Here’s what I’m wondering...  

I’m wondering if you read the title of this page - Get Your Scary Sh*t Done - and like I usually do - you started making a mental list of all of the scary sh*t you want to do… but haven’t done.

Things like…  

  • Writing your book
  • Quitting or changing your job
  • Starting your business
  • Getting healthy 
  • Becoming a runner or swimmer or walker or
  • Crossfitter or any -er 
  • Publishing your work
  • Pre-Selling your art 
  • Asking for what you want in your intimate relationship or at work 
  • Putting yourself “out there” in some way  
  • Starting or ending a relationship
  • Going back to school or quitting the program that’s sucking the life out of you 
  • Speaking on that stage 

You know, all of the scary sh*t we want to do - and write down on our optimistic dream lists and make pretty vision boards about - but then do not do. Over and over. Like we’re Olympic gold medalists in not getting our scary sh*t done or something.

But here’s the deal...  

Continuing to think and talk about something you want to do but then not doing it is hurting you. Maybe a lot.  

Because it’s teaching you that you can’t trust yourself.  

And that your word and your desire don't mean much.  

Not only is that soul sucking, but thinking of yourself as someone who doesn’t follow through will slowly but surely start to erode your confidence. Your belief in yourself. And the likelihood that you’ll ever be at that glorious place where you can check that big and scary sh*t off your list.  

Well, I’m not cool with that. I’ve been there, done that, and I have no desire to ever be there or do it again. It’s an awful cycle to be caught in and gives me the willies to even remember. 

Which is why over a decade ago I made it my mission to figure this whole get sh*t done thing out.  

I tested my ideas in the various courses and retreats I taught. And on myself, of course. And I discovered through much trial and error that some of my ideas tripped people up and some were a slam dunk. I refined, experimented, cut and culled so that now I can bring you the most effective and powerful tools together in a comprehensive A-Z course that gives you the exact steps you need to go from idea to finished project.  

Not just this time, but every next time as well.  

But let me be very clear...

Getting Your Scary Sh*t Done is NOT a “You’re broken, lazy and I’m going to fix you” bootcamp kind of thing. It’s a “Dang, woman. You’re awesome and talented and why the heck are you sitting on your best work and your best life” love you kind of thing.

Yes, if you decide to take this course, I’ll be pushing you with my loving and gentle kick in the butt kind of style, but more importantly, I’ll help you see what you’re already capable of creating right NOW and then I’ll walk you through how to bring it to life every step along the way. 

And, I’ll be pulling the curtain back on my own scary project and role modeling how I’ll be moving forward using the same tools and benchmarks you are to meet my own goal. We will be doing the hard work together!

The end result: do the work, follow the steps I give you, and you’ll go from idea to “I did it” in less than 60 days. 

"Best. Class. Ever. Jen’s GSSD course is absolutely packed with practical, thought provoking strategies that truly changed my life.

Jen’s videos, audio downloads, templates and the support I received from the Facebook group helped me get a proposal project from “idea” to “done”—way before the deadline. She makes “finishing” so delicious, with her emphasis on celebrations. 

I loved that I was working on my personal project while I was taking her course. I learned so much about my work style, self trust, keeping clear promises, and how to be a better “asker” when I need support. The lessons in GSSD apply to so many aspects of life—not just getting creative projects done. The tools and techniques are so useful that I’ve shared them around the kitchen table with my husband and teenagers. 

I highly recommend Jen Louden’s Get Your Scary Sh*t Done!"

Carol Adler, Teacher & Coach

How Get Your Scary Sh*t Done Works

STEP 1 Declare Your Just Right Project

STEP 2 Take Deliberate Action

STEP 3 Check the Scary Sh*t Off Your List

Choosing comes first, but it’s not always the easiest. I’ll give you a stress-free process for choosing your just right project… for now.

Each week through video and audio trainings and live Q&A calls, I’ll share micro-practices and easy ways into your project so you can move forward past the points where you normally get stuck.

By the end of 60 days, you’ll get to celebrate the fact that you got your scary sh*t done. Because it WILL be done.

