Savor & Serve September Love Lights


Savor & Serve September Love Lights

Fall started on Bainbridge Island four days ago. It was as if God decided the weather should change now. The light went from hot gold to underwater gray-green. Fog rolled in, we got out the extra quilt at night, watched the rain sluice down the house.  I worship wild weather because it makes me pay attention, get up from the computer screen now and go for a walk because it could be raining in 30 minutes.It woos me back to beautiful reality.Change of any kind can do that for us. I’m trying to let the change of my mom – she has Alzheimer’s and it’s progressing more quickly now – do the same for me. I will admit it is much, much harder. I’m angry and sad more than awake. But there are moments when I can be – picking up one of her pills from the floor, picking out new furniture for her assisted living apartment, joking with her in the doctor’s office.

Opening to it best I can. Some days certainly better than others.

Journal Prompts

Try exploring each one 20 times without stopping to think, edit, or otherwise be clever. Let yourself write anything. Let yourself be surprised.

I am opening to ______ because it invites me to ________.

I am paying attention to ______ because it gives me ________.

I am willing to let in ________ because it graces me by ________.

Putting on The Shero’s School for Revolutionaries virtual conference was fantastic. I was pretty nervous about it and so your emails about how powerful the conference was for you were so precious. Thank you for watching.  The conference was viewed by over 6500 – I am so delighted.If you missed it, you can buy the whole package (videos, MP3’s and transcripts) for just $47 until October 6th. All my profits go to three non-profits endorsed by the women in conference. I am so hoping to write a nice big check to each. I appreciate your help if it works for you!

September Blog Love Lights

I am proud of the writing I did in September. Here are 4 of my favorites:

Too Late?
When I groan, “It’s too late,” what I really mean is I am unwilling to proclaim, “I want this.”

Six Reasons to Heed the Call
“The feminine may seek before it hears the call because the feminine intuition is tied to seeing and sensing, so we might search and struggle, and it is through the search and struggle that we hear the call, and go through the breakthrough.”

How to go on Your Shero’s Journey in 12 Simple Steps
Cast yourself as the lead in the story of your life. Frame that story as worthwhile, beautiful, important, even epic.

Your Story Matters
Telling your stories is an act of resurrection of the wild you.

Closing Thoughts

From Kristen Neff’s Shero School interview, “Self- compassion gives us the strength and the resources needed to keep our hearts open, because self-compassion makes you feel safe. It allows you to be more courageous in the face of suffering.”May you wrap yourself in self-compassion so you can do your great work in the world.Love,


P.S.  I am kicking off October talking about money with Bari Tessler, you can find the discussion here.

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