Create Out Loud

with Jennifer Louden

23 | Optimizing Your Creativity By Creating A Safe Space

Show Notes

It's hard enough to feel like "our best selves" when we're creating, but in this solo episode, Jennifer Louden lets listeners in on a secret no one tells you: We won't create unless we foster a safe space and sacred space around our work! What does that REALLY mean? Tune in to find out.

0:45 what a safe creative space isn’t

1:10 the neurobiological reasons we need a safe space to create

2:30 what happens when we don’t feel safe creating: shadow comforts

3:30 what’s missing when we attempt to make it safe to create

5:45 what it really means to feel safe when creating

8:00 using body-based practices to calm and self-soothe

11:30 creative wounding and trauma

12:45 the power of knowing your future self will thank you for creating out loud

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