Savoring Your Heart’s Whispers: Stepping into Your Shero’s Journey 2013

A one day self-trust retreat
Two dates and locations to choose from!


Bodhi Center
Bainbridge Island, Washington
January 5th, 2013 from 10am to 5pm

TeaHouse Studios
Berkeley, California
January 19th, 2013 from 10am to 5pm

“Your retreat was the most wonderful, needed, joyful, mindful and juicy ‘event’ I have been to in 5 years. I felt the most taken care of and supported then I ever came close to feeling at others’ retreats and events. 

I am so grateful to you, to your work and to your spirit. Just in the short time I have known you, you have impacted me in profound ways and I feel lucky to have crossed your path.”  —Melani Ward

2013 is the Year of Self-Trust

As the new year approaches, I download all the “Best Year Ever Dream Big Do it Now” freebies that come along.  I start to get all hyped about making big plans and dreaming big and then… I stop. Why?

Because it all feels wrong.

It’s not that I’m anti-planning – plans can be nice. Comforting. It’s just that I’m in the midst of (have been for 10 years) learning to live in a whole different way.

  • A way based on self-trust, patient listening, and courageous action.
  • A way that is human scaled, sustainable, and truly mine – not a cookie cutter from someone else.
  • A way (mostly) free of straining or forcing, 7-step-formulas and complicated programs.
  • A way built from the inside out.

My many years of actively asking “What does it mean to live an awake alive life as a woman in these times?” has taught me a thing or two, and I’d love to share a few of those with you.

Join me for a sacred day of quiet and play to help you listen to what’s calling you now.

A day of listening & savoring your vision and outlining next right actions. Not because it’s January, not because everybody else is having a whoop-dee-do about 2013 (question: are the Mayan calendar people going to be bummed out that we’re even here??) but because it’s glorious and imperative to regularly take time to listen to your life.

Women are bringing into being a new way of “doing” life – what I call the shero’s journey – and we must share and support each other in creating this new way. We need to come together to share tricks and stories, energy and lore.

“Jen, bless you. Bless your expansive, all encompassing smile that wraps itself around everyone like a comfortable blanket that never ends. Your inviting prompt, ‘What do I want?’ that opened doors to desires in my heart I have never given voice to. Your ability to pair souls together in a way that leads to friendship. Your magnetism that attracted a group of women who each provided a unique thread in an intricate tapestry of support, camaraderie, conversation and chocolate.  You brought me full circle back to my being.  I hope to be part of your wonderful magic again soon!”  –Dianna Bonny, 2011

What will we actually do?

One of my gifts is creating amazing retreats, safe, sacred space that will make it safe and easier for you to let go, turn within, and discern things you might have a hard time hearing clearly on your own.

We will use ritual, writing, meditation, imagery, story, movement, laughter, and discussion to explore:

  • What is my shero’s journey right now? What is calling to me now?
  • What do I need to learn to be the woman who can live this call?
  • Who are my allies?
  • Where and when will I fall asleep and forget this call?
  • What are the dragons and how can I befriend or elude them?

Please join a small group (24) of women and give yourself the gift of spacious self-care.

“Attend Jennifer’s retreats only if you want to transform! She should have a Surgeon General’s warning that hanging in the creative and spirited mood she ignites can be habit forming, life-changing and downright…fun! THANK YOU!!!!!” —Ann C.

What to bring:

  • Journal and luscious pens you like to write with. Please bring a few different colors. I’ll have pens, too.
  • A photo or magazine image or art piece (made by or someone else) that says to you, for whatever reasons, This is my shero’s journey right now. Let yourself be led, don’t over-think this, and let the time you spend looking for this—or making—be the beginning of the retreat (and yes, that’s fine if it’s 11 pm the night before).
  • Please wear comfortable clothes and shoes you can move and stretch in. Bodhi is a shoe-less center so socks or slippers are handy. Also bring shoes and a warm coat that allow for an outside walk should the weather allow.
  • We will have snacks and lunch is included – gluten free options of course!

If you wish to stay close by:

For the TeaHouse Retreat go here. There is great public transportation and you do not need to rent a car if coming from out of town, have good mobility and can walk 10 minutes to and from the station to the studio.

For the Bodhi Center on Bainbridge go here Note you will need a car to get to the Bodhi Center and we will create a Facebook page for ride sharing if you wish to not rent a car or if you wish to carpool from Seattle and meet up on the ferry. This is to save people money and save carbon impact. Watch for details after you sign up.

If coming from Seattle, you will need to take the 8:45 ferry. Feel free to stop in town at Blackbird Bakery for tea and toast (they have gluten free goodies) as you will have some extra time. Start the calming down slipping into retreat process!

“After spending the weekend with Jen at Kripalu, I immediately went to her website to see what she had coming up. While I am bummed that I will not be able to cross the country for her one-day retreats, I am so grateful that she has arranged for these shorter retreats on the opposite coast. If you are anything like me, it can be challenging to realize that you are worth the time to take care of yourself. These shorter retreats are perfect. If you are within a few hours of Washington State or the Bay Area, I strongly encourage you to make the time for self-renewal. Jen has a gift for helping people to see their beauty and their power. I have been reading Jen’s books for years, and one day in the fall, I googled her name and discovered that she was having some retreats near me. Sometimes, the stars align. Sometimes, a door opens. I encourage you to reawaken your wonder by starting the year off with this gift to yourself. You are so worth it!” –Kendalle Cobb, MD


January 5: Bodhi Center, Bainbridge Island : $150

January 19: TeaHouse Studios, Berkeley, CA: $195
Sign up for TeaHouse waitlist here.

“I have been brought to a higher level of awareness within myself. An incredible journey of self discovery. I came away with a sense of the real me. A calm knowing and understanding of the power I possess. It was brilliant.” —Kit Hallis

PAYMENT and CANCELLATION POLICY for Bainbridge Retreat:

If you need to cancel before December 1, 2012, we will refund $125 of your registration fee.

If you must cancel after December 1, we will do our best to refund $125 but if WE CANNOT FILL YOUR SPOT, we cannot refund any of your monies due to our contracts with the various providers.

PAYMENT and CANCELLATION POLICY for Berkeley Retreat: click here.

I so hope we can spend the day together.

Much love,


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