"I surprised myself by signing up for Jen's GSSD course. I already had a decent CV, graduate degrees—and I’d drawn every Venn diagram out there to try to determine my life's "purpose". So why didn’t I feel successful? 

Jen showed me that success isn't a matter of finding the intersections of circles on a Venn diagram, or formulating a vision to "brand" myself: it's a matter of learning to listen to, respect, and trust my desires. 

After all these years of soul-searching and exploring, Jen was the teacher I needed in my life now to pull it all together. My project for the course wasn’t one of spiritual or psychological growth. But the down-to-earth lessons and support here, in GSSD, have had such a holistic effect that my actual project seems like little more than an oblique way of accomplishing just that. 

And—oh, yeah—I got my scary sh*t done."

Ren Powell | Poet, Playwright, Teaching Artist |

"I’m so glad I signed up for GSSD! I’m generally good at getting things done, but there’s still that “extra scary” stuff that can keep me paralyzed or procrastinating. 

Your program teaches a way to move FORWARD that doesn’t leave me feeling exhausted or with a massive vulnerability hangover from stepping too far, too fast outside my comfort zone. You touch on pieces of change that SO need to be taught – and you do it so well. 

I’ve been going back to the material again and again - you say things that no one ever says - and with each session I’m growing more open-hearted and kinder to myself while I get the stuff done. 

I’m so grateful for you and this work you’re sharing."  

Melissa McCreery, PhD | Coach |

Watch This Video

In this video I share what the Get Your Scary Sh*t course is and what it isn’t. 

And also some great “got my scary sh*t done” stories from students who’ve recently been through the course. They inspire me and I think they’ll inspire you too.

The Get Your Scary Sh*t Done CURRICULUM

MODULE 1 - The Thing That Stops You

  • Investigate your style of working and your relationship with time
  • Learn the simple “formula” for moving forward 
  • Find your key personal “why” in your scary thing  
  • Determine your “devotion ceiling” and embrace it
  • How to hold both fear and action and how that keeps you in action 
  • Experience the “do” in small actions
  • Learn about the enemies of learning and outsmart them
  • Experiment with micro-practices that are essential for your brain to move forward 

MODULE 2 - Define Your “DONE”

  • Experience what you want right now 
  • The vital SKILL of clear personal promise keeping  
  • Identify your “finish line” that will satisfy you and is actually possible (handy templates included!)
  • Create a visual tracking system to motivate you and track what’s easy to miss 
  • How to hold process and outcome for maximum work flow 
  • Work with your resistance while avoiding self-blame and overcoming stuckness
  • Experiment with micro-practices that will help you overcome overwhelm and doubts 

MODULE 3 - See It, Name It, Celebrate It

  • How to honor your human scaled life & how that shapes what you can have and do (but not be) 
  • Forge a healthier, and more honest, relationship with your future self  
  • How to strengthen your emotional immune system and unhook from what stops you when the work gets hard (life changing process!)
  • Identify your skill and practice gaps with your project 
  • Accept what’s hard to accept that will actually help you get your scary sh*t done 
  • Experiment with micro-practices of self compassion and learn to not be defined by your mood 

MODULE 4 - Up the Stakes

  • How to know the difference between raising the bar and getting sh*t done 
  • The BIG STINKY roadblock that keeps people from not following through (and how to overcome it with humor and even a smidge of grace) 
  • The question that could change the next chapter of your life 
  • The role talent, emulation, and false idols play in YOUR project 
  • Experiment with micro-practices that’ll help you push through the quicksand of one of the most insidious follow through killers 

MODULE 5 - Rest & Digest

  • Why pushing yourself is shortsighted and a more satisfying thing to do instead 
  • The scientific importance of one of my most favorite tools that'll help you finish more of what you start 
  • How to work with the part of you that gets bored, likes to complicate things, and wants to quit
  • Complete a review of your progress and adjust as needed 
  • Experiment with micro-practices that relieve anxiety, project guilt and creative tension  

MODULE 6 - Set Yourself Up

  • Review and revise your “Declaration of Enoughness"
  • How to be alert to road blocks without reactivating your fear and tension 
  • How to rely on your body to eliminate this common get sh*t done killer 
  • A simple face saving project management tool 
  • Experiment with micro-practices that involve asking and celebrating 

MODULE 7 - What’s Next?

  • How to finish gracefully and proudly and without judgment 
  • Create your future scary s**t toolbox 
  • Establish your Get Scary Sh*t Done daily habit 
  • Love and celebrate yourself like your life depends on it 
  • Determine your next simple step 
  • Experiment with micro-practices around self-trust, responsibility and babysitting 

Jen Louden helps me get my scary sh*t done. This is brand new to me and so exciting. Did you know that there are actually tools for living a creative life? I didn’t until I met Jen! Before Jen, I thought inspiration showed up and if I was available I got to work with it and if I wasn’t, I’d lose out. This isn’t true anymore! 

I’m shocked to see how quickly and easily my creative force burst into life once I started working with Jen. Projects that endlessly appeared on my weekly to-do list week after week after week have disappeared in an afternoon. Thank you, Jen!”

Kathy Z. - Masters of Psychology and Head Coach

“I signed up for the GSSD course because I was stuck in the same place on a book I’ve been trying to write. I needed a fresh pair of eyes to look at my work. Those fresh eyes had to be my own but I was lost in how to reset the lens and move forward. 

The offer for GSSD came across my desktop and I instantly knew this was what I needed. 

The course was deep in what it offered me as a writer and as a human being. Jen has an enthusiasm that is palpable from the first video and carries straight through to the final celebration. Learning to break down my work into simple steps in week one would have been worth the cost of the course. But that was just the tip of the iceberg. 

Building a new trust in my self through clear promises has seeped outside of my work and into all aspect of my life. 

Knowing that Jen was on the other side of this material working alongside me was invaluable as well. It made the course material more like a group project than a solo journey. I can not recommend this course enough." 

Shannon Loucks - Word Enchantress,

What Makes Get Your Scary Sh*t Done So Different?


One of the most common things I hear from people when they come to me wanting to get their scary sh*t done is “I don’t know what project to do first?” Actually, yes you do. Saying you “don’t know” is how fear stops you before you even start. We’re going to get to the bottom of what’s going on so you can CHOOSE with joy, excitement and conviction and then not just talk about getting your scary sh*t done, but actually DO it. One project or one part of a bigger project. Chosen and done!


Here’s what’s going to happen. You’re going to take this course and soon be shouting from the rooftops (or, singing in the rain), “OMG, I finally did it!” Show up, do the work and you will feel amazed. It’s going to feel so dang good, that you’re going to pick the next scary project on your list because you know for certain if you feel this good doing A, you’ll be able to multiply that feeling of satisfaction and self-love and pride by 100000 when you do B. And onward through the alphabet! - because you’ll have a process and tools that work. I've used these tools for 26 years because they work.


I’ve taken the get stuff done courses. I’ve read the books. I’ve been to the talks. And I know what’s missing. A strategy for what to do when you get to that point that you’ve already been to 1000 times and you want to quit. This is where some of my most important magic comes into play. This is when I’ll share the tools that’ll make you a finisher. Because guess what, not finishing this project is not an option. That’s because the project is NOT the thing. Finishing is the thing. Because when you finish? It changes everything.

And, to Make Sure You're Supported Every Step of the Way, You'll Also Get Access to These Very Useful Bonuses...

BONUS #1 - Pre Module - Choosing is the Ticket Price to the Creative Life

This pre-module was designed for you if you have 1001 ideas for a project or book or business and have no idea which one to pick. It’s also for you if you have a habit of picking but not sticking or if choosing freaks you out. 

This module will set you up so that come the day we start class - you’ll know what scary thing you’ll be getting done.

  • Distinguish between ONE thing and THE one thing
  • Shed confusing shoulds 
  • Write (or sketch or speak) your process story
  • Why you should think and create like a designer
  • Learn the difference between navigating and wayfinding and which will help you get what you want faster
  • Learn the benefits of being a finisher
  • Complete the “BOX” exercise to find out the project you REALLY want to do

BONUS #2 - Create Your Own Mastermind Group

Mastermind Groups, Love Tribes, Brain Trusts - whatever you want to call them - have the power to change your life. I don’t say that lightly. But after being in mastermind groups for over 20 years, I know that when you come together with the right people, with the right structure, it can be transformational. In every area of your life.

And because I want this getting sh*t done business to become a regular part of your life long after this course ends, I wanted to set you up with a great system for ensuring that you always get the support you need when you have another creative and scary project on your love-to-do list.

This is a to-the-point, get into action, but very deep program designed to help you create your own mastermind group. And, it's my gift to you when you join Get Your Scary Sh*t Done.

What People Say

You’re a voice of sanity and sincerity in a time when value too often gets canned in the name of ambition. 

You’re the real deal, Louden, a true teacher, and we seekers get a whole lot of nourishment from your well of wisdom.

Danielle LaPorte, author of The Desire Map and The Fire Starter Sessions

Every now and then, life brings you a precious gift that keeps on giving. One of those gifts for me is Jennifer Louden. Jen’s exuberant spirit, disarming vulnerability and eloquent pen (keyboard) make up a powerful and effervescent surprise in every blog post, book page and speech

A stellar human with a great big heart, any moment with Jen and her words is a golden treasure.

Laura Berman Fortgang, author of Now What?, speaker & career coach

Jennifer Louden has the clarity to see through the smoke screens we use to avoid the true challenges of our lives and our age, the courage to face those challenges herself, and the compassion to help us all face them with her – as a teacher, a guide and a friend. 

I’ve learned so much from Jen about the essential connection between creativity and change, between savoring and serving.

Marianne Elliott, author of Zen Under Fire and activist

Joseph Campbell asked, ‘Where is your bliss station?’ — where you can step outside of practical life and enter the country of your soul. You return with gifts of magic and meaning. 

Jennifer Louden’s work is a Bliss Station.

Justine Musk, author and TEDx speaker

In these days of information overload, there are certain voices I return to over and over again for their honesty, clarity and vision. Jen Louden is one of these voices.

Flora Bowley, artist, teacher and author of Creative Revolution

Jennifer Louden possesses all the qualities I admire as a teacher and a writer. She is fearless about sharing both her wisdom and her vulnerability. She is smart as a whip and employs that intelligence in your service. She listens to her students and her readers with all her heart. 

Her intention is to serve, serve, serve. She is also incredibly fun to be around! Whenever I am on the receiving end of her work, I am left feeling stronger, kinder, and more fiercely committed to my own path.

Susan Piver, New York Times best-selling author and meditation teacher

Jen was incredibly helpful at getting to the heart of what was keeping me stuck. She helped me approach my work with so much more grace and productivity. And she’s such an amazing, fun person to work with in the process. I’m writing so much more. I’ve launched my business and I’m thriving because she helps me see where I would have stopped before

I’ve tackled projects that have been on my to-do list for years. And Jen’s tools and insights helped me see habits I thought were helpful but were actually making my life harder. She helped me understand how I was holding myself back from letting myself be truly great in my work (and my running!) and how I was pushing myself in a way that held me back instead of moved me forward. 

Working with Jen has been so incredibly helpful.

Christy Lambert, executive coach, speaker, author

During GSSD, I generated more writing in 7 weeks than I have in years. I made quantum creative leaps and explored new directions that took me to surprising and fascinating places. My relationship with my muse grew steady and committed. I built confidence in my ability to learn and grow as a creative person and gained a clear picture and feel for my process. And by some miracle, my sleep patterns normalized and my health improved while participating in this supportive community. 

After seven short weeks, my ear is tuned so much more keenly to my intuition, which serves me every day, in every aspect of my life. What I love about Jen’s teaching and this course in particular is the way she has distilled her own insights and blocks and turned them into teaching/learning gems. For example, Jen didn’t simply offer a course to get scary projects done, she also provided a way for people to figure out WHICH project to choose before beginning. 

Part of Jen’s genius as a teacher is her ability to highlight the subtle and often hidden obstacles that block our progress. Another is her attention to the body and neurobiology. The other parts are her authentic humanity and kindness, playfulness and no-nonsense encouragement. 

Take the course! You’ll thank yourself later."

Heidi Stahl, Writer |

A 30-Day Get Your Scary Sh*t Done Money-Back Guarantee

I’ve done everything I can to make this the course that finally gets you to move the needle on getting your scary sh*t done. 

I KNOW it works because these are the exact tools that are behind all of the scary sh*t I’ve done over the past 26 years and the inspiring feats my students and clients have accomplished as well. 

However, if you’re on the fence… or if all of the other “Get it Done” courses, books and trainings you’ve tried have left you with a healthy dose of skepticism, then I want to make sure you buy my course with confidence.

That’s why I’m giving you a full 30 days to go through the first part of the course. If you go through the materials, put forth your best effort in applying all of the strategies in the course, and show us you’ve done so by providing us proof that you did all of the work in the course but it didn’t work for you, then I’ll be happy to refund your payment. 

is Perfect for You If…

If you find yourself nodding your head to any of the below, then Get Your Scary Sh*t Done is your ticket to finally getting your work out of your head and into the world in as little as 60 days.

  • You’ve been here before, in the place where you want to get your scary sh*t done. You started on your scary sh*t a few (hundred) times. But you still haven't FINISHED the dang thing!  
  • There is something you must get done first so that something else far more important has room in your life, but that feels so hard and scary. But you don’t want it to stop you anymore  
  • You sometimes (or OFTEN) confuse finishing your creative projects with your worth as a human  
  • You are old friends with the thoughts, “This is too hard” or “What if it stinks?” or “Who the hellio am I to do this big damn thing?”  
  • You are a master at coming up with elephant sized projects and shy away from something as silly as small and human-scaled steps - if it ain’t big and impressive, why bother?  
  • You have Olympic Gold Medals in thinking about and talking about your super fabulous creative projects, but you keep stopping before you get the gold for actually DOING them  
  • You tell yourself this everyday, “If I just knew what project I should do first, I’d TOTALLY do it.”  
  • You spend a lot of time working on projects you don’t really care about so you can avoid doing the one that truly matters
  • AND you are 100% done doing all of those non-scary things so you can focus on the scary sh*t you really want to get done.

If you’re bursting with a flat out yes to all of the above, then I can’t wait to help you move forward with the most useful and COMPLETE make-it-happen course available. Follow along, do the assignments and cross the finish line.

"Working with Jen not only freed up my internal and external obstacles to finally creating my dream website, writing a curriculum I'd been procrastinating for years (literally!), and creating a strategy to scale my non-profit, it also revealed ways that I had been stuck without even realizing it! 

I am beyond grateful to have had the opportunity to be a student, a recipient, and a mentee of Jen Louden. She made it feel safe for me to be vulnerable in naming and exploring old narratives that were holding me back as well as big dreams that I had previously been afraid to actualize. My work in the world and my capacity to teach and to transform the lives of other women is undeniably enhanced because of my relationship with Jen. 

If you get the opportunity to work with her, consider yourself beyond blessed. Jen is a treasure.”

Dr. Melody Moore, psychologist, social entrepreneur, founder of Embody Love Movement Foundation 

“Memoir writing is one of the scariest personal projects I’ve ever tackled. I was not prepared for how emotionally terrified I was to own the stories that needed to be told in my manuscript. Without Jen’s help I would never have been able to break it down, so that I now have a working first draft. 

And it has been uncanny how many times I can start creating my own roadblocks and distractions without even realizing it, but Jen seems to be there waving me through with methods that I know will work because I’ve seen her using them herself! And that’s the true beauty of it, everything Jen offers is tried, tested and researched. 

You don’t need to be a special kind of person to get your scary stuff done, you just need some special tools in your toolbox. It’s just missing information that you need. Equal parts science and compassion.

For every time I’ve felt overwhelmed or insignificant in my work I’ve looked to Jen to guide me through it because she’s been there and she knows how trying to get stuff done works—or doesn’t work—and she can help you make it happen. So many times I’ll sit back and ask myself, “Now why couldn’t I see that myself?” Sometimes it takes someone with perspective and experience to nudge you gently through. And that’s Jen!"

Joy Versluys, writer, women’s leadership expert 

“The course helped me get very clear on what I needed to do and set a finish line and learning in the end that there really isn’t a finish line. This has been a great kick-start for me. I’m energized and looking forward to continuing to work with the tools. 

The Modest Recoverable Test was insightful with respect to paying attention when the negative small thinking shows up. Micro practices are life skills that support me in showing up and being present. I am looking forward to returning in the fall to repeat the course as I believe it will embed the learning. 

Thank you, Jen, for keeping your promises with this course as it has made a big difference in my life.

Sharon Faulds, Circle Practitioner and Facilitator,

“I’ve finally done it!!! And my God it was scary. I published my homepage and released my first online course. I´ve taken so many courses ABOUT making a homepage, content marketing and how to create an online course, but even though I had the knowledge, the tools and the structure, I could not seem to get it done. And it was tearing me apart. What was wrong with me? Jen taught me that nothing was! She reminded me to celebrate while taking small steps and to focus on the process instead of the goal. And I learned about the immunity to change and what held me back, which was not lack of knowledge or knowhow or tools, but the fear of being judged incompetent (especially by myself) and that my dreams were too big.  

Jen is an extraordinary teacher. In a world where we focus on the product, the outcome and the getting things out there, she is a fresh breath of caring, love and honesty. Being her student I feel lifted and a better version of me: The WHOLE version. It’s like it’s all welcome – the small insecure and stumbling me and the big accomplishing and powerful me. Jen´s course is not at how to, but permission to have a voice in this world – and feel good, while creating.  

I cannot recommend this course enough. As an online teacher Jen Louden has the ability to make everyone feel supported, seen and welcome. Such a remarkable gift. And she also opens up on the process and struggles, which is very motivating."

Charlotte Heje Haase, Danish author and writing mentor,

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What I love about Jen’s work is that it’s fun, powerful AND sustainable. 

I’m a former academic who’s used to getting stuff done, but in the painful, teeth-gritting kind of way. Jen’s work has taught me a whole other way. 

Instead of powering through a big project and crashing afterwards (as I used to), I’ve learned to do it in a kinder, gentler and more sustainable way, one that’s actually more effective. I know a lot of people who think that suffering is an essential part of getting a big project done, but I’m done with that model. Life’s too short! 

At this stage in my career, I want to enjoy my work and I want to enjoy my life. Jen’s tools make that all the more possible. Not only does she approach everything with kindness and compassion, but her tools for dealing with fear are so good that I use them in other parts of my life as well."

Tanja Pajevic, author of The Secret Life of Grief and teacher  

Jennifer Louden is an amazing teacher. I have never before completed an online class, but with Jen I did and I was so glad. Even now, a year later, I revisit my notes and the audios to keep learning. Jen has the unique ability to make all her students feel seen. Her loving kindness, sincere caring and willingness to share her own process was such a gift to me and everyone attending her course. 

Before working with Jen, I had difficulty owning my gifts as a teacher. I felt like an imposter. I thought that in order to teach you had to know everything. I mean EVERYTHING. Not anymore! 

Jen also helped me let go of my inner perfectionist (the dismantling is still in process) in order to get things done. It would have taken me a lifetime to learn what I did had I not attended Jen´s course.

I can warmly recommend Jen´s classes for anyone who wants to get things done – and get it done in a way that is caring and fun and takes in consideration your soul's purpose and its unique contours. She gives you a way to honor your dreams and talents and be in action in a step-by-step way with self-kindness. 

To work with Jen is an act of transmission and discovery and I´m so thankful I took the leap."

Charlotte Heje Haase, author, writing mentor, journalist and Danish podcaster (Forfatterhjoernet)