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Befriending the Hounds of More

A satisfied Satisfaction Finder emailed me to ask about the Hounds of More. You said in your book that the “Hounds of More are petrified you won’t be able to do what you most yearn to do in your life, so they keep you running in circles, chasing your—and their!—tails. Smart people who have big […]

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Rachel’s Challenge

Rachel is a super smart writer, editor, mother of four who, after reading my last blog post, gave me a challenge: I’m going to be *really* obnoxious and ask, so, if you could go back and “start over”, what would you make your COEfor this nine week yoga class? Since as you admit in your […]

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Self-Kindness+Satisfaction=Yummy Flow

My coach Michele asked me the hottest question yesterday (as in put my butt in the hot seat): If you didn’t suck for doing it the way you have been doing it, what could you lightly choose to do differently? Before you think Michele is a terrible meanie, she was referring to my whining and […]

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Static-free Authenticity

There is SUCH a focus these days on being authentic and being yourself – on expressing your creative truth – in business, in creative pursuits, and in your relationships. If I read another blog post that tells me to just “be myself,” I might have to yank myself bald. “Being yourself,” “being authentic” is now […]

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