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The Savor and Serve Experiment Begins

Today is the first day of my new adventure, The Serving and Savoring Experiment. It’s a memoir of one year in which I explore the sweet spot where my desire to savor life meets my desire to serve the world. In which I ask “Can knitting together savoring & serving create more sexy soulful aliveness […]

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Holy Selfishness

What is calling to you, what is yours to do in the world, is calling to you clearly. Clearly! What is calling to you to do is not one inch to the left or right, it’s not over there behind the potato chips – it’s exactly in front of you. Yes, that flash, that gut […]

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Don’t Believe the Mean Voices

Here is how it seems to me this morning: Life is here, offering itself to you. Are you going to take it up on its offer? I am. I will forget I said that in just a moment, because fear will kidnap my heart and ride away with my desires. Until I remember again. I […]

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Are You Paralyzed or Incubating?

How do you discern the difference between incubation (listening for what wants to come next) and paralyzation (over thinking anyone)? Step one: don’t think there is ONE answer to this question or that you can know FOR SURE what the best perfect thing to do is. Wanting that is a sure sign of being paralyzed. […]

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Desire is Not Demure

Desire is not well behaved. Desire is wild. Desire is demanding. Desire is insistent. As I wrote in The Life Organizer, Desire is the flow of life we yearn to swim in, the urge to be one with Spirit, and the way to stay in touch with this flow is through knowing what we want […]

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You are Called

If you are here unfaithfully with us, you’re causing terrible damage.” Dear Rumi, he knows how to get to the heart of the matter, doesn’t he? If you are here unfaithfully with us, you’re causing terrible damage. What is Rumi talking about? Near as I can tell, he’s talking about cheating on your calling. Denying […]

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Are you Too Intense?

All my life, I’ve heard, “You are so intense” and “You have so much energy” and “Does everything have to be so deep with you?” All my life, I’ve heard, “You are so silly” and “You are so funny, you should do stand-up” and in the last 17 years, “I bet you are the most […]

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The 3 Permissions to Teach

Sounds a little like a dish at a Chinese restaurant… Ah, yes, 3 permissions, very delicious. Very good. We serve it flaming with truth and basted in…” Okay, I’m a little slap happy this morning. That probably isn’t funny. But the video, especially the place half way through when my face freezes, is funny. And […]

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Can You Save the World?

I’ve been having conversations with friends in the last month about my new clarity. I’ve actually been saying, “I want to save the world.” Try saying that to an old friend in the grocery store at 9:30 on a Sunday night. (Lois, you were so gracious.) I get that “save the world” is one of […]

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