Hey Creative Entrepreneurs...

Announcing Jen's
"Be Happier and Make More Money
Business Mastermind!"

Here's how it all started... after getting several requests to offer some kind of business mastermind, I sat down to have a think, and this is where my mind went...

What’s with the ridiculously expensive business masterminds being presented as having “the” secret to business? 

And people selling complicated, expensive courses to teach a business solution they could have explained in a short PDF?

Enough with the business courses where the founder is passing along half of your tuition cost to  “friends” who promote it.

Enough with the memberships that are nearly impossible to cancel and the hidden non-disparagement clauses you unknowingly sign that prohibit you from ever publicly criticizing a course or offer. 

Enough with the boss babes, lady bosses, and please, no more kick-ass anything.

Really, truly enough with the gushing social media stories of million-dollar launches that never mention actual profits, nor reveal the number of lawsuits the founders are mired in.

And I’ve really truly had it with the high-living lifestyle that equates consumption with empowerment and success. Do these people not understand there is a climate emergency?

It all feels especially egregious during this horrific pandemic and great racial reckoning.

Sometimes I’m so sick of the online business world, I want to chuck it all and start a goat farm. (Plus, baby goats are so cute.)


Online business in general needs an overhaul. It needs an ethical code! But rather than tilt at windmills or quit and open a goat farm, I am tapping into my 30 years of business experience to offer you...

The "Be Happier and Make More Money Business Mastermind" for Creative Entrepreneurs  with Jen Louden

Limited to 12 women

Starting April 2021


  • ...you are an experienced service-provider heart-based business owner - a coach (executive, book, retreat, business, personal, health), speaker, designer, writer, educator, consultant, artist, healing professional, or some wonderful combo...
  • ...you love to make a profit and must serve the greater good…
  • ...you refuse to do "business as usual"...
  • ...you sometimes feel alone, confused, and overwhelmed with the decisions and challenges of being in business... 
  • ...you need to shift and reinvent - maybe a little, maybe a lot - your offers, your marketing, your launches, your social media, etc. so  you can make more money with less ick, less blah, and more fulfillment, joy and satisfaction…
  • ...you want to enjoy your business more...
  • ...you understand business is about inner work as much (or more) than tactics and strategy but find so much of the stuff out there airy-fairy and vague...
  • ...you crave an ethical-loving, deeply-engaged business mentor (that’s me) and an ethical loving generous group of peers to pool their knowledge and offer their best support...

Then, this mastermind might be the
perfect support for you in 2021!

However, this is NOT the mastermind for you if...

  • You are a new business still trying to figure out what you offer or how to set up MailChimp.

  • If you are in a professional or personal crisis. 2020 was a terrible year for so many of us. You may need time to recover. If you are so exhausted you can’t function, please take some time to care for and nurture yourself instead. I’ll be here next year!
  • If you have no time.

How will this mastermind serve you?

Being in business is deep spiritual and emotional work.

Think about the last time you needed to fire -- or hire -- someone! The last time you didn’t want to look at your P&L or your tax bill. The last time you said yes to a customer or client when you should have said, “No, thank you.”

To thrive in business, you have to keep evolving, experimenting, growing.

While practicing strong self-care and clear boundaries (oh the boundaries!).

There is nothing easy about that.

Together, we will create a container and an experience in which we all become more together.

We will pool our best knowledge and resources to elevate each of us. 

We will support each other in growing our businesses and our selves in ways we can’t even imagine.

Unlike many far more expensive business masterminds, I'm right there with you. Growing, experimenting, sharing what I’m doing, what works, what doesn’t.

Not my trained coaches, not my assistants: me.

Briefly About Me:

  • I’ve coached creatives and business owners since 2001.
  • I’ve published 8 books with almost a million copies in print.
  • I’ve been on Oprah and quoted in two of Brene Brown’s books.
  • I’ve lead sold out in person and virtual retreats, masterminds, workshops, and on-line courses and membership communities for for nearly 30 years.

How will the experience work?

Here's what you'll get...

