is not the problem. It’s all about finding your way home again. And again. And again.And no matter what, remember: it really IS possible to have more of the life you want. Not the picture postcard fairy dust life but the life your deepest heart yearns to experience. And when we live our truer lives, we are so much more able to shape a more just and beautiful world for all.

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“Such a wonderful set of experiences and knowing. I had support when I needed it and was able to open to some much larger life questions than I expected.

Jen provided ample “heart” questions to keep me moving on the internal path as well as having a community of practice to squish around with.”

– Mair Dundon

LauraTollerGardner_smaller“This course is a breath of fresh air. The structure and format made it compelling and interesting and built anticipation for each class — “what might we do today?” The course for me has not ended. I continue to engage with the material and go deeper over time.”

– Laura Toller Gardner


Denise-Grocutt“There is sooooooooo much juicy information in this course. I wish it was available when I was twentysomething. Rather than “Life Navigation Course” it should be “THE Life Guidebook”. It goes way past organizing into the core of who we are and what we need to handle LIFE.”
– Denise Grocutt

guaranteeCoaching Back Guarantee!If you feel unsatisfied after experiencing the entire program, I’ll happily offer you a free coaching session with me ($388 value). See FAQ below for details.

Some Places I’ve Shared my MessagemediaJennifer Louden helped start the self-care movement with her first book, The Woman’s Comfort Book. Since then she’s written 5 more books on well-being with about a million copies in print, including another movement starter, The Woman’s Retreat Book and the beloved Comfort Queen’s Guide to Life.

Jennifer was an early adopter of the interwebs, launching the popular website Comfortqueen.com in 2000, when she also licensed a line of successful inspirational products. She’s been leading retreats since 1994 and has spoken around the world, all in service to helping women create vibrant lives of their own. Her media appearances include many popular TV and radio shows, including Oprah, her own show on Sirius, and a monthly column for Body & Soul magazine.

Her proudest accomplishments are raising an amazing daughter, Lillian, and getting remarried at 50.

Registration for The Life Navigation Course is currently closed.

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How is the course delivered?

We’ll be using ruzuku and a video web phone based system that will allow you to see me on video, while also viewing slides and interacting during the classes via chat, phone or Skype. You can email in questions for the Q & A calls ahead of time if you can’t make them live or feel shy. We will also “strip” the audio and give you MP3’s to easily listen to later, on the go.

We also give you extensive notes for each course so you can read as well as listen / watch and all kinds of extra goodies like videos of Jen, links to more materials, PDF’s with additional reading: not overwhelming but carefully curated.

You’ll have lifetime access to all of the course materials on the easy-to-use ruzuku platform, where we can also meet to chat, ask questions, and check-in with each other. We’ll also communicate with you via email so you’ll be reminded when classes are happening and know when the recordings are ready.

The classes can be participated in live, streamed later on ruzuku, or downloaded and enjoyed offline as an MP3 through iTunes or other audio players. All other course materials are downloadable PDF files.

Does Jen participate? Or is it all pre-recorded?

I do participate by coaching and answering questions on the classes, in the integration calls dedicated just to supporting you, and giving short feedback Monday through Friday during the course via the easy to use ruzuku platform. While I can’t do intensive coaching, part of what makes this a powerful course is my championing you consistently. That’s how change happens!

Do you offer refunds?

Of a kind! If you feel unsatisfied after experiencing the entire program, I’ll happily offer you one free coaching session with me ($388 value). Just email us at the end of the course and tell us briefly why the course didn’t work for you, and we will get you scheduled for one-on-one time. I want you to get what what you need!

How long does the course take to complete?

There are 9 classes, about 90 minutes each, and 2 optional coaching calls. Homework is designed to take a few minutes scattered throughout your day, with 4 to 5 optional longer assignments. Women report the course is so deep and rich, they revisit the material often. You’ll have lifetime access to all the materials via ruzuku, or you can easily download everything – either way, you’ll have the course forever. We label all the calls so it’s easy to make one playlist and to find everything on your computer!

How much time do I need each week?

You’ll need 90 minutes to attend or listen later to the class, then about 30 minutes to 60 minutes scattered throughout your week to check in and do the brief assignments.  Many participants miss one to four live classes during the course, listen later, and some listen to everything later due to time zones difference. The ruzuku platform means we can still chat and I can support you whatever life brings.

When does the course start?

The Navigation Course Primer, which includes a “primer” on the key concepts plus time for Q & A and 3 big bonuses, happens on September 17th. We start the actual course on October 1st, 4 pm Pacific, 7 pm Eastern.

I have a question that’s not answered here.

Please email jen [at] jenniferlouden [dot] com and we will do our best to answer you quickly.

Will this program really deliver?

I have spent 22+ years developing, teaching, and publishing these tools. I have received countless letters (yes, actual letters) and emails from women (and a few men) whose lives have been changed – sometimes dramatically, sometimes in small ways – for the better because of these ideas. More sanity, more health, more creativity, more success, more self-agency, much more listening and acting on what they need and desire.

Perhaps most importantly, people have reported that their lives are more theirs – to steer, to create, to truly savor. This is your one life – be sure and make it yours.

I hope you will join me if now is the right time,


Registration for The Life Navigation Course is currently closed.

Sign up below to be the first to hear when enrollment opens (plus, get in on all the early bird specials).

Kelly-Fisher“This course taught me so much love and compassion for myself. It gave me the tools to move forward in positive directions. And that my decisions are good! I feel more passion to follow my desires and build what I need and what my family needs.”

– Kelly Fisher


Sarah-Flick“As a physician administrator in a large urban public health system, I face daily and sometimes hourly conflicts, related to organizing committees, projects, people, and priorities. I bought The Life Organizer several years ago and was drawn to reading it over and over. However, it was the Life Navigation Course that really unlocked the concepts for me. I learned from the very beginning a new level of centering in the moment, whatever the circumstances. I found myself less anxious at work, and more able to listen to my own knowing when making decisions.

Learning more about “time monsters” and “shadow comforts” helped me stay awake and aware in the midst of competing pressures and to choose what I really wanted most. The concept of desire helped me to discern my deeper desires, throughout my life.

This is your life. Choose it! Shape it! Experience more of it. Join us.

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