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Rachel’s Challenge

Rachel is a super smart writer, editor, mother of four who, after reading my last blog post, gave me a challenge: I’m going to be *really* obnoxious and ask, so, if you could go back and “start over”, what would you make your COEfor this nine week yoga class? Since as you admit in your […]

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Self-Kindness+Satisfaction=Yummy Flow

My coach Michele asked me the hottest question yesterday (as in put my butt in the hot seat): If you didn’t suck for doing it the way you have been doing it, what could you lightly choose to do differently? Before you think Michele is a terrible meanie, she was referring to my whining and […]

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Static-free Authenticity

There is SUCH a focus these days on being authentic and being yourself – on expressing your creative truth – in business, in creative pursuits, and in your relationships. If I read another blog post that tells me to just “be myself,” I might have to yank myself bald. “Being yourself,” “being authentic” is now […]

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