  • We start with a 60 minute one-on-one deep dive coaching meeting
  • Every month you get 30 minutes one-on-one coaching with me. Sessions must be used monthly.
  • Every Friday morning, we meet for an optional 60-minute “get it done” group focus session.
  • Every other Friday morning, after our optional co-working, we meet for 90 minutes of group coaching, hive-minding, “bitch and mend,” and resource sharing.  Attendance is required, except in case of illness.
  • I ask you to contribute at least 5 business resources to our group library that you have found valuable.
  • In between calls, we share wins, frustrations, and resources on our wonderful forum (not Facebook), where I check in daily. Ask me questions, ask me for resources, etc.

We also share 3 half-day retreats (April 9, June 2 and September 16),
each with different focus like the inner work of business,
non-sleazy marketing, and pain-free content creation.

Also included in your mastermind:

My Get Scary Shit Done course (only available as part of the mastermind) - beloved, powerful, well-designed (valued at $598) 

My Teach Now course (only available as part of the mastermind)  - one of the first and best how-to-teach courses. Includes a library of one of kind interviews with luminaries like Parker Palmer, Natalie Goldberg, Elizabeth Lesser, Keri Smith, Mark Nepo, and 30+ more. (valued at $498)

Transparent sharing of my best business resources, systems, software, and processes. 

First dibs on returning to the mastermind in Fall 2022.

First dibs on any in-person retreat in 2022.

To join you must:

Truly commit to the entire eight months (with July and August off) -- once you are in, you are in.

Commit to attending the bi-monthly Friday Zoom meetings. Come ready to contribute and to ask for support and offer your energy and ideas.

Commit to sharing your expertise and feedback honestly and within the clear kind parameters I establish.

Commit to sharing your business needs, struggles, and best resources openly. 

Commit to what you want and be willing to work for it with courage and pleasure.

Fill out the application. The application is the start of this mastermind, so if you can’t be bothered to respond with a bit of time and care now, you can’t be bothered to participate fully later.

The cost of the Mastermind is $5600. 

Your deposit of $800 is due upon applying and is fully refundable if you are not accepted into the Business Mastermind. Once you've been accepted, you have the option to pay for the mastermind in full with one additional payment of $4600 or 6 monthly payments of $800.

Lain Ehmann

Best-selling author, copywriter and online business strategist,
radio show host

"I’ve worked with many coaches over my 10+ years in business, and no one is able to blend the practical with the inner work as beautifully and effectively as Jen Louden. She is not only a wise and compassionate mentor, she is also an accomplished entrepreneur with a wealth of experience. Through insightful and gentle questioning, she continuously helps me uncover how to be more authentically me in every area of my life. I’m so thankful to have her as I navigate the ever-changing landscape of business."

Michelle Boyd, PhD

Inkwell Academic Writing Retreats

"Before working with Jen, I really struggled to get high-level business advice I could trust. Most business coaches understand very little about retreat businesses. And many retreat business coaches are focused on beginners. I needed support from someone who has both experience and expertise—and Jen has tons of both. She easily spotted where I was going wrong, and suggested doable strategies that I could quickly implement given where my business is right now. She also pointed out all the things I’m doing right, which I wouldn’t have recognized if it weren’t for her. Most surprising to me was how incredibly generous and supportive she was. I finished our session with new strategies and a new sense of confidence in myself and my business—which any business owner knows is half the battle. I waited a long time before reaching out to her, and that was a mistake. If you want supportive, savvy coaching that will clarify both where you are and where you should go next, you should work with Jen. Right now."

Lisa Jones

Author of Broken: A Love Story, writing teacher, lisajonesteaches.com

"Eight hours of coaching from Jen Louden gave me the mindset I needed to more than double my business and my income. Her expansive vision and infectious belief that I deserved more than I had shed new light on all the ways I was thinking small. Then cracks began to form in those beliefs, and they fell to the ground. She guided me away from all the SHOULDS — I’m qualified to teach this, I should teach that — and a couple of steps later I’m teaching exactly what I want to teach, and having a great time doing it."

Hiro Boga  

Mentor and guide for creative visionaries and entrepreneurs

"You probably know Jen as a brilliant writer whose books have been on bestseller lists and have taken her from Oprah’s stage to her more recent work supporting writers from around the globe. 


