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If not now, when?

Thanks for stopping by to pick up your copy of The Shero’s Journey. It’s a true feast of essays, videos, art, poetry, and photographs created by a range of wise, honest, and questing women describing what stepping into being a shero means to them. It’s quirky, it’s inspiring, it’s my gift to you.

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If the idea of shero’s journey stirs something in you, please  consider joining me for my upcoming Shero’s Journey class that begins February 1st. The class will explore the question “How to do something creatively fulfilling that makes a real difference in the world?” and how to overcome the obstacles to doing so. Curious? Please click here.

If you found your way here through a friend, and you like what you see, I have more fantastic and utterly free goodies for you — including my Self-trust e-course. Here’s what someone said about the course just this week:

Dear Jennifer,

It’s my birthday (51 years old!!!) and I have just received one of your fantastic self –trust mails. It’s probably the best present I could receive, it is  exactly what I needed in this phase of my life.

I want to thank you: your understanding of a woman’s soul is a precious gift and you are so generous in sharing your wisdom!

What you do is very important and meaningful and you are an example for many women!

With gratitude and love


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