Spit & Polish: Romping with Laurie Wagner


Laurie Wagner has been a writing teacher for many years, and is the author of Living Happily Ever After: Couples Talk about Long Term Love, and Expectations: 30 Women Talk about Becoming a Mother. Her essays have appeared in Glamour, Salon, The San Francisco Chronicle, Parenting, Brain Child, and the Huffington Post. She’s the hostess of the 27 Powers Traveling Writers Series which hosts fabulous writers from all over the country who come to her home in Northern California to teach. You can find her online class, Telling True Stories on her website, along with lots of other goodies to inspire and support writers.

Laurie WagnerI met Laurie Wagner last year when I interviewed her for TeachNow. Her name kept popping up as this extraordinary writing teacher, and if there is one thing I love learning about, it’s how to teach writing… and how to write!

Then I got to sit in on one of her live classes in Berkeley and I was blown away by what I wrote. It was powerful and fresh – it felt like my voice, which I sometimes feel eludes me.

Laurie and I talked on and off about teaching something together, and decided why not offer an intimate weekend for 20 women who want to find their voices through writing “naked” but also through “deepening and thickening” – taking a piece of raw vibrant writing and refining it to its full luster.

Otherwise known as spitting and polishing!

So that’s what the weekend is about.  However, if you have no interest in attending but want a hit of Laurie’s luminous writing / creative living wisdom you can take 12 minutes for a quick hit via video or audio right now.

Here’s what we cover:

  • Why to stop thinking of yourself as a writer if you want to write more
  • How to drop trying (love love love this!)
  • Why learning to be uncomfortable with embarrassment and uncertainty are the states you must embrace (hate hate hate this but it’s so true)
  • How to be a mouse and follow the berries in the forest and why that saves you time
  • The distinction between being a maker and a perfectionist – crucial!

Watch us on video – lots of good frozen moments featuring my signature strange expressions or listen in on MP3.

Listen in here…

[haiku url=”http://www.jenniferlouden.com/audio/JenLoudenLaurieWagner.mp3″]

Download audio here.

Okay, embracers of life, creators of change, believers in making it better, until next time, keep the faith.




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