Hire Me

Thanks for being curious about how to work with me.

Right now, the best ways to work with me are:

  • The Writer’s Oasis – a weekly 30 minute guided renewal and life planning session for writers, creatives, and anybody who wants to create more, live more, and enjoy it all a whole lot more.
  • When we work together one-on-one you’ll get unstuck, identify simple strategies you can use to build your platform, and create a plan to follow through on the creative desires that are most important to you.
  • Retreat with me — I’d love to be in sacred space with you, playing, writing, listening. My next fall retreat for women will be announced soon but only to people on my email list.

“Working with Jen is a breath of fresh air. She not only helps me remember the big picture, she helps me check my assumptions to make sure I’m working toward my goals, and doing so in a way that is aligned with my strengths and values. She’s a unique combination of heart and head, giving me support and encouragement and the occasional push, along with great tactical insights to help me move forward with more success.”

– Christy Lawrence
Time to Profit, Small Business Consultant

Each week I help thousands of women plumb the question: How do you get your creative & scary sh*t done?

No pat answers, just imperfection you can use.