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Your 2020 Month-by-Month Oasis Guide for Owning and Following through on Your Desires, Getting Your Bother On & Remembering What's Most Important Every Day

Welcome to your creative blank slate… aka 2020!

Come along with me and my vibrant community of soul sisters as we ring 2020 in shiny with creative joy, shaped by self-trust, and girded with compassionate grit.

Here’s to showing the hell up, fully as yourself, and showing up for your corner of the world.

For being part of the growing “love army” our world so deeply needs.

And for the love of all that is good in the world, getting your scary sh*t done!

This guide is my invitation to you to listen to the truth of what you truly want. To claim the support you need to make those desires real. To untangle the stories that snare you and make you believe _____ isn’t possible. And with a hell yes! create more of what you want for yourself and get your scary sh*t done. If not now, when?

“Jen, I wanted you to know that I went through your 2017 guide and wrote on every last prompt over the weekend. It’s really, really good. So good that you’d have to try damn hard NOT to get something extraordinarily valuable out of it. And the real interesting thing was that I didn’t get to my two things until I was at the very end. But then they hit me over the head like a mack truck. Now I can’t not know them. LOVE it!”

What this guide will do for you:

  • Wake you up to your life
  • Help you define what ACTUALLY matters to you instead of believing some old and tired ideal that was never yours to begin with
  • Get your scary sh*t done — each day, every day — like you’re a master at it or something

created by

Jennifer Louden, Bestselling Author, teacher, coach and retreat leader.

Ever since I released my first book, The Woman’s Comfort Book over 24 years ago, I’ve helped a million+ of creative women reconnect with their heart’s desire, rebalance their lives, and express themselves more freely – both personally and professionally. I know how hard it is to follow through on your most heartfelt desires. To put your work out there and be vulnerable. I also know the joys, freedom and surprises that come when you are able to go from idea to finished product. This guide will help you do that.

Write more. Publish more. Get your scary sh*t done.

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