Savor & Serve with Tama Kieves

I don’t honestly remember how I met Tama. I knew her work before I knew her — the honors graduate Harvard Law School who left her law practice to write and help others discover the work they’re meant to do, author of This Time I Dance! Creating the Work You Love. But I knew when I met her we would be good friends because we both share a huge commitment to truth — in ourselves above all.

Tama and I have shared lots of stories as we have flailed about in this “life guide” business and in finding what is ours to say next. I’m tickled pink for her that she wrote another book, and for you because I think you will love it. Here is Tama with her ideas on savoring & serving.


What are you savoring these days?

I am savoring the fact that I have a second book, Inspired & Unstoppable: Wildly Succeeding in Your Life’s Work! coming out into the world. Ever since I was a teenager hiding The Writer’s Digest in my room, (my parents didn’t approve of “creative people”) I wanted to be a writer.

I still want to giggle. And I feel deep peace, honey in my bones, when I take in that people read my words. I feel like I can die in peace now.

What helps you on the days you don’t want to savor?

Journaling. I whine to my “inner teacher” and demand instant miracles, restoration, and a soul-makeover.

Also, I’ve taught A Course in Miracles for over 20 years, so I’ll root around in the big blue book, looking for something to set my heart straight.

And my dog Emerson, who is a half Labrador retriever and half Bassett Hound and pure round love, always helps me. He is a savoring zealot.

How are you serving these days?

I serve through my work. Through writing, teaching, and coaching, I get to love people deeply. Even though I’m “running a business,” more and more I’m learning to just focus on loving people, and the money takes care of itself. I also feel like I’m serving by healing myself. The more I heal my own fears, the more my light just leaks out wherever I am. I am serving by being happy. I am serving by bringing less pain and limitation into the room. I am an example that you can do what you love and not cut off your ear!

If you could serve in any way possible — no restraints, limitations, or boundaries — what would you do? What would it look like?

I’d love to create an institute for living your calling. I’d love to help artists, entrepreneurs, social architects, and visionaries step into their destinies — and get whatever support they need to do it.

There are so many dynamic resources in the creative minds, energies, and hearts of individuals. I’d love to see the movies that would get made, the humanitarian efforts that would be crystallized, the medical breakthroughs, and the advancements in consciousness. I would love to foster an environment and a shift in education and media that gave legitimacy to creativity and spirituality.

Thanks for playing Tama and for getting that new book out!


Tama Kieves is the bestselling author of This Time I Dance! Creating the Work You Love and the fresh off the presses Inspired & Unstoppable: Wildly Succeeding in Your Life’s Work! Visit her here and download her  Inspired Success Launch You Kit and get support and coaching for the amazing life that you want to live.

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Susan Gallacher-Turner - August 25, 2012

I love the title of this book…it’s inspires success all by itself!

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