It’s Time {NOW} To Get Your Scary Sh*t Done

If you’ve got a to-do list filled with scary sh*t that’s just not getting done - no matter what you try - this toolkit is for you. Whether your scary sh*t involves writing a book, giving a speech, starting a business, beginning or ending something, or anything in between, this toolkit will help you go from “I can’t” to “I finally did it!” 

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Have you been putting off getting your scary sh*t done for months? Years? Even decades?

This toolkit will help you choose what scary sh*t project to focus on first, how to make a plan that’s doable and even pleasurable to implement, and how to follow through on your plan even when you’re scared, you don’t feel ready, or just do not want to.  

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  • The Mini-Course: How to Choose Your Just Right Project  

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