Creating Your Own
Mastermind Group

These are my Brain Trust (another word for mastermind or soul posse or wisdom council or simply people who know me really, really well) buddies — the picture is from our 2015 retreat.

In the 8+ years we’ve been meeting, we’ve helped each other:

  • Get clear and stay focused on our great work (may I repeat: stay focused)
  • Refocus when we lose our way (another way to say: stay focused)
  • Get out of debt
  • Focus our blogs and newsletters (there’s that focus word again)
  • Champion, plan, and dissect numerous successful launches
  • Write four books, numerous courses, and too many blog posts to count
  • Oversee six website launches or revamps
  • Increase profits dramatically (and I mean dramatically)
  • Let go of plans that don’t fit, founded a school, embrace new directions, hire employees, scale up and scale down
  • Free ourselves more and more quickly and compassionately from persistent patterns that hold us back (this is the real gold)

“I really loved the program! My mastermind group is rocking—and am already seeing results in my business! I am a busy woman and the concise and organized delivery was perfect for me. Many of us dream of a support system and don’t know how to get it. This class gave me the tools so that I would know how to go about this properly and I’m so happy with the results.”

—Theresa Reed, Tarot reader, yogi, truth lover

A Mastermind Group—the way we structure and nurture ours—has been one of the most important elements in our business success and our personal growth.

It’s not just about business. It’s far more about our hearts. About being willing to be vulnerable. To keep showing up, warts and all, saying, “I’m here, in that place, again.” We bring our blocks, our stuck places, our “Not this again!” whines and we get help to move forward.

Together we’ve navigated the many crises of faith that come with being self-employed, being creative, and working to make a measurable difference—and a profit—in the world.

“Jen’s courses always have such a profound impact on me — just recently her Mastermind Group program revolutionized my life — I connected with the most amazing other women, we formed a terrific group, and in only a few short months working with the group I had been able to create the circumstances that allowed me to leave my day job (which I had been trying to do for eight years!) and devote myself full time to building my business. Jen has just rocked my world.”

—Kaite McGrew, Author, Speaker and Spiritual Coach

Doing your own thing in the world is less about writing a best-selling book or running a fab Kickstarter campaign and more about believing in and seeing what you have to offer the world. And about sustaining your vision over the long haul, which is pretty damn difficult impossible to do alone.

Yes, you can (and should) hire coaches, join groups led by sages in your field, make time for retreats. And you also must have a peer group, a give-and-receive community, a united-for-each-other tribe. Yes, I said must. I don’t do that very often.

I am so much happier and more at ease in my whole life because of my Brain Trust. Starting this group and being part of its evolution have been a miracle to me.

But it isn’t a miracle. This group is our creation. We’ve worked hard, we’ve learned from our mistakes, we’ve made this group what it is. What we do is replicable.

I want you to have the same support and goodness.

  • Because it is free.
  • Because there is no “leader” who has the answers. In our culture of experts and gurus, this is so vital!
  • Because your feet will be held to the fire—you will have to declare what you want and stick with it, or be gently called out.
  • Because you can see yourself and your work through other people’s eyes—essential to tap into your gifts.
  • Because it creates a place to try out your stuff before you put all 10 toes in—and put your work out into the world.
  • But most of all, because you will feel far less alone in doing your great work and you will learn to trust yourself more and more. My group has helped me do that, and I want that so much for you.

“My life and business are both profoundly better because of your program. You brought the perfect mix of straightforward, immediately useful content and flexibility to allow us to get the most out of the opportunity. As a direct result, I now have my own ‘Wisdom Council’—a group of brilliant, heart-centered people who ‘get’ what I’m doing and who are committed to my success, as I am to theirs. I feel so much more supported, like I am not doing this alone anymore. It’s just one big group hug—with a lot of good work mixed in. I love it! ”

—Michelle Barry Franco, Your Soul Crafted Message


A learning experience that provides something for every kind of learner, maximum flexibility, and a quick road map to getting a group up and running. You will quickly learn:

  • What meeting style and group focus you want, and what you don’t want
  • How to create a strong virtual group
  • Where to find the right people and how to avoid getting into a situation that isn’t for you
  • What to do when your group doesn’t gel (my initial group did not) + how to step away from groups that aren’t a good fit for you
  • How to establish trust and intimacy, and why being vulnerable is the secret to a powerful group
  • How to handle competition between members who offer something similar
  • How to recover from disagreements, hurt feelings, and different styles of communication
  • How to refresh as you go along (our group has reinvented yearly)
  • How to bring in new people to an existing group
  • What processes to use to go deeper, especially on retreat
  • Tech details on how to meet (forums, Facebook group, conference services)

How is all this delivered?

  • A series of short audios + handouts to help you define what you want in a group
  • 2 videos that highlight key points
  • 2 pre-recorded 75-minute classes that build on the shorter audios when you want more info
  • A selection of fast-paced, well-edited interviews with well-known people about how their groups work – and don’t
  • A Facebook group to network with others, find group members, and explore best practices

Here is how it works:

  • You listen to the audios and videos and in under an hour, you will know a ton about what you want in a group and how to get started.
  • Then you listen to the pre-recorded classes to build on and clarify what you want.
  • You hang on Facebook to meet people and ask questions. Tag me when you want my input.
  • Partake of the interview for a wider perspective.

To the point. Yet deep.

Short, spicy interviews with:

  • Danielle LaPorte (especially love the part about how having a group like this is not about networking!)
  • Andrea Scher (of Mondo Beyondo fame, wait until you hear about the Love Bomb)
  • Fabeku Fatunmise (his insights on the importance of being messy & meeting for in-person retreats are delish)
  • Tanya Geisler + Rachel Cole + Kate Swoboda + Bridge Pilloud + Julie Daley + Jamie Ridler (this interview is both inspiring and chock-a-block full of how to do it right—fantastic!)


Everything I’ve learned in 25+ years of peer group building and participation, including convening our Brain Trust 8 years ago + a weekly women’s group for 5+ years + various salons, writer’s groups, community organizing, etc.


Matchmaking. I will not be putting Mastermind Groups together. Although, I will suggest fab ways to do so! And you can use the Facebook group. And my business page on Facebook.

“The idea of a peer-led mastermind group was intriguing but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do it just yet. However, the way the material is delivered and an intriguing invitation got me into a group pretty quickly. Jen’s class provides a foundation and a step-by-step process for creating a mastermind group as well as a toolbox full of ideas. I would recommend this class for anyone who has even considered being in a peer group.”

—Kim Washisko, CPC, ELI-MP Coach, explorer and retreat guide

“What great material. More insights than I expected and so much collective experience you tapped. You model warmth, accessibility, vulnerability and are able to weave experiences that provide good examples. This is short, affordable, and it works!”

—Gail Gaspar, Indecision slayer, clarity blazer, coach


$97. Access to all the materials forever. All downloadable. Neatly organized, edited, and labeled!

So what are you waiting for?

No refunds. If it isn’t what you thought, you can pass on the materials to another person.

If you have been looking for a way to organize and nurture a smart-hearted, fearlessly creative peer support group that is infused with honesty, devotion and brilliance, get the program and get going today.

“I was blown away at the tips and resources provided. I highly recommend this power packed content! If you haven’t been satisfied with mastermind groups thus far, you will most certainly walk away with an excitement and enthusiasm for creating what your heart desires in a group. You’ll have new perspective, tools and who knows, maybe meet your new mastermind buddies!”

—Jen Trulson, Love of life, gratitude girl & coach