January 28 - February 2, 2019
Get Back to Creating: 

5 Days to Find your
Confident Flow

with best selling author Jennifer Louden

Want to get back to creating but aren’t sure how or where to start?

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This challenge made SO much difference for me in my writing! 10 minutes a day turned into 10 hours last week! I made huge progress in getting back on track and have now shown Jen's method to son (musician) and husband (visual artist) too who are getting on board. Jen's style is real and fun and different (love starting with relaxing the body). I highly recommend anything Jen Louden does! I am staying on course with this course no matter what!

Marion M.


Get Back to Creating With Jen Louden kick-started my accessing my creativity again. Stuck in a fog of indecision and self-doubt, the five-day program introduced me to manageable steps to start my journey.

Deborah B. 


I'm a cynical, lifelong professional writer. BUT, I'm learning to live without a beloved husband, who also had a powerful disappointment with my latest book. So I thought I'd give this course a chance, but I was skeptical. 

Turned out Jennifer was an excellent presenter, warm, knowledgeable and heartening. She's also a great speaker. I completely agree with everything she offered. It absolutely works. Would recommend the course to anyone who's stuck.