What you may not know is that she has had an equally long and illustrious career as an entrepreneur who has built her success around her values of inclusiveness, diversity, social activism, radical truth, and practical creativity.


Jen has the clarity and wisdom derived from years of experience. She has guided her own business and those of her clients through shifting tides, all the while remaining true to the vision and values that are woven into every aspect of her work and life. 


Work with her; you and your business will be so glad you did."

Christine Wagner

Author, The Power of Natural Mentoring

"I never dreamed my book, The Power of Natural Mentoring: Shaping the Future for Women and Girls, would be released in the middle of a pandemic.

The book is a central element in an evolving purpose and passion project for me.  Women and girls urgently need each other’s support on the journey to becoming our best authentic selves. The project began as a program of live workshops for pairs of women and the younger women or girls in their lives.  It became clear during COVID we need each other now more than ever. 

I decided to pivot and create virtual courses that would accompany the book.  At that point I sought Jen Louden’s strategic coaching.  Her openness, casual warmth and quick understanding during the productive call led to breakthrough thinking for me.  I’d been grappling with a chicken-and-egg question, unsure where to begin.  Do I develop a corporate or a youth natural mentoring course first?

Because continuous learning is vital in corporate leadership today, there is great value for both the natural mentor in learning new skills as well as for the younger colleague she mentors who benefits from her mentor’s role modeling during her own emerging leadership development.

The aha! moment for me came directly from Jen.  She articulated the corporate perspective around natural mentoring as a “double solution for retention of the leader and engagement for the newer, emerging leader.”  Listening to Jen phrase it that way bolstered my confidence in moving forward. I decided to begin with corporate natural mentoring course development, followed by youth natural mentoring course development."

Who am I to offer this mastermind?

Let me start by telling you what I am not.

I am not someone who has made a million dollars in profit in one year or in one month.

I am not someone who has ever lost sleep over what she charged for what she delivered.

I am not someone who lives a lavish lifestyle as proof of my success. 

I am not someone who is ever going to define my success (or yours) by the dollar amount you make(ew). 

My best friends are not my affiliates.

Then who am I?

A 58-year-old woman who has been self-employed since a year after college (USC film school). 

The first years of my writing career were only possible because of a small family inheritance that allowed me to write screenplays with marginal success and eventually sell my first book, The Woman’s Comfort Book, which became a bestseller and launched my career in 1992.

I launched my first website and started my email list in 1999.

I have regularly grossed mid-six-figures in my business with an average profit of 60% or more. 

(And I have chased the wrong goals, said no to things I should have said yes to, listened to the wrong advisors, wasted money on magic solutions, spread myself too thin, and thus had some lean years so yep, I get the struggle.)

That 30 years in business has included:

  • multiple income streams since 1990
  • six-figure book advances, six-figure (annual) book royalties
  • five and six-figure speaking fees, five and six-figure spokesperson fees and retainers
  • online membership sites with an average membership of 450-600 individuals for years
  • numerous successful, long-running online courses
  • virtual and in-person workshops
  • sold-out virtual and in-person retreats
  • national magazine column and radio show
  • coaching and mentoring (I attended Newfield Network coaching school)
  • and other stuff I’ve forgotten.

I have published eight books (give or take a gift book or two) with big publishing houses (often called “the big five”) and mid-sized publishers with close to a million copies in print in nine languages.

I self-published two books in 2020.

I have written my newsletter list weekly since 2000. 

I have coached many business owners who came to me, mostly “on the sly” because they admired how I did my business, many who are very high-profile but secretly struggling.

I’m a genius at bringing a group of like-minded people together to create something powerful and transformational together.  

I have never offered on-going business coaching before.


If you feel business as usual has got some issues and your business needs some love and learning, join our intimate truth-loving, hard-working group of ethical professional business owners.

This inaugural business mastermind is going deep to create the shifts, the profit, and the satisfaction you are craving. What we create, we create together. Come ready to show up, work smart, and grow beautifully!




What if I decide to quit after we start?

Do you guarantee I will make more money?

Who else will be in the group?

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