[February] Jen’s Monthly Roundup

How to Stop Criticizing Yourself and Start (or Keep) Writing

Why You Can’t Possibly Be An Imposter

What if New Year Planning Makes You Anxious?

A Fable for 2018…

How & Why to Celebrate Everything Little Thing You Do

Do you have a book in you? Are you supposed to?

Have you ever ignored a nudge like this?

How I Dealt with Being Called Out (and Seen) on Social Media

Are you honoring the creative seasons of your life?

5 Ways to Claim Your Writing Superpower

When you don’t tell the truth… to yourself

[VIDEO] Writing made me do it…

[VIDEO] 10 sentences to clarity…

[VIDEO] How to develop, own & share your voice… without judgment

[VIDEO] How to switch from your creative brain to your business brain…

[VIDEO] How to write to change the world…

[VIDEO] “How do you find time to write when your plate is so full already?”

[VIDEO] “How do I start (and contain) my writing project?”

How to own “I am a writer”

The Very Best Writing Books, Ever

How Feedback Can Help You Thrive… Plus My Memoir-in-Progress

How One Metaphor Can Change Everything

5 Sneaky Ways Fear Might be Stopping You

9 Surprising Ways to Get Your Scary Sh*t Done

Are These Tripping You Up?

Choosing is the ticket price to the creative life

What If You Already Knew?

What’s the Story You’re Telling About Your Creative Projects?

Building Your Creative Lineage

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