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24 | Why Bother To Create At All?

Show Notes

"Why bother?" was the central question of my last book, so of course, it had to make an appearance on the podcast! In this solo episode, I ask, “why bother to create at all?”
When you face creative failure, despair, or you feel like you're experiencing insurmountable cynicism, it can feel exhausting and impossible to create. Or even worse, it might feel pointless. Trust me, I get it. BUT, there are still a million reasons why the beautiful act of creation is often our way out, and I explore those reasons here.
Listen in as I discuss:
2:00 - How the prevalence of cynicism and despair in the world affects the creative life
3:15 - The importance of normalizing what we’re feeling
4:00 - A prompt and practice to remember that you have agency: This is how it is right now.
5:25 - Dark nights of the soul as part of the creative life
7:02 - Exploring the realm of the in-between as a key function of being an artist and a human
7:55 - What we need to be aware of as creatives in a capitalist world
9:25 - The other side of the question, ‘why bother?’
11:30 - Things you can do while hanging out in your creative void
14:50 - Being okay about not bothering anymore about the things that no longer satisfy you
19:05 - How desire can dispel despair and lead you out of why bother

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