Your 2020 Power
& Love Pack

for Owning and Following Through on Your Desires, Getting Your Bother On, & Remembering What’s Most Important Every Day

Looking to set yourself up for a loving, grounded, and focused 2020 where you do and make more of what you truly want without whipping yourself into a frenzy or pushing yourself past the point of exhaustion?

Ready to own all you did in 2019 and use it as a rock-solid foundation for 2020?

Convinced that self-compassion and self-kindness make you healthier, more satisfied, and yes, more productive, but find it easier to beat up on yourself, especially when life gets hard?

Find it super difficult to stay focused on what you really want?

Easily overwhelmed by all your great ideas and then find yourself procrastinating or doing more “research” instead of writing your book, growing your business, or designing that new app you keep talking about?

Exhausted and dispirited by how horrible other humans can be to each other and wondering if what you want even matters?

If any or all of these situations sound familiar, I’ve created a Power & Love Pack of mindful prompts, guided meditations, and teaching videos that will help you create more of what you want with less fear, less procrastination, and far less overwhelm.

Even if that overwhelm is about the state of humanity and the planet.

The truth is if you want to keep showing up and taking action on what you care about, you need help to do so. 

A burned-out, cynical, scattered person can do very little to bring shine, truth, beauty, and goodness into the world.

You have so much to give, so much to enjoy, so much to experience in this life. I’d love to help you make all that a bit easier and more fun in 2020.

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Here are my "greatest hits" of prompts, practices, guided meditations, audio experiences, videos, and creative planning tools.

Every single one will help you #getyourbotheron in 2020 and make lots more of what you want.

Your 2020 Guide for Following Through on Your Desires, Getting Your Bother On, & Remembering What’s Most Important Every Day

More than 125 pages of mindful prompts and powerful reflections to envision a 2020 that delights and thrills you -- and is totally doable.

​​Liberate and Clarify your Desires

​​The prompts in this PDF are high-octane instigators. Get ready for clarity.

​​​Choose is Your Art

​​​This short video course has helped write books, launch courses, create personal transformation around health and love, all sorts of good stuff.

​Soothe your Open Heart

​Guided meditation with music to welcome what is, because what is met can move.

​Prevent Procrastination with Your Future Self's Help

​One reason we procrastinate is our brains don’t think that the self we will be tomorrow,  next week, or next month is us. Weird, I know! This chat will help.

​Dismantle your Hidden Fears

​A to the point video course based on my popular webinar to get you unstuck.

​90-Second Fear Buster

​People are teaching this tool all over the world!

​Effortless Decision Making

​A guided meditation to help you make a choice when it feels tough or scary.

​Inspiration Journey

​A guided experience for when you feel blah and uninspired creatively.

​Come Back into Flow

​Get out of your mind and back into flow through this guided body experience.

​Know You Are Enough 

​An audio love note to cheer you when you fall into believing you are not enough.

​You Belong

​An audio love letter that you are supported when you feel alone or lonely.

​5 Regrets of the Dying Check-In

​Quickly get clear what’s most important using prompts inspired by the viral blog post.

​Self-Care and Joy Check-In

​What is self-care for you these days and how can it support your joyous well-being?  Name it to claim it.

​Creative Joyful Planning

​Sometimes planning what we want to do to take action on what we care about feels like too much work or too overwhelming. Here’s a poetic practice to ease you into action.

This Power & Love Pack makes it fun and sweet to up your mojo and hone your focus.

​No life hacks,  Big Hairy Goals, or trying to cram more into your life.

Lots of self-compassionate grit, listening for your next step from a place of love, and taking that step.

Make 2020 the year you stay focused on what you want to create.

The year you take consistent inspired action

The year you turn away from the noise of the world, trust what is calling you, and trust that you can share it with the people you want to impact.

Thanks for being here and thanks for being someone who shows up to shine